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Good to hear, thanks much! I didn’t know mobile was supported :D all credit to puzzlescript for that one.

Glad to hear the difficulty ramp felt smooth! I think the next challenge will be maintaining that smoothness while adding more and more puzzles, hopefully to warm up to even harder ones.

I’d never heard of AGS, but I love checking out a new game engine (new to me, anyway)! I was able to get it running on linux and play the game from source :)

Fun little play-through - it’s cool how doing the ‘same thing’ again suddenly has more meaning because of the differences - e.g. the second twin has one egg, vs the ‘full’ meal we just cooked for the first.

Nice colors and writing, thanks for submitting!

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Thanks for playing, and I’m glad to hear to you made it to the end! I wasn’t sure if levels 5/6/7 were too hard or not. I’d like to include some proper challenges for the two player levels, I think a future release will explore that more. Agreed re: the final level, it was meant to be more of a victory lap than a challenge - i think it would pay off more with more challenging two player levels building up to it.

Thanks much playing and for the feedback!

I enjoyed dropping in the simpler levels - I’ve learned the too-hard-too-soon problem in a few game jams already, but this is one of the first times I’ve actually acted on that lesson - gotta remember that the simple levels are still fun. I think b/c puzzlescript levels are just a few lines of text, it was very low-lift to add a few in-betweeners. I think the curve of tougher puzzles could have been smoothed out a bit, maybe in a v2 release. Plus we need more two-player levels!

Thanks for playing! I wasn’t sure if the challenge/learning curve was too steep (or worth it), but I’m glad to hear you got through it and enjoyed it!

I can’t run windows games, but I was able to clone and run it from source via godot (after installing fbx2gltf) - thanks for sharing the code! I’ve been nervous to get into 3D games and assets on my journey so far, so it’s nice to poke around a bit.

I love games with multiple seasons - great choice to explore. It’s a bit tough to navigate, but I think with some camera work and a few fixes (like preventing the player from falling off the sides) it could feel pretty good!

This game rules. The music, and the dialog! Lots of lols! The monster art is ridiculous. I was very happy I switched to full-screen mode before the first monster interaction, in which a finger-spider gave me their peertube handle :)

Excellent work, feels really authentic and was fun to play and explore! I played through twice :)

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A cool idea! I could see this being interesting to add more levels to. One idea/strategy for the player could be following the ‘enemies’ around, like a guide that you can’t touch - that might setup some nice risk/reward if the goal was getting to the end fast-enough. I could also see you explore some subtle clues/hints when there are nearby objects from the ‘other’ vision.

I’m not sure if there was supposed to audio (b/c there was a credit)? Maybe it was just my machine/browser not handling it? (firefox on linux)

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the added detail re: the art, and I agree, it’s a bit of a mess, so getting some reasons + input helps me figure out how to improve.

An open map is an interesting idea - I really just threw the levels together to give players some more spaces for the mechanics, but maybe it wants to be world or map-based after all.

Thanks for playing! Yeah, the levels were done in the last 2 hours of the jam. Especially the last two were kind of a strange design, but I thought it’d at least be a different style than the earlier ones.

Thanks much for playing and for the nice comment! I agree on the control scheme, it’s not quite right… i’m still trying to figure out why not and what would fix it - lmk if there are any obvious changes or problems - the feedback is much appreciated!

haha! this is a great image, thanks for sharing!

Gorgeous watercolors! And a great intro scene. Poor little bob, bobbing along in the wind and rain….

Fun game, nice entry!

Fun idea - loved gobbling up those flies - am nam nam. Good pressure to keep moving with the lily pads and attacks from below. I wonder if it could be expanded to let the frog swim around when you fall in, then jump back to the lily pads (if you don’t hit the snakes)

This was fun! Excellent art, animations, sounds, and music!

Thanks much! The jump occurred to me b/c I just made a beatemup last month, and i realized the implementation is roughly the same, so it wasn’t too bad.

