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A jam submission

The Monarch GateView game page

A time-limited dungeon-crawler
Submitted by Nutty171 — 18 hours, 58 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Inventiveness / Inventivité#103.5003.500
Aesthetics & Mood / Esthétique et ambiance#133.1673.167
Gameplay / Systèmes de jeu#152.7502.750
Overall / Note globale#183.0003.000
Storytelling & Writing / Écriture et narration#302.0832.083

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


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Solo Project

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So I tried the game 4 times. The last using your map to see if I can complete the game in the allotted time. Sadly, I was killed by a random encounter due to lack of potions just before the 3rd monarch boss.

The good:

  • Nice aesthetics for the different areas. Suitable music for each area.
  • Having to find and remember keys and doors.

The bad:

  • Battles are annoying for a time limited game where you also have to memorise the locations of keys and doors.
  • Inability to escape random encounters at 100% when you choose to avoid battles. The option wastes time and health most of the time.
  • Inability to save, forcing you to restart everything just because you used your last key at a wrong door or died to a random encounter.
  • Spells don't seem to have any elemental effect.
  • Increase in enemy damage from 14 to 60+ in the next area despite level ups.
  • Low healing from potions and lack of them, having to rely on RNG of enemy drops.

Overall, good job with the game. I like the gameplay involving the keys and doors, but the battles and RNG involved when you factor in time limit and inability to save makes it way too frustrating.


If I ever decide to remake this game (which, knowing me, I probably will eventually), I will remove most if not all of the RNG factor, so you can choose to avoid battles, at the expense of not getting EXP which is needed to defeat some of the Monarchs.

At the very least, it would probably be nice to have 100% escape option so that we can choose our own battles. Even following the given map, I had only 2 minutes left before I lost to a random encounter, so I doubt I would have finished in time. Good job with the game again. :)


It was fun to play! I defeated only one monarch though during my first playthrough! Interesting gameplay idea and the music choice is appropriate too, the game gives you a feeling of emergency from the very beginning.

I saw you also posted a map for it, I will give it a look and maybe try to finish a next run.


Interesting game ! I've see it streamed during the Aurélien's live, so I've figured out what to do and that some doors are "trap" making you loosing keys.  By being attentive and exploring the maximum before open each door, I've manage to have 2 Monarch Key in my second run  ! I've only travel throught 4 environments, and by looking on your map after, I see that there is a lot more, so good job for this. The mapping was coherent, but really lacks of diversity, it's the same style in a different theme. I suggest you to play more with heights ! Don't stay with 2-tiles tall wall everywhere, make differents reliefs, uses stairs, etc. Also try to play with screen tones, and work on your areas transitions. Also, even if it's a labyrinth, it's so big that somes uniques bigs things in map would be cool, like visual beacon for figure out where you are. Like a tall mountain, a great cavern entry (even if you can't go here because of stones), somes trees, waterfalls, that kind of thing.

Anyway, the map is very big, and it's a jam, but I think it's still good advices. For the gameplay it was a bit frustrating to get stucked just because you use your key on a bad door. Overall I had a good experience and I had fun, well done ! (the timer also had a lot to the rythm of the game ! Take a feature, add a timer, and that's niiice :> ). Also, good choice to go on MV to get differents styles of areas with the "dungeon tileset" rule of the jam !


I've made a map of the game, and added it to the game description. Go to the game page if you want to see it. :)

(Ignore the red lock in the middle, I forgot to erase it.)


Half minute hero, RM edition ! (if you don't know about HMH, I suggest you look at the "Hero 300" chapter on youtube)

But with longer combats. Wasting too much time just to reach lv 5 and lose your keys on meaningless locks isn't the most enjoyable thing to have, forcing reset after reset.

So far I could only get 3 ornament keys and 1 monarch key... maybe I'll win someday If I am lucky with early encounters and drew the whole map on paper, but I don't think it's worth the hassle.


Reaching lv 5 isn't your priority. I was able to beat the game with relative ease when only defeating the enemies that I encountered normally along the way.

And did you know you can keep playing even after the timer has run out, so you can take your time to figure out a route. :P


I enjoyed the game even though I couldn't win. 

If you wanna beat it get ready to retry again and again, each time go to a different zone and make a map of it on paper or in your mind (I dare you to try), and then try to find the optimal route in terms of time AND key usage.

Good job dev !


The description doesn't show on this page. I'll copy-paste it here if you don't mind: In this game, you find yourself in a sprawling labyrinth, and you must find keys and defeat enemies to escape within the time limit. The map is huge and complicated, so it's recommended that you take some time to explore and make a simplified map for yourself.

@Ceramique Thank you! :) It's not intended to be beaten on the first try, you're supposed to explore and deduce the fastest route. :P

@Ariomaru Thank you! :) When first starting the game, I had set the time limit as 5 minutes. But when it got to the point where I realized I needed to increase the time, it was too late to make it smaller. :P

i don't finish the game, but, i like the map, the scenery is varied and the bestiary too, but, of what i saw, if we forget the good mapping and the original concept, the game is a bit boring and a bit repetitive, but, i like the game and the chrono add a certain difficulty(but, i think that the boss are a bit too strong, thanks for the game and for read this : ) oh and, sorryu for bad english, i'm french ^^'  and, it's no nasty, are just advice for your future creation : ), good continuation


An excellent idea! I haven't finish it for my first try. But I will retry again and again! Thanks for this game.