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That's pretty much it. I didn't have the time or energy to really put a "you win" screen up and I had some difficulty with the particles at first. In the final version you'll be farming so everyone stays healthy and repairing your ship so everyone can leave the planet.

Thanks for the comment about the music, I found them on open game art. You have to water the ground several times. There is a small 1 second delay between when it is watered and when the tree grows.  I'll try to add some particles for the water splash. Once I get more content done, the plants will grow daily instead. The final game will have several areas, each with a different track. It might take a couple weeks for the next update. I'm adding a bit each day, but I'll be waiting until after both jams I've entered finish voting to update.

I'm probably going to update for the #OGASummerJam3 with a few things.

So Adventures' EDGE doesn't qualify, but I had a project folder and started working on something this month. Turns out there is an OGA jam for this month that ends about 13 days after this one. I'm wondering if I could enter this jam, throw a game update up a week or two later, and enter the other as well. If not, I'll just stick to this jam, but you could show a nice before and after of the game I'm going to upload. I could even leave the previous version up for a bit longer if that would help.

But, but. Well, actually, thanks. I'm just, Walken these commas, across my reply. This extension will allow me to add more things to my project, but I may do a build today anyway.

Adventures' EDGE

Thanks. I haven't updated the control instructions in a while. I was planning to just give instructions to walk and interact with signs/NPCs then have signs give more detailed instructions. The guilds would have instructions to battle/capture/and breed lazuna while the shop would teach you how to buy/sell items. I'll be updating that soon, but everything is still under construction.

My game is probably going to take another year to complete. Just added the feature to allow the lazuna to grow. After adding the quest system I'll add content as fast as I can and a story. The battle system is mostly automatic, you just have to shift-click targets. NPC characters can be battled, but there are some bugs. Once it is mostly finished I'll just give the player controls on how to walk, talk, and read; then use signs to give added data. I despise long tutorials.

Would entering a project started before the jam break any rules? I have this unfinished game and I want to raise its popularity and give myself more reason to finish it. Most jams don't allow pre-made games and I wouldn't want to break any rules.

Going to duck out of this jam because, well, mostly I procrastinated. Normally I work well under stress, but now it causes chest pain. I'll probably post comment on the not-games but I've got another jam where I have to add a forest to a game that does exist. The game I was thinking of posting would have been work-safe, but I just can't rush things the way I used to enjoy.

I like how simplistic the controls and graphics are. 8/10 would not exist again.

Can the game be an adult game? Can we develop the game after the jam?

Is it acceptable to enter a game that was started before the beginning of the jam? I was going to add a forest to Adventure's Edge soon anyway.

I have a game that is partially finished (Adventures' EDGE), can I use that game for the jam?

I've got an idea with pony-cats, but I've been busy with other projects so it might be delayed until another lewd jam.

I'f I can't blast out a small puzzler I might just post Adventure's EDGE, but I'm curious about this too.

The fur could be fiber optic, those change color. You could also add some kind of indicator light. I just think it would make the character look better if something on it changed because of the heat. You could use that instead of the HUD bar to make it a bit more immersive (mike sure it is well visible), and maybe some kind of venting system or coolant pickup. You can slow the look_at() of an enemy by applying it to a hidden child object and then using rotate() or rotate_y() to apply the y rotation of the child object to the parent. You might have to multiply the rotation to change the speed, but having enemies on your tail from the start is a bit hard. Also, add a max enemy cap and use the slower rotation to allow the player to get behind and earn more points or a special kill. Just some ideas from what I've been working on.

I don't care much for top-down whatever that was. Good graphics, but figuring out how to attack too a while. How'd you get the tail to wobble? Was that an animation or are you copying the rotation of a rigid body to the tail bones? It would have looked more "thermal" if the character's material color was tinted slightly blue and shifted to light red or pink as it overheated. Nice game though.

Thanks because I'd like to see more jams to help get major projects from start to finish. Trying to use jams a mini-deadlines to keep motivation, going to do some pomodoro sprints to power-build some projects. I have nothing against small projects, but I don't was a bunch of unfinished items just sitting around. I'll most likely upload Adventures' EDGE because it is my main project.

Are games started before the jam allowed? I'm looking for open-ended jams for motivation on some projects I'm working on.

I've been looking for open-ended jams to motivate me to finish a game. It has a mostly systemic battle system and I'll be working on that and hopefully adding rain.  My game started before this jam started (end of last year was when I started planning and began work early this year). I'm also going to be updating for the anything goes jam.

I have a month to make a game that's bigger than Pokemon. I'm mainly going to focus upon major game mechanics and a few towns/routes. I'll be using other jams to motivate me to finish. Don't worry so much, do what you can and hope for the best. Just keep a couple days for bug-hunting and build tests.

Yeah, I'm going to have to follow someone who uses a windows application to do something it wasn't intended to do. That's just genius. Hope your project is a success and I'd like to try it out.

I was originally going to do a lewd dating game with a town and bosses, but I had a better Idea. Unfortunately I might not be able to make this jam. My internet connection is spotty at best, the models are not finished, and I'm having problems with the navigation meshes. There are other jams I'm entered in, but I still have a ton to do.

Not sure how to strip the binaries, but maybe Godot 3 will make them smaller. Just ported it over a few weeks ago and fixed many of the errors. Will start back on it next month during the day. I have some other things to do for other jams that I'll move toward the night, another game.

I'm going to try migrating it to Godot 3.0 and furthering it for another jam. I might also work on another game for a couple of jams as well.

There is a reticle, but I'll remove the 3D pointer in future versions.

Might join two jams and do something pony related. I'd like to do something where the main character has to defeat some villains, including a p-dough-bear type baddie, but not sure if I can have younger characters in a game where nothing wears clothes. I'd guess it could be fine if you were making a game about anatomically correct dogs being dogs and having puppies, but does sentience beg crimes? Might do it anyway a FtP. I mean, your character is going to get a nasty GAME OVER if you try certain "activities".

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Can we enter more than one lewd-themed jam (thinking about doing lewd jam extended). Also, how nood is too nood and can a game have ponies (or anthros)?

Might join two jams and do something pony related. I'd like to do something where the main character has to defeat some villains, including a p-dough-bear type baddie, but not sure if I can have younger characters in a game where nothing wears clothes. I'd guess it could be fine if you were making a game about anatomically correct dogs being dogs and having puppies, but does sentience beg crimes? Might do it anyway and FtP. I mean, your character is going to get a nasty GAME OVER if you try certain "activities", I mean really nasty, and no payoff either.

I have a game on here (Adventures'a Edge) but I'll be re-making it in Godot 3.0 (and it's little more than a tech demo). Would that be acceptable?

Going to relax this weekend and play some games from this jam. This one included.

Gonna try this out during the weekend.

I'll be uploading my game around Thursday. Item selection and character deployment is done.  I'll get the skills done and add an enemy and do a build. I might try migrating to Godot 3.0 after the jam, but I'll be systematically adding characters and features (and some bugs) as time goes on. Finally got the controls mostly tacked down. FPS and strategy games take a bit to meld. Might even nab some of the entrants Thursday and try them out. Many look good. My game might just be a path with one enemy and one deployable character, but I hope to continue working upon it after the jam. I'll try to release it for both windows and linus, maybe mac as well; not sure how well they'll work. Some of those puzzle games and shooters look good. Syntax bomb looks fun, and TomVissenkom looks like he has something interesting.

I'm making a 3D game with a unique (complicatedly simple) battle system. It's titled "Adventures' Edge" and I'm using Godot.

A few characters already modeled (in blender)

The preliminary battle system is implemented, but there is nothing to attack. There are still a lot of things to do, and tons to model/texture. It won't be finished even after this month, but I hope to have something playable. After the battle system is finished I might upload it and see what you guys think.

May I upload a build and keep updating it until submissions are over?

Sorry I did not respond sooner. You might have more luck if you gave examples and informed your target audience what your services cost.

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I wanted to have a good playable demo of my own, but I just barely have the battle system working. Some of it was procrastination, but my toe had a weeping growth and ingrown toenail that was painful. Went to a doctor a week ago and he trimmed it up with tin snips. I fel much better and will be working on my project, but I'm not sure when I'll make the next jam; or what it will be. For those that are not squeamish, here is the aftermath of my toe. Warning, very gross. I go back Thursday for another checkup, but everything is already better.

Hi, my moniker is PlanetKiller, and I'm an aspiring indie developer.

I usually work solo, but I've messed with:

Python, Blender, Gimp, Inkscape, Unity, and Godot Engine.

I'm mainly using Godot, but I'd like to make a massive singleplayer game. I'll probably be making some jams to help motivate me.

Have to hand it to you, that idea is interesting, lewd, but interesting.