Thanks much! The minimap is part of a tilemap/room system i’ve been building up for a few jams - works for metroidvanias, and now for topdown maps as well!

Thanks for playing! Appreciate the comment!

:D so glad you liked it, especially the screenshake on E - no intention of ever removing it!

Tough game with some fun rooms! Great level/puzzle design, I enjoyed having to solve them under pressure. Morbid but funny - great game!

Great game! Was fun and satisfying to clean up the levels and rid myself of those pesky memories. Nice polish, art, gameplay, and music!

Fun one! I enjoyed merging/progressing the army up to stronger levels and fending off the goblin hordes. I got through two bosses, but then the third powerup seems like it wiped my army? Not sure what it was supposed to do.

I enjoyed this, great work!

simple and fun! I liked the mechanic, especially lining up multiple hits with one dash. It was satisfying to clear the screen!

I could see some more juice added to the multi-hit dashes, and maybe some hitstop to emphasize the hits.

A fun challenge - tough to get that perfect timing! I like the movement animations and the snow? space? particles moving across the background. Also nice anticipation on the next shapes/orbs coming through.

Great game! Fun to shoot-em-up, great work getting all this together under the jam’s deadline. I’m excited to see where this one can go!

Gorgeous, great music, great message, and rewarding bringing all these orphans together. Nice work, great game!!

I only ever saw 3 or 4 garbage piles, and never a mutant - maybe more come after creating more families? Or I’d already lost? Felt good tho, the ocean was nice and clean.

A fun one! Love a little stealth game :) Thanks for the effort putting this together, and nice work tying in the theme

Lmao this was really fun and funny to play! Once I got control of the plane and got close enough to see the cat, I laughed the whole time. Great work!

This was fun! Cool idea and nicely executed! I could see you expanding this in a few directions - more pieces, more levels, maybe moving the defense pieces or adding pawn promotions, etc. Love the chess + tower defense mix!

Thanks for playing and for the kind words!

Thanks for playing!

I didn’t express the theme in the game, really, though treating it as a principle instead of a theme did help me manage the scope and actually get something done.

This makes me very happy!! Thanks for playing!

There’s actually some elevator-y music on the pause menu (if you hit escape), but I maybe could have played it between the floors. Hmmmmm future ideas!

Thanks for playing!

lol everyone in that exact earthquake has rated the game very highly! Thanks for playing and for the comment!

Thanks for playing and the kind words! I agree about the grabbing being a bit too powerful - I didn’t have the heart to cut into how much damage it does just yet, because it is fun and speeds up the play through when you can hit multiple people at once. Agreed that the theme is not showing up much - I mostly just said ‘less is more’ to myself to cut scope as much as I could along the way, haha

Yeah, I think I agree. I’m glad i tuned it down a bit from where it was, haha. I need to cap it better when it accumulates in the larger fights.

Thanks much! Thanks for playing!!

The sounds were all created with gdfxr, an addon I definitely recommend:

The screenshake (camera) implementation is based on this juicy-camera gdc talk: - the bulk of my implementation is on github here: I hope to create a twitch stream/video tutorial for implementing it from scratch in the next few months!

I was curious if anyone would take that route! It’s not well supported as you found, I’ll have to tweak some things to prevent folks from getting stuck. Maybe a design challenge could be supporting going through the Kingdom in either direction. I wanted more branches and routes in general, but ended up simplifying before the deadline.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! It’s super helpful. I agree with the linearity and the rooms not differentiating much, as well as the coins being kind of a shrug. By the end it felt like I’d sort of tossed a bunch of features together, rather than sticking to a strong game concept. I’ll focus on that cohesion and breaking up the linearity next time.

Thanks for checking out Dino! It has been fun to build up and I have alot more plans for it - it feels like it gives space for reusing code and patterns vs starting over from scratch every time, or some other overhead for reusing addons/assets.

The layout is definitely a bit linear - I’ll build up something more complex next time! Glad you enjoyed the bosses :)