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Welcome to the OGA Game Jam!

 This game jam is about creating games using assets from

 Since 2009 the community at OGA have been creating assets and submitting them for developers to download at no cost. The site has a huge database of artwork, music, and sound effects for 2D and 3D games, from sprites to tile sets, textures, backgrounds, and everything between, all for free!

 Lets see what great games you can make with these great assets!

 Voting Criteria

  Playability   * Music   * Sound   * Story/Narrative   * Artwork   * Overall

 Bonus Voting Criteria

 Every few weeks OGA hosts an 'Art Challenge' based on a theme selected by community member Dannorder. You could choose to base your game on the 'Theme' or include the assets created for the 'Art Challenge', or maybe both. If you do, there are 2 extra voting categories to boost your ratings!

 * Theme * Art Challenge

 The Rules:

 1) Game must be made from the start of the jam. Planning ahead is okay.

 2) You must use a minimum of 6 OGA assets (2 assets from at least 3 categories).

 3) You must credit the Author of the assets used, even if it's not required by the license. You can do this by creating a 'Credits' menu on your title screen where you can show a list. (If you have an account with OGA, downloads are saved to a folder where there is a handy 'Credits File' you can use.)

 - Derivatives: If the license permits you to create a derivative work of an asset, then you still need to credit the original author, and if you do, then please share it on OGA, it would be cool to see it!

 4) Game must not promote any sort of discrimination (such as racism, sexism etc) or political agendas.

 5) Have fun!

 There are no prizes for the winner, just the thrill of taking part! It's worth mentioning that this Game Jam has no affiliation with OpenGameArt itself, and has been put together as some of its members thought it would be good to have a Game Jam.

 Themes from previous Art Challenges are:

Underground / PD Quick / Surt's Scraps / Share the Love / Science / Reborn

 And the assets created for them can be found here:

 Art Challenge Collection

 Good luck everyone who participate! The OGA community is excited to see what you create with the assets available! :)


Thanks to ElizaWy for creating the banner images.


Assets used in banners:


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Logic puzzles at the speed of light
Race against real people from around the world. Speed is The Deciding Factor.
side view action platformer
Role Playing
Drink potions, kill skeletons
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Open game art - Infinite Zombies killing game
Randomly generated rogue-something
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Befriend all baddies and save the day! Theme: Share The Love
TailGunner: A top-down shooter
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