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Sooo... Just got a new laptop about a week ago and installed Blender 2.79. Didn't realize Blender 2.8 was JUST released before the jam. Me doing all the modeling, programmer kept asking me what version of Blender he needed to open into Unity (I like importing the .blend direct) and instead if actually checking I said "Just download the latest version off the website!" 

Little did I know 2.8 had gone live and was the most major update in 10 years. Since we were mismatched it broke many of the  animations I had already imported into test scenes in Unity. Thankfully we figured out what was going on quick and rolled back to an older version of Blender on his system. I hardly recognize the Blender 2.8 UI! Have another thing to get up to speed on now ...

I have to say the Blender - Unity collaboration is great, and Unity Collab is also amazing.