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Nice controls but the route was confusing, without the hints/walkthrough, I wouldn't have gotten as far as I did (6 deaths). 
But overall, reasonably fun, well polished but a bit "old school" in the trial and error puzzle solving (and having to do something multiple times to get a result), I'd be on UHS for every step for this!

Very nice little building game, its like the idle clicker's bigger brother. Only thing was, I placed the church and didn't get any sort of "you win" feedback.
Other than that, very nice. The graveyard wasn't so tiny either heh

Beautiful and well polished. The controls are nice and the jumps etc don't require pixel perfect precision, I appreciated that. I also appreciated that there were "save points" during the levels so I didn't have to start from scratch, I think that's a mistake some similar games have made, as they progress they wanted to make longer levels with more complicated puzzles but didn't consider how the player would feel going back to the start and doing the same jumps over and over again even when they're doing it right, let alone when they're doing it wrong.

The music was pleasing and calm and the sound effects were good. I liked the arrow traps in particular. 

Would have been better if the cat had 9 lives on every level though ;)

A very good entry, wish I'd had to time play to the end. Maybe another day. Certainly worth another shot.

Nicely designed, not too long, not too short.  Puzzles weren't too hard but did require some thought and the mechanics were implemented well. 
My only criticism is the collider on the fish is a little too big for the pipes so sometimes you can't get up and down and it can interfere with the puzzle solving when it seems like you can't get somewhere that you should be able to

Fun game, great music.  This is the 3rd game of this type I've played and this was the first where I could shoot when I wanted to shoot. I wasn't very good at the game but it was fun.
Amusing take on the theme.

Something else I learned. If I enter another jam, I'm not making a platformer.... so many, many platform games.

Looks fantastic but I didn't really feel like I was deducing anything. I clicked on a character to possess them, picked a room and then there were some symbols in the room that when I clicked on them filled in the sheet on the right, no idea what the symbols meant or why there were 2 columns. Then when I picked them all up, one character had no symbols and they were the killer. 
I loved the idea of the game, which is why I picked it out after rating over a hundred other games and feeling drained and so sick platformers heh, but there wasn't really much "game" for me, there was no strategy or risk, you could possess as many times as you want, move rooms as much as you like and any "deduction" was done for you.
You put something together that looks really nice but it lacks that detective feel that you get from cluedo

I think just wrapping it in a zip file might have helped. I've downloaded 21 games and yours was the only one with a warning

That would have been impressive in just 10 days! I might have to steal that idea for v2. I had wanted the slope to get less steep based on your health or energy but it just wasn't possible in the time.

I've learned that taking a week off isn't long enough, I needed an extra week after the jam just to play, rate and comment on everyone's entries! I only got through 106 and I'm thoroughly burned out.
I've also learned that what started as just an idea of something that could represent my ideas in the time we had, may have potential for a full-length real game. Maybe I'll change my mind when I get my ratings but from the feedback, people seem to have appreciated, if not entirely enjoyed, my game.  Originally I considered doing a "remastered" version with the art and some features that got dropped. Now I'm considering if I can develop it into something commercial

I could not beat level 2, even if I perched right at the edge I could not make the jump. I tried doing it all in 1 go where you don't stop at the high platform and just grab the essence as you go but that didn't work either. I tried placing the corpse closer to the edge but it didn't turn into the bounce platform. Other people mention getting to level 3 so I guess its just me but I tried at least half a dozen times and could not get the jump right.

Overall, I found the mix of art styles to be a little off-putting. Its clear that a lot of work went in to the characters and animations but the background art looks like it was done very low res then stretched, its pixelated but not in a intentional pixel-art looking way (not that that would have worked either for me)

Sweet and peaceful and although you're not the only one that chose a nature theme, it still makes a change from all the zombies and ghosts.

The car legit scared me a lot, even though I was half expecting it. 
After squelching around for 5 minutes, failing to find my torso, I almost quit. With the dark lighting, such an indistinct shape was hard to find. I found my legs and arms easily.
Moving was slow and made somewhat frustrating by the invisible barriers. I spent too long trying to get across the street to what looked like a restaurant to get the pizza. Then I walked down the street to a glowing house number and invisible barrier, turn around and walk all the way back.
But the game had a beginning, middle and end and it was on theme, so well done for that!

