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Welcome to the Unofficial OGA 'Summer' Game Jam #3!

Back for another year,!

This is the 3rd annual 'Summer' Game Jam I have hosted for the awesome community of and have seen and played some great games from the participants of the previous years. So... Let's make some more! Made a few changes to last year and tried to make it more fun and rewarding for the participants this year, so we have new 'Category' winners and prizes this year as well as the normal ranking placements.

You can check out last years entries here: /

and the entries from other OGA Game Jams hosted by other community members here: /

This game jam is about creating games using assets from

 Since 2009 the community at OGA have been creating assets and submitting them for developers to download at no cost. The site has a huge database of artwork, music, and sound effects for 2D and 3D games, from sprites to tile sets, textures, backgrounds, and everything between, all for free!

 Lets see what great games you can make with these great assets!

 Voting Criteria

 * Story/Narrative     * Music /Sound     * Graphics/Artwork    * Playability/Gameplay

Catergory Prizes

 #1 Winner  ( Up to the Value of £5 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked #1st

#2 Runner-Up ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked #2nd

#3 Runner-Up  ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked #3rd

"Best Story"  ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked #1 in the 'Story/Narrative' category.

"Best Music" ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game ranked 1# in the 'Music/Sound' category.

"Best Graphics" ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game that is ranked #1 in 'Graphics/Artwork' category.

"Best Gameplay"  ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the game that is ranked #1 in 'Playability/Gameplay' category.

"OGA Favourite"  voted for by the OGA Community  ( Up to the value of £3 to use on Humble Bundle) community members can vote on their personal favourite game of the jam. ( votes are cast by private messaging me on OGA website, 1 vote per member)

"Best Contributor" ( Up to the value of £5 to use on Humble Bundle) Rewarded to the person who gets the most 'Favourites' on a asset created for the Game in the game jam and uploaded to (tag 'summerjam' on submissions)

Questions and How the Prizes Work

The Rules:

 1) You can use ANY game engine/software you desire, as long has you have the license/permissions to do so. Gamemaker, Unity, Java, HTML, scratch etc, or even you own created engine if you like. NO actual coding/programming until the start of the jam. Any pre-coded scripts or 'base code' should not be used until the start of the jam. Story boarding, editing, modifying, creating, locating your game assets for you project is absolutely fine. :) 

It is not mandatory to have a Windows build by default for your project, but i do recommend it having one for your project.

 2) You MUST use a minimum of 6 Game Assets from (You can use other assets as well, so long as you have the rights/permissions to use.) If you are unable to find anything suitable for your project on OGA, you can create your own assets, but you should upload them to OGA website BEFORE the end of the jam so they can be considered as part of the 6 asset rule. By doing so you are also contributing to a great community, and we would love to see it.

 3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license. (Because this is nice thing to do)

- Please ensure you follow the license/s  correctly for the assets you use. (for full details click on the asset license link)

4) You must have 'Credits' of the assets used in game from OpenGameArt within the games page description/game comments, or in game.

here are a couple of  good examples: Celestine, Treasure Hunt, Leonid & Swagger

- Tip: All downloads and favourites are saved in your OGA account for easy use. You can also create a 'Collection'. Add assets you use to this and it will give you a complete 'Credits' file that you can download.

- Derivatives: If the license permits you to create a derivative work of an asset, then you still need to credit the original author, and if you do, then please share it on OGA, it would be cool to see it and have it available for others to use.

5) Game must not promote any sort of discrimination (such as racism, sexism etc) or political agendas, nothing that could cause offence. This jam is open to all ages. Games that have violence, horror and/or gore, I would ask that you provide some sort of warning before hand to protect younger audiences. That includes  Soundtracks/voices. (I leave that for you to decide what's appropriate) :)

6) 'Prizes' must be claimed by Saturday 31st August 2019, after that i will no longer be available.

'Prizes' are awarded per game, not per person, So those working in a team environment we need to share the 'Prizes'

Please note: This Game Jam is Unofficial, and is not Endorsed, Sponsored or have any Affiliation with Humble Bundle or  itself. It has been put together and organised by me (chasersgaming) and some members of the community because some of us wanted to hold a Game Jam. Any Concerns or Questions regarding the 'Prizes' should be directed to me, or the Community pages here on the Jam pages. Thanks. :)

7) Have fun! (That's right, it's a rule)

There's no official theme for this Game Jam, So just think OGA, but if you are in need of some inspiration then try these links, they may help.:)

Underground / PD Quick / Surt's Scraps / Share the Love / Science / Reborn /lost in time / Spooky / The Heavens / Missing Link

 And the assets created for them can be found here in this link:

 Art Challenge Collection

 Good luck everyone who participate! The OGA community is excited to see what you create with the assets available! :)

Massive thank you to Looneybits ! for designing and creating the OGA banner art for the jam.  :)


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