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This was a really creative entry, and I had a lot of fun with it especially because recently I just started up playing chess again with some of my friends! My favorite moment was the level where the pawn was all alone and he had to make it to the end of the line and become the queen, which implements a really cool mechanic in chess. You found a way to include all the aspects of chess while also creating a game that felt more like a puzzle game than it did like chess. A ton of polish too, you even included an undo button which is something our game needs but we ran out of time before implementing it. Really great entry I had a great time beating the levels!

Thanks so much for playing! The puzzle that you couldn’t solve actually opens up a lot more of the overworld there are a total of 10 overworld puzzles I believe. Also yes we were definitely going for a feel similar to baba is you when making the game. About the undo button we wanted to add it but ran out of time at the end after adding the reset button, but I agree that it definitely should be a feature in the game. Thanks for the feedback!

I really like the concept of three unique challenges to conquer, but I wish that after completing one I could skip it in future attempts if I die. The first boss was a fun challenge, but after a little while it became tedious. That being said, sending his blades back into his face from being stuck in walls was very satisfying. I could not get past the second boss as I couldn't seem to find a potion to make the boss vulnerable. All said and done, this was a fun experience and certainly impressive. I would really enjoy playing through more levels based on reflecting projectiles back towards enemies. Great job!

I liked the concept it was interesting to drag one of the players around and use him as a weapon. I did feel like there was a lack of water in the map so a lot of the times when I set him on fire to attack enemies there would simply be no way to get him to water in time after fighting the enemies. I did really like the creativity with thew art assets though, those blue trees made using a mashup[ of several sprites were really cool and some of the other mashups were fun to see as well. I'm not sure if you know or not but from where you start in you can't read the left edge of the text but it didn't take very long to figure out you move with arrow keys so that wasn't really a big issue. Overall it was a fun concept and I enjoyed playing around with the character who could catch on fire, but it definitely needs some work. Nice submission though I did enjoy it!

This comment really made my day I'm so glad you loved our game so much. It feels so great to actually make a game that we know people enjoyed. Thanks a bunch for trying to get others in the discord to play too that means a lot! We were thinking of working on the game more after the jam to make a full version since so many people have said they enjoyed it and would be interested in a larger game. If we do work a lot more on it we would add some sort of story as well as more worlds, or maybe the signs could lead to sub worlds filled with more levels. Baba is you was definitely a big inspiration when making this game. As for how we did this all in 48 hours... the overworld was basically just a glorified level select so it wasn't terribly difficult. I worked on all of the programming, my one friend did most of the level design and made the overworld look good, and my other friend composed the music, so with 3 people on individual tasks the work was split up enough son we could finish in time. The mechanics are fairly simple so coding it was pretty straightforward and didn't result in too many major bugs. The part of the game that took up the most time was the level design...the levels I designed were some of the harder ones lol I'll have to work on designing easier levels in the future lol Thanks for all the support, and if we do make a full version I'll be sure to tell you so you can check it out!

That's great! I'm glad someone commented on how they found and played all the levels including all the secret ones! The level you got stuck on I made waaaay too hard but by the time I realized I just decided to keep it but make it optional, as it was originally intended to unlock one of the barriers for progression. Just so you know in the secret level to the right of the graveyard all of those blocks were meant to be hidden since they were just used for colliders... but I forgot to turn them off so now that level looks eh but is still perfectly playable. So glad you enjoyed our game thanks for playing all the levels!

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Yeah that level was definitely one of the harder if not the hardest level in the game. Thanks for the feedback btw, most of the issues people have been bringing up we already wanted to fix but just didn't have the time... but I can see how the UI being transparent would make the game look less polished. We will definitely take your suggestion into account if we decide to do anything else with the game. Thanks for playing thought I'm glad you enjoyed it!

This is a really great game> I loved the tutorial and didn't feel lost for a minute after going through it since it was so intuitive. Some really great level/ puzzle designs in here too I had a lot of fun going through and figuring out the order to switch colors and push boxes around to proceed. And the color wheel UI in the bottom right helped a lot too at first as I would have probably kept wondering what color came next  lol. The only things that left a little to be desired were the camera (as I know everyone is already saying so I don't wanna be a broken record just pointing it out), and a small nitpick but the music stops after the track is done and leaves you in silence for a few seconds... maybe you could implement some sort of fade in fade out between tracks. Btw really great music too I enjoyed that. Nice submission! Would appreciate if you could check out our puzzle game we made for the jam if you have time... any feedback is greatly appreciated!

I had a lot of fun with this game! The gameplay is super simple but what kept me engaged was seeing my character grow and become more powerful. I loved the first time when I realized that as I grew I could break more objects with my spin attack... which led to more exploration since I could break down trees and rocks. This allowed me to take fights from different angles so as to not have my health instantly deleted by 500 arrows coming into me at once lmao. I see people in the comments saying that the game could use more SFX, and idk if it's just the website acting up but I wasn't getting any sound, so I'd obviously say some sound if there isn't any would be a nice touch. Even without getting any sound though I felt engaged through the whole game. The only tedious thing was moving at a constant speed the whole time. Maybe you could add other upgrades with a shop system or as you grow your move speed also increases. Just a thought. Nice work on this game!

I absolutely loved the voice acting it really made the overall experience a lot better. The gameplay was fun too but I couldn't quite figure out how to enter the maw, but I got all of the weak spots. I felt sometimes like it was hard to figure out exactly where I was on the monster because of how he moves while you are also trying to grapple up him... but I eventually figured out a semi consistent way to climb up the monster. Overall great feel and atmosphere with voice acting and tense music, and I think the gameplay could be really fun too with some tweaking. Nice work!

Thanks a lot! We were considering adding a grid toggle in the pause menu, but never ended up getting to it. 'Baba is you' was definitely an inspiration for our aesthetic.

Those ladders were supposed to be bridges lol so the guys could get across. That was definitely one of the harder puzzles in the game so it’s optional. I made it too difficult and by the time I realized it was accessible from early on I just decided to keep it and make it optional so if anyone get stuck they could just go to some of the other puzzles. Thanks for the feedback... we were definitely thinking about doing some tweaking and adding elements to the game so we’ll probably add a story of some kind. Also yeah knew about the sprite glitch bug kinda early on but it wasn’t game breaking so at first it wasn’t on the top of my to do list then I kinda just forgot about it lol. Thanks for playing!

huh... I swear I heard something. I did have music on in the background though so maybe it could have just been me hearing things   xD

I purchased the first level of every upgrade so no sorry I didn't get that far. I'll try and come back and play for a bit more tomorrow and let you know if I encounter the glitch. Have a nice day too!

I had a lot of fun playing this game! Some of the physics were a bit weird but it also made for some very funny interactions. You could get above a gem or skull and use the magnetism to basically fly upward as the artifact pushed you up from below haha. This game felt very polished (other than no music... but it's a game jam so can't blame you), and I loved the use of lighting. It really made the look of your game feel unique even though everyone used the same tileset. Not sure if I got all the endings or not but I had a fun time playing through. Great work on this submission it was loads of fun!

At the beginning of playing I was like oh this is easy I got this... then the difficulty spiked lol. It might have been a bit too quick of a spike but it was fun and I enjoyed the challenge as who wants to sit there and play if the game is too easy the whole time. I played for a bit and managed to get a few power-ups, but I feel like you could have made them a bit cheaper but that aside the game was pretty fun to play I enjoyed it quite a bit. The different enemies were engaging and I had fun the whole time I was playing it. Nice work on this submission! If you have the time and wanna check out the puzzle game we made for the jam any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Love that I found a game from unreal in here it's nice to see so many different engines being used for variety. Great use of the unreal graphics and lighting/shaders. I need to learn myself how to make use of lighting when creating games. The feel you created with this art kit is unreal (see what I did there), and it was very engaging and fun to play. My favorite part was definitely just the feel you created for this game. Really polished game for the time frame. Great work... loved this submission!

This is a fun little concept, and it was fun figuring out all of the interactions with the different materials. The game looks great too! Nice submission! Would appreciate if you could check out the puzzle game we made if you have the time too. Any feedback is super helpful!

Thanks for taking the time to play our game! Glad you enjoyed it. The overworld as a level select was really fun to make, and the levels were designed around the environments they were near in the overworld. We're definitely considering continuing to work and make more levels since we had a ton of fun with it. Thanks so much for playing!

Yeah definitely would be better to make the music continue. We added the music into the game last second and barely submitted with time to spare lol. Thanks for taking the time to play our game!

Oh wait I just saw in the comments and description that the level name is a clue to the worlds... lmao. That's pretty clever I'm gonna have to revisit some of the levels.