I'm not familiar with this genre of game. It seems to be like the Shakespeare one on here but I did much better with that. I explored but found no loot, my weapons didn't seem to do any damage at all and the mobs seem to come out of nowhere and swamp me

The first 2 times I played I had these pink blobs firing out of me at random, the second 2 times it was really slow sword that appears very rarely.  With the other game of this type that I've tried, the "weapon" moved at a consistent rate and was always there so you could time turning around and unleashing it on the enemies following you and they all died in a single hit. It also moved a considerable distance away from me. In this game I felt like the enemies had to get so close and the weapon firing was so random or slow that I died before I seemed to have done any damage. 

So not for me, but other people seem to have gone on better with it. Maybe they got luckier with drops but I tried 4 times and although I did eventually find a place that had chests I could not get to them without dying

Took me a while to get level 5 and I was totally scratching my head by level 8 but it was a fun little game, nicely polished and interesting puzzles

She's still talking to me and creating tooltips as I'm typing.... super creepy. I don't even know how you're doing it. 

Its certainly unique! Top marks for originality. I really thought it was just going to be a text adventure... and now I have new best friend, forever... and ever.... and ever

She's still talking to me and creating tooltips as I'm typing.... super creepy. I don't even know how you're doing it. 

Its certainly unique! Top marks for originality. I really thought it was just going to be a text adventure... and now I have new best friend, forever... and ever.... and ever

I loved the voice over intro, although it didn't always sync up with the on-screen text. Thank you for sharing some of your culture with us. I wasn't aware of that version of the story. 
The game itself wasn't too clear, the aesthetics were beautiful but after filling all the innocent up and even giving trees money, nothing seemed to happen.

There also seemed to be more than enough murderers to fill up the innocent without having to make any decisions. I didn't see what the XP was for?

Nicely polished but a little same-y, from the comments, maybe I was doing it wrong or just bad at the game. Shoot the asteroids, sell the ore, upgrade the cargo, rinse and repeat until no more, ore, upgrade shields, shoot the bad guys, die, ooh better ship. Nothing left here, went to the next world - no space station, fill the cargo hold back to the warp gate, back to the previous world to sell up. 
I had my shields up to 120 and still died on world 3, by the time I could see the enemy they were on top of me - all a bit too close quarters for space combat IMO. Then I died again and was in the same ship but without the upgrades. That was demotivating TBH. 

You submitted the game an hour after the theme was released?
The firing is difficult to control and it was easy to get trapped in a corner by the fat angels. There's no lose/game over screen, you just disappear and the angels keep firing at your corpse.
Movement felt smooth though

A shame there's no WebGL build as I think this deserves more attention than it's gotten. I very much enjoyed being the chicken, I thought the controls on that were excellent. I didn't really understand what was happening in the second level, at some point I seemed to be controlling about 8 characters at once and the camera didn't know what to do with that! I got all the brains but couldn't find the level exit then I ran out of "mana"?

5/5 on the screaming of souls! I'm glad I read your comment about them only sticking to the small platforms. I played an earlier release you posted in the forum and couldn't get anywhere with it because they'd be sliding off the platforms. When there are no more souls I think it should tell the player and ask if they want to reload rather than sitting waiting for a soul that isn't going to come.
The aesthetic is very interesting and unique, I'm feeling a bit funny now, like when you play guitar hero so long it looks like the walls are moving!

Even on easy mode I couldn't land the ship gently enough but it did make very satisfying explosions every time I crashed!

I made it through the red maze just about before I ran out of time but I didn't find a key, I went back in and the overhead shot didn't seem to show a key either? Or if it did, I blinked and missed it -maybe that screen could stay up a little longer.
Honestly, with the spooky music and the sounds the ghosts make, I think you could rebrand this as a horror game, less grass and more haunted house or something.

Nice little tutorial, unfortunately I couldn't make it past the double jump and so I just ended up under the world and had to reload the page. Don't be discouraged though, working to such a tight deadline is hard and working with a larger group of people doesn't necessarily make it easier, especially if you're not used to working together. 
You submitted something and you should be proud of that.

