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I’m not sure what happened to make so many people lose their jobs but I think the title fits so well. You have so many creative pursuits from ceramics to comics and games! I hope you’re able to fulfill them all.

I’m so glad that you added commentary to this one and the second one. I think sketchbooks are enriched by commentary. Also, the Twine game about exploring an abandoned train station sounded very cool to me! Maybe it would have been hard or confusing to pull off but things like that so nostalgic, mysteries, and rife with ways for the interesting to take place. Anywho, keep going and never stop!

As a fellow erotic Twine game maker, I salute you! I think you have a good foundation but there are consistent grammatical tense issues where present tense and past tense need to be standardized. I actually think your team shines more in the characterizations department while you should get an editor/proofreader (or maybe more than one) to comb over what you have thus far and do some redlining. I think that would strengthen the game quite a bit.

Sorry Zadeblood, I messaged you back on Twitter today (there was a little snafu where I couldn’t see your messages).

You can message me on Twitter or FA and I can give you some insight.

But remember the clues for what to use to beat them are in the game, it’s about taking advantage of their weaknesses - and there’s a dish for each of those. And as you’ve learned, there’s also a hidden dish to come to a draw (congrats on finding it for LaCitra!)

Thank you for the comment! You didn’t say too much at all.

First, I’ll tell you that LaCitra is 100% beatable so no worries. I’m actually REALLY shocked that you found her “stalemate” menu item! So far I don’t think many have found/know those exist so really - slow clap

So you can beat all 3 guardians during a single playthrough although there’s one little game secret that would make it slightly easier. Message me on Twitter or one of the gallery sites and I’ll tell you cause you put in so much of the work.

Toot’s secret journal gives you some insight on how to maximize getting funding, but the places you upgrade play a major part. There are 2 locations where, if you can upgrade them to their final levels you CAN get more than 3 power-ups. However, you’ve probably also discovered that only 1 place will give you the best boost if upgraded once.

And Ding-a-Ling isn’t working the day after Crema because that day, Flambeday is our Sunday, and he likes to run off during the weekends for his little human obsession (Which you don’t know about, shhhh).

For right now - yes. I have more guardians, guys, and events planned but the base of the game is what you’re playing now.

I think I scared my neighbor playing this, lol.

It’s a good idea. A bit like space invaders with a horror theme. However there are some grammar issues with the introduction and the controls aspect of the gameplay feels odd even though I think the concept and art are perfectly fine. I think for something made in 3 days you should be proud though.

Sorry, that would be a spoiler. You can message me on Twitter and I’ll tell you.

I hope this project and interacting with your players is a bit of your bright spot in what you’ve been going through. It’s terrible that you’re in pain but really amazing that you’re so dedicated despite it all and hanging in there. I hope you stay in a good spot!

You’re correct, this game doesn’t have a save function. However, the good news is - won’t need to save progress to beat the guardians. In fact, they’re beatable on the very first playthrough so no worries about game saves.

No problem, that’s mentioned in the note up top. It’s a common error. It just means that cookies are enabled in the browser and Twine needs those enabled to run.

Thank you for sharing this!

It’s not easy to be able to have something to compare your first week or couple of days to so this is appreciated!

You’ve done such a great job with this game! You should be really proud!

This game is a great take on the roguelike cardgame genre. I liked the atomsphere, the art (having the larger sprites come out in grey monotone felt stylish), and the music fit as well.

I wasn’t quite able to read the text of each card properly the first go around but once you gain them it becomes clear.

You’re on the right track. Pay close attention to dish descriptions in the fussy feather menu screen and see which one “fits” the keyword you need the most or seems relevant.

I think it’s well-done game. I clicked around to see what different things would do, and you may want to add different things for interaction. Maybe a cock ring, nipple clamps, vibrator eggs, nipple rings, a cock piercing, etc. Even an alternative bondage outfit?

I think you did a good job, though.

Absolutely not, the build was fine. And I say “interesting” in the most genuine sense. I hadn’t thought about a gay Guess Who game and the mechanics that you established to make it work are solid. It’s a game that WORKS on a designer level and functionally.

I think the part that was hard for me was that I couldn’t tell who was blonde and who was a brunette sometimes because I couldn’t get a closer look at the cards. However, if you made this with custom images and such that problem would easily be fixed. You have a good foundation here, imho. So kudos!

Haha, I lost every single time. Interesting to play though!

Very true, but I would add something too - Equals porn because it's cathartic. 

Equals porn because genre and play become kink and pleasure. 

That's what I think of as well.

A wonderful manifesto

This brings to mind a very particular type of game. I like the sentiment.

Thank you!

An excellent manifesto.

I don't completely get it, but I do feel it.


You're off to a great start. I had no idea you were updating and upgrading the original game but this one really does feel like a "glow up". 

This is probably the best bitsy game I've ever played.

I'm going to be the person who asks, but I completely understand if the answer is no - 

Would it be possible to extend the jam a day or two? I'm not sure who else needs it but I know I sure could. If not it's okay!

What a fun and novel way to look at the theme! Not much to it, but I bet you can go interesting placed with it.

This game was really good. I played through just to figure out what was going on. Healing can be tough, and I'm glad you made this =)

I didn't think I'd like this or where it might go but I was completely surprised by how it warmed my heart. Thank you both for making it!

I highly enjoyed that, I usually wouldn't like a speculative game like this but this was presented so well and was just an interesting usage of the source material. Also it all felt "probable". Great job, especially for a demo!

I'm surprised this is only chapter one of the story. I have to wonder what kind of tale the author plans to tell in the long run. However, it was cute and entertaining for what's there with a good bit of world building already wrapped in (but not in an overwhelming way). Great work!

It took me a WHILE to reach the good ending for this game and it was satisfying when I did! I'd been going into the wrong area for a while but I'm glad there were branches and new experiences to be had in such a compact and visually on point game.

I came in expecting one type of game and got something very different. The visuals and the requests - this was a game that had a lot of forethought put into its construction. I only wish that one of the characters had gone to a specialist and come back realizing that's what they needed to do (because sometimes that's what happens). Great work, Ivan!

Wow, you're putting a lot of work into this! Creating structure models and everything in such a short time.

Oh, For your fairy game! I didn't realize you'd have a companion. Keep it up.

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I should contribute as well. I'm working on a text based game with custom art. It involves magical girls but the erotic portions are all gay/bara/yaoi. I'm working as much as I can so if I don't finish it for THIS jam then I'll try to get it done for the other one. I really want to see it through. I'm using Twine to make it and basically had to make the battle system as best I can while still having it be interesting. I've learned a lot!

Lewd jam 2017 community · Created a new topic Project Talk

So let's hear about the kinds of projects everyone is working on or even looking forward to seeing. Are they long term efforts or starting from scratch? Something that will take a while to play or short and sweet? What programs are you using to make it - or are you crafting it from scratch?