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The TruthView game page

Solve puzzles to obtain the Orb of Truth and defeat the great evil.
Submitted by Phoegasus — 2 hours, 8 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Gameplay / Systèmes de jeu#63.3783.700
Inventiveness / Inventivité#93.6514.000
Overall / Note globale#123.1953.500
Aesthetics & Mood / Esthétique et ambiance#182.7393.000
Storytelling & Writing / Écriture et narration#192.7393.000

Ranked from 10 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.


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I enjoyed this puzzle game. Didn't really find any problems with it. Just got lucky with the torch puzzles, since I got it in one go. The diagram hint was confusing. Even after I got the puzzle right, I had no idea how it co-related to the diagrams except that I had to vertically mirror the order of lighting up the torches. The statues puzzle was pretty easy though.

I like how you had to select items before they can be used in certain areas. Felt a bit sorry for the protagonist, but the ending was a bit funny. Good job with the game. :)

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game !

I admit the diagram hint was not the best thing to do, the player could easily deduce the solution to the second torch puzzle without using it, and they could get confused thinking it's related to some other puzzle. I made sure to correct that in the post jam version.

For the item selection, it's something I'm really proud of even though it's very basic, because this was my first time creating a customized UI on RPG Maker, and it took a lot of trial and error to get it working. Together with the puzzles, they made me learn a lot of mechanