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A topic by cgdev created Dec 16, 2018 Views: 175 Replies: 11
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So this can be on any genre, right?


Correct! The game just has to have something to do with "chill," and needs to follow the rules (especially the last one).


I'm making a game, where player should survive some counts of days on cold planet. It's ok?


Sounds pretty chilly to me. Go for it!

Would entering a project started before the jam break any rules? I have this unfinished game and I want to raise its popularity and give myself more reason to finish it. Most jams don't allow pre-made games and I wouldn't want to break any rules.

The point of the game jam is to make a new game within the time constraints of the jam.


Yes, that wouldn't technically be allowed. Submissions to the jam should only be started after the jam starts, for the reasons Carnny already stated.


games with cookies like this

are allowed?


Cookies don't inherently relate to the theme of "chill", but if you can find a way to tie to the theme then yes, technically. Though having watermarks over images may impair your game visually.

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Cookies in milk <3..... cold milk.

chill need by mind or climate of the game?

it can also related to horror?

please help


Chill can be used in any sense of the word. So it could be literally cold, laid-back, or anything else you can think of that fits.

If you can work it into theme then yeah, horror is totally allowed!