Did you not get the tutorial hint at the start of the level? E to explode, Q to cry (although LMB also worked for explode), when you run out of health you should have dropped back down to a lower level where there were pickups to recover health and energy. There was a bug during my dev build where when your health dropped to 0 it went back up to 5 or 10 but didn't trigger the level drop but I thought that I fixed that

Pleasant to play although much more story/dialogue than quiz. Liked the music and the art. I had to google 3 of my 4 questions

I've got one more day to rate games, really have to get back to work on Monday so I'm looking for recommendations for hidden gems. Which game was your favourite that I might not have seen? 

quite a few people have mentioned the character movement being slow. Its supposed to be slow in the first level but normal in the others. Just had a play myself of the WebGL build and the trail renderer might be making it a bit sluggish but its not too far off what I designed. Hard to know what others are experiencing though. I did upgrade my RAM to 32GB because Unity 2021 is so slow!

I'm in 1920x1080 but in a browser you don't get the full height because of the task bar and tabs etc. The first line of text for me is "alive a couple of seconds ago" so anything above that is cut off. 
I'd say fixing the "look" thing definitely counts as a game-breaking bug, the camera thing - well I'm not a judge but I've seen similar levels of changes being done to other games. Its not game breaking but it does make it a lot harder to play because you're nearly dead before you can do anything

I overlooked this because I'm dyslexic and didn't notice the pun. Glad you linked it on discord. Gorgeous game - if I didn't know better I'd have thought it was UE not Unity (I know you can make beautiful things in Unity but most are more cartoony). 
So much fun, at first I was like ok, pretty slick, the firing isn't too hard. can't drive a tank but that's nothing new. I can barely drive a person. Then I died and came back with 2 guns and then 3.... I've never been so excited to die. At one point I did wonder if the game would ever end or if I'd just keep getting more guns!
My only feedback would be more guns! I want the most ludicrous tank with at least 10 if not 20 guns haha! That and maybe a "lives" counter but once you've played once you know what the deal is.

No, I don't recall getting that screen, when I had 1 ball that went down off the screen the game was over and I got my score.

Nice visuals, game was a bit too hard for me but the controls were smooth. I just was pressing all the buttons trying to get the right colour and didn't get very far. 

Did a little cry at the reveal.
Very literally hand drawn! Incredible.
My only quibble would be the arrow at the end of the dialogue - it would be better if that stayed in the same place

Not remotely related to the theme and very difficult to play on a laptop. It would be great if you included alternate controls for those of us whose glide pads have crappy mouse buttons!
I totally forgot about the left button to boost as I was trying to time my right click to get new balls. But I seemed to lose points when the ball hit the paddle. Not sure what's going on there.
I would have played it more if it weren't for my lack of a mouse. My top score was -114

Cute, fun and silly. Not much more to say, The controls were well explained, although I just read in the comments that if I was using arrow keys I could have jumped! I was able to go off-screen, not sure how far

Interesting concept and I understood how to play but I found it far too difficult. I admit I don't have the fastest reflexes but some of the cards were just far too close to the edges, you'd have to be the flash to get them IMO. I didn't get to see if there was any story or ending as the best I did was about 3 cards

I had the same experience. For a game that's so easy to lose, it needs a replay option at the end! Instead it goes to a console screen

I think some people in the comments didn't figure out how to press shift to run. I thought I got all 7 orbs but nothing happened? Did I miscount? I spent way too long trying to get the one on the obelisk then came to the comments to find that it isn't one of them.

Nice visuals, relaxing music. Shame you didn't get to add any story in, even if it had just been text and not a voiceover

I loved the idea of this game and the take on the theme but the execution needs a lot of work. I never even got the tiniest sprout let alone a tall sunflower seed.
Level 1 is way too fast, even when I'd figured out I was basically playing snake, it was too fast. It took me over 20 attempts to complete the first level and then oh there's more of the same. 

IMO the first level of any game should be easy, it should be almost impossible to fail the first level.
Also the seeds and rocks can spawn on top of each other