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Gawd dam this is good, honestly for me it's the best platforming experience since celeste

I really liked the second to last puzzle, best one IMO

Aw man that's it? There is a lot of promise in this concept, but what's there is fun, though I wish I could edit sound settings in-game I understand that would be another button, probably

Yeah there's only the one level at the moment, if you reached the exploding ghosts you were more than halfway through

winning first try is bloody impressive, good job!

That sfx idea is great, thanks!

remove the resetting checkpoints. please. I keep doing the same 3 levels like an NES game because of accidental double-taps.

Very fun game

my goodness it's a finished game. Shovel knight (specter knight) mixed with hollow knight aesthetic mixed with dark souls locking mechanic (only slightly joking). It's crazy one person did this, what plugins (if any) did you use? How do you decide locking?

I like the concept and the animations are wonderful. On a blind run I had no idea what was going on, but after reading the description it was pretty good. I feel this is a prototype for a much better game, though, but perfectly acceptable for a jam game.

This is pretty polished in visual terms, so huge props on that for 1 person, but I'm not really sure what the objective is and the movement is too wacky for combat.

The platforming is to die for, seriously this feels like the first couple of levels for a finished game on mute

There was two points where the camera didn't show where  I was going to land which were frustrating, and the music shouldn't restart every respawn, but I did enjoy the platforming as the controls felt pretty tight. My biggest gripe was at the end I didn't read what it said and accidentally restarted the game, so I assumed I must've died to a hidden spike, so I had to replay the game.

try as hard as i can I can't make that huge jump, and the dash only seems to work sometimes I wouldn't mind an indicator of when I can dash

Everyone's already pointed out what I was thinking, so I'd like to mention that I really like the use of font with this shader, never realized text could look so crisp

Wow this game is brilliant, you have to make a web build or people won't try it

very simple but what's there shows promise. Would have liked an overlay to show an outline of what's in the other dimension for better coordination.

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I like the concept, a lot, and this game is really fun when it works but there are too many missing QOL features. After doing something at a station is should automatically move to selection mode instead of having to press both arrows. When pressing both arrows sometimes I'm moved to one of the stations next to me, though it is random. I have lost twice, once when i had 25 seconds left and another time when I had 15, not sure why. You should be able to cancel an action, for when you mistype, or at least leave the current minigame with a 'ruined' product to throw away.

Now the pros: great artstyle, good premise, really good punching animations, solid mechanics (each minigame feels like i wouldn't get bored after a while), and the time mechanic really works in a cooking game.

EDIT: I went back and played with sound and finally beat it. The timer on the top right doesn't mean anything, the bar on the bottom left is the real timer, you can accidentally switch to selection mode at any time glitching the game out (though this does make me think maybe switching to selection could be a way to cancel a task), and for some reason I would win levels with 1 ingredient still unfinished. I still really like this game though.

A few ideas are items to collect (could be additional jumps or just points), enemies that move on the platforms, or spikes on some of the platforms. Obviously this would need to be playtested but it adds some progression

Oh, I use firefox

Usually the filtered is best for non-pixel art, but in that case you really want to have a large original photo (that looks good on the largest resolution you are trying).

Good job, it's a tough one!

Congrats, it's a tough one!

It's a well presented game, and the idea can work, but this limitation is making it really painful to play because of the constant dragging. Easy fix, make activating a card with only a single click, but still have dragging in case of discards. Also please make the movement separate from the cards, its by far the action I spent most turns on.

what a pretty, smooth game. Funny ending too, but the gameplay is much too overwhelming.

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yeah not the limitation at all but enjoyable. Working in IT helps, but since this is a game jam I'm guessing it's not a problem. Also the password has a 1 that looks like an l which is annoying

couldn't load project data at path ".". Is the .pck file missing?

Looks like just the exe, you need to include the whole build directory

jeeze this is tough. BTW the game goes black when I die and i have to reload the page

I don't see any arrows

Polished! I wish you did more with the concept but what's there is good. I notice you used that player controller, but it felt somewhat slippery, I would adjust it.

There are some technical things such as the camera being too zoomed in, the texture on the final boss is a bit blurry (should disable any filtering when importing the sprite), and some typos in the last part, but the tone was good and the music pleasant. Also i like the grim fandango-esque banter.

It was fun, like a cheesy but fun movie. My only nitpick is I would prefer the camera stay where it is when examining objects (not zoom in). During the shooting, it was funny that the options were 2 women or a man and the text said "You don't know who, but he (the killer) must be in this room", which made the man the obvious choice.

I love the Celeste inspiration, it makes for a very smooth experience and the world has character! After having played celeste, though, this is very easy lol, I would have made the other you probably shoot more rapidly. The only other nitpick is that the jump sound is too harsh/sharp. Otherwise, this is a really polished experience and feels great to play.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You should! It's fun

I definitely agree a progress bar would work very well in keeping me engaged. I checked out the video, and I think the fact that I thought the game should have more stages really shows the potential, good job on this on!

it's so hard, and it should flicker less, but I like the artstyle and concept which are bot 9/10

Got to day 11, amazing game, the people in the comments already explain why very well. I love the noise that gets made when you lose. My main issue is if the mouse reaches a border its a bit disorienting, I would have it snap to the point on the border closest to the mouse instead. Otherwise an amazing game.

Slime souls

Jokes aside I like this game a lot, definitely deserves further development but it could be a really fun party game.

As a concept, great! I would love to see more variety, though, perhaps enemies that split up once you shoot them or different window sizes with aiming that scales. Sound effects would also really tie the aesthetic together, like some from sfxr.