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Also, the UI interactions (look and feel, controls, etc) for the dialogue, journal, and inventory were excellent!

A fun little game!

I was pretty motivated to get past the spider, thinking the stairs in the corner would start to climb the tower… but, I was happy to save the forest anyway.

Thanks for the effort making this, and for sharing the code! I’ll be taking a look into the ink integration!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and the feedback! I’m glad you liked the army-of-dice moment :)

I appreciate the feedback! I had ideas for other levels, including some that are divided (which let you control a die on either side of a wall), and others that are more of an escort task (guiding some endangered character safely across some gaps)…. maybe next time.

Thanks for playing!

Nice execution! The sounds and graphics seem very professional and are fun to toy with. I was quite confused about which face was used in each battle, but once that’s clear it’s a fun mental challenge trying to optimize each stage

Great game! fun puzzles, nice pixel art, great sound! Thanks for the effort! I really like the addition of the colored-crack/hole tiles, the difficulty ramps up nicely!

thanks for letting me know about the performance issue - I was a bit concerned about that as the size of that level took shape, good to know.

Thanks for playing!!

Nice game - really feels good to run around and shoot at things. Great music and sounds, and nice juice (squash and stretch, and the bullet trails). The aesthetic is great!

Quite fair, agreed - definitely confusing using the same sprites for players, enemies, upgrades, portals, etc.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Nice game! I love golf sims like this, it’s inspired me to try to make one in a future jam!

I enjoyed it, but yeah, i gave up on the 4th hole after nearly making it up the hill… but then rolling all the way back to the tee.

I’d say you could go crazier with the effects - it’d be fun to do like 1000% power for holes like #4

This game was fun to play! I threw as many traps as i could to stop those pigs, but finally got overwhelmed. I scored 232!

I enjoyed the big troll in that boss wave

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I originally implemented matching on the sides (pips) for the bullets to hit, and had a rolling mechanic for shuffling which bullet the player shot - the shuffle animation is still in there if you right-click (but it’s useless now)

I think if i were doing it again i’d go for a dice-gun that let the player control the probabilities of the gun’s output dice, and have that evolve with some variants (an odds-gun, an evens-gun, a less-than-three-gun, etc), then stick with the matching over the subtracting.

This was fun! Thanks for the game!

Still rough and quite unplayable :(

Learned more Godot and some Behavior Tree patterns this week!

Thanks much for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Pausing does not affect the score - indeed, you can ‘plan’ while paused in the current version. I’ve seen games hide the board/queue when paused to prevent this, and may add that in - probably worth doing before adding any kind of saved/shared high scores.

I’ll look into the down interaction - it seemed mostly felt fine from my testing, but there are times when the responsiveness feels odd. Probably a bug or optimization problem in there.

Thank you!!

Agreed - I’d originally hoped to do something more creative - I will have to advance the plot more with a future release. Especially after seeing all the variants on the tetris wiki, and the other great games submitted here.

Thanks for playing!