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Thank you :)

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Hello !

It would be great if we could have a customizable indicator when you hover over the stars in the voting page :

And obviously it changes with the hovered star.

It would help guide people and have a bit more accurate votes, because everyone would be using one scale.

Note : You'll hear an alarm sound when you reach the ending. Just to make sure you don't rate the game before completion.

I instantly felt the Zero Escape vibe, it's one of my favourite games, but I didn't like how your scenario was nearly the same as ZE. Your gameplay ideas were great though, especially the facebook bot.

I came up with a random story to link everything together ^^ In the forest, the middle part of the map is very important, it'll help you figure out which direction to take next.

I LOVED the level design ! Great work.

I love puzzles ! And your puzzles were no exception. Though I'd suggest putting less crystals on the puzzle map, and making them turn off if the player touches them again, so that your maps aren't flooded with crystals, and the puzzle has a nice spicy touch.

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Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

I admit the diagram hint was not the best thing to do, the player could easily deduce the solution to the second torch puzzle without using it, and they could get confused thinking it's related to some other puzzle. I made sure to correct that in the post jam version.

For the item selection, it's something I'm really proud of even though it's very basic, because this was my first time creating a customized UI on RPG Maker, and it took a lot of trial and error to get it working. Together with the puzzles, they made me learn a lot of mechanics on the engine, and I'm very glad people liked it.

Haha don't worry I knew what you meant.

Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you like this game.

I won't be doing a "real" game, tough I've been working on this one for the last couple of days. I've added more gameplay and a different ending. The mapping and writing aren't much different, but I just wanted to extend the playtime because it felt a bit too short for me, and offer a tougher challenge.

It will be available tomorrow if nothing goes wrong.

Great game !

It's not a complicated or long one, but it's very well made.

There is a good balance in the battles that I sadly couldn't find in the other games I tested. It's not the one hit the boss type of game, but also not spam enter until you kill it.

Good job !

Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you liked the ending !

I never knew about the Shift+Click feature, this will surely be very helpful in the future.

Thank you for fixing it. Nothing is preventing me from rating the game now. 

I honestly expected the writing to be difficult for me to understand, but that's not the case. It is simple but exquisite.

The atmosphere is also great and perfectly matched with the story.

You've done a great job, I'd like to see more from you.

I absolutely loved this game !

I love how the dreams end right before the epic stuff happens. I can easily relate to Noah, as I'm a lucid dreamer and I'm very interested in dreams, and that's what makes the writing amazing for me.

The random encounters are kind of annoying but I don't mind them that much. You need to balance the battles tough.

Great job devs, I'd love to see a sequel !

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Let's be honest here. The gameplay is not that great, nor are the maps, but I don't think you developed the game for those two aspects. After focusing on the dialogues, I really liked them. I felt like there was a subtle sense of humor, and it's great that you didn't push it further as it would have deteriorated the quality of the game instead of enhancing it. I also liked the little references here and there.

I don't know if this is your first game, but in my opinion it would be unjust to judge this game following basic game criteria, and it'd be better to take into consideration the intentions of the dev.

"Nope" - Girl whose name is Harold.
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Hello, it seems that after the cat runs away when I approach it near the waterfall, I cannot advance any further. I talked to everybody time and time again, however there is one door that is closed and there is no way of opening it. I don't know if I misunderstood something or if there is a problem in the game.

EDIT: It looks you need to do things in a specific order otherwise you'll get stuck. If you talk to the lady about dimitri first, you won't be able to talk to her about the dog.

Nice game. 

I suggest you to fix the offscreen guard that catches the player even though he's behind a wall. And try using the "Wait" command in events, it can drastically improve the smoothness of the animations (as in the intro where the guard is pushing the player).

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A very nice stealth/narrative game for those who like a quickie. I could find no flaw whatsoever.

I really wanted the king to escape though.

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It's not bad for a first game with RPG Maker.

Here are a few things that you need to fix :

  • The tile that I bordered in red (in all cells) makes the player able to walk on top of the walls.

Potential spoiler.

  • The events that you created here are underneath the player which means he needs to step into the poisoned water before triggering them using a button. 

And as a player :

  1. If I think that I should pick up water, I'll try to pick it up from the side of the pool, not inside it.
  2. If picking up the water from the border doesn't work, I might try stepping inside the pool, but if it turns out that it damages me, the first thing I'll think about is getting out of there, I won't bother trying to pick up water.

To be honest I wanted to suicide by walking inside the pool, and I randomly clicked on the same tile I was in, which triggered the event and made me continue the game, so I suggest you make the event at the same level as the player and tick the "Through" option so that he can pick up water from the side, but also get damaged if he tries to step in it. Or you can find your own way to do things.

  • And then there's a few small things like the battle balance, the "Run" option that has 100% chance of success, and the chest that changes its image when you interact with it after it has already been opened (tick the "Direction Fix" option after it has been opened), but these things become natural as you have more and more experience with the engine.

Overall, it was not bad, better that my first game with RPG Maker lol. And I really hope you'll keep developping the game. Now that the jam is over, you'll have more freedom to use scripts, different tilesets, and resources other than the base ones.

I enjoyed the game even though I couldn't win. 

If you wanna beat it get ready to retry again and again, each time go to a different zone and make a map of it on paper or in your mind (I dare you to try), and then try to find the optimal route in terms of time AND key usage.

Good job dev !