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This is a very laid-back game jam, run by WPI's GDC Developers club. There's plenty of time available, and no one is expected to spend it all working on their game. It is winter break, after all. Go enjoy your vacation! 

But if you *do* get in the mood to make a little game for this, then go for it!


The jam theme is literally just "Chill." Feel free to take it however you want!


1. Don't be a dick.

2. If you're worried that you're being a dick you can ask the GDC Dev execs and we'll tell you if you are. (This can be done by posting in the Community section, messaging Jusiv, or emailing

3. If you're being a dick you need to stop.

4. Games can't involve any sexual content, offensive use of religious figures, or bullying,

5. This is a game jam. As such, games submitted should not have been started before the jam began (Saturday,  December 15).


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The neighborhood bully wants to destroy Maggie's snowman, help her keep it safe from his evil creations!
Platformer with a freeze ability
A short story game about grief and love and lack thereof.
Interactive Fiction
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A grim fixed shooter about desperacy
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Western Style Shooting Gallery
A 8-bit mini game for Christmas
jump over obstacles LOL P.S "space to jump"
Will you be able to help this hero get out of this treachorous world.
Sledding is a lifestyle, not a hobby.
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Flappy like game with bait, spears, worms, and a fish. Can you get the top rank?
Help Chill maintain his chillness!
A bridge crossing challenge( Keyboard required )
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A PCGbased sandbox game asset + demo.
Object Collection (has youtube video)
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You need to sacrifice some money in order to get more
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