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Project Talk

A topic by Jubell created Dec 01, 2017 Views: 356 Replies: 3
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So let's hear about the kinds of projects everyone is working on or even looking forward to seeing. Are they long term efforts or starting from scratch? Something that will take a while to play or short and sweet? What programs are you using to make it - or are you crafting it from scratch? 

i'm making a CYOA text game that's a supplementary to my main project. i'm doing it with ink and implementing via inkjs and javascript!


Gonna continue on with Bella's Fairy tale and build on what I started. Good luck everyone and as always Have fun.

Might join two jams and do something pony related. I'd like to do something where the main character has to defeat some villains, including a p-dough-bear type baddie, but not sure if I can have younger characters in a game where nothing wears clothes. I'd guess it could be fine if you were making a game about anatomically correct dogs being dogs and having puppies, but does sentience beg crimes? Might do it anyway a FtP. I mean, your character is going to get a nasty GAME OVER if you try certain "activities".