Really great concept for a puzzle game! I enjoyed moving the world around and looking at the puzzle from different angles. The 3D world adds so many new puzzle elements. Not gonna lie though some of the levels were pretty tough... maybe there could be hints as to what letters are in the world, like you could give the starting letter, or how many letters are in each word. Great work on this submission! Would appreciate if you could also check out our game, which is also a puzzle game. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

This was a really interesting puzzle game, and I also really liked the spreading sound effect. Your character being a part of the puzzle adds a whole new element and could make for some really interesting level design. Nice submission! We also submitted a puzzle game for the jam if you wanna check it out that would be great! Any feedback helps.

I had a lot of fun playing this. The polish in the menus and overall experience was really great. Only thing is the sprites became blurry for me during any zoom-ins (although, i'm not sure if this is just a problem on my end).

I was excited to play at first, but when the stage started rotating I began to feel sick. It was certainly distracting, but I had to stop playing after just a little bit. That said, the game certainly looks great, especially knowing the limited assets you had to use.

Yeah we wanted to add that feature as well but we were running out of time and I figured it would be easier to reload the whole scene as opposed to trying to figure out how to code a way to go back one move. Thanks for the feedback and for playing!

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The story was engaging and fun to uncover. The combat system was also fun and having to avoid the bombs was sometimes a challenge when there were a lot of them on the screen. I feel like the player should have been able to move a little faster as moving around and backtracking sometimes got tedious... maybe a small moving animation would help like a waddle back and forth since there were no animations for that asset in the art pack. Overall I enjoyed this entry, great work on the jam. Would appreciate a lot if you could check out the puzzle game we made for the jam!

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It's an interesting little game, I enjoyed seeing the different assets and npc's. I kept playing to see how high the tone would go haha my score was around 2000. We'd appreciate if you could check out our puzzle game as well!

Yeah we knew this was an issue and wanted to fix it somehow but sadly we didn’t have time :/ Thanks for the feedback and playing though!

Thanks for playing! We have seen that a lot of people have been having trouble understanding how to play. We can't add anything into the game itself, but we added a detailed description of how to play on the itch page as the first chunk of text under the game. Figured that was the best we could do for the remainder of the game jam. Hope this helps!

It was a fun game and I enjoyed playing to the music. I'm not sure if this was intended or not but using the arrow keys you can still move when the music is not playing which kinda defeats the whole purpose, but I didn't do that to complete any of the levels since that wouldn't really have been much fun. Good submission keep up the good work! Would appreciate if you could also play and give some feedback on our game. Thanks!

Fun and simple game! I found myself playing for a good amount of time. I think it could be improved with a timer that counts down to when the wind changes but maybe I'm just bad at timing haha. I did like how you used the leaves to indicate the direction of the wind though nice touch and good game!

Cool game! The art was really good and I loved how it felt switching between areas and how the background slowly fades into the theme of the other areas. Some of the colliders felt a little messed up and only having one health is a little brutal sometimes but it was a fun platformer great submission! Would appreciate if you could also play and give some feedback on our game.

The game was fun and it was a good entry. It felt polished which is nice and I enjoyed the art and music and the mechanics were interesting. The invisibility was cool and was a fun stealth game. I felt the rewind mechanic was a bit glitchy and it got confusing sometimes with the different vision of different characters colliding but overall good entry. Would appreciate if you could also play our game and give some feedback!

Really great job for your first game jam. The main mechanic made for some interesting puzzles and I can see ways which it could be expanded on too. The art and music was very good too. Great submission!

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Thanks for playing! The timers on the ground count down where one of your projectiles will be fired to and when it ends you have to have your wand positioned over the spot to catch it. If not it will create a paradox and rewind you to the start. Hope my explanation helped a little  we realized we didn’t do a great job of explaining how to play. Thanks for the feedback!

The game is fun to play and I found myself playing it for longer than I expected to at first glance. The screen shake is a bit much but doesn't really take away from the overall experience so good job!

The game was fun to play and because the rewind mechanic was fast so it was more addicting to play. There were some glitches but hey it's a game jam so overall good job!

The game is fun and the design and audio suited the game very well. The puzzles were fun and made for some interesting level design with the bouncing disc. I do feel that the rewind mechanic didn't fit very well into the game and was more of a nuisance but overall good submission!

We love your concept. Actually, we tried to do a similar thing, but instead of firing you just catch your own bullets. Its pretty interesting the difference in game play you get when your in control. Maybe you could check out our version too! Overall, a lot of fun to run through :)