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Rollin Gentry

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Thanks for playing. The difficulty has 4 steps. The one around 30 sec does seem to be a bigger jump for some reason.


Thanks for the feedback!

The visuals were great. I really liked the animation for the rifle. And the spiders -- creepy.

Very polished. The controls and game mechanics were very intuitive. Fun game.

Great game. Nice polish. Love how size has a numeric value and a proportionate light value. The controls for the square have a good feel.

Lots to like here: cool glowing look, solid platforming, inventive dialog.

Clever use of lighting and invisibility. The controls had a good feel as well

Great look and feel. I did feel like some of the moves would have been easier to do with a game controller versus keyboard.

Great puzzler!

Thanks for playing!

I loved the feel of the controls. Only wished there were more places to go.

The lighting looks good. I like the music also.

Loved the glowing look and easy controls.

I only lived to be 21, but had fun doing it.

Thank you!!

Cool idea of getting bigger on every shot. I found it difficult but still fun.

Nice. I love the  art style, and how you have to think ahead about if you might need to be small later.

Cool look, sort of reminded me of Limbo.

I like the core mechanic. It would be cool to have some kind of death animation when the deer hits the spikes.

Simple, but fun




Fun game

Thanks for playing. I actually was trying to be cartoonish to balance out how much the little wizard would be dying.

Thanks for playing -- that may be the only Brackeys video I haven't watched yet :-)

Great puzzler.

Hectic, but quite fun.

Funny. A simple, true story told well.

Simple and oddly satisfying.

Fun. Just hard enough. Loved the artwork.

Very nice. You managed to make a lot of good platforming in 7 days.

Good game. Fun to play.

I like the idea of being able to revive yourself with A,D

Cool game. You put the Unity 2D lights to good use.

Cool concept. More challenging than you'd think at first.

Great puzzler. I love the part where the different colored balls combine and separate.

Nice. I'll be playing this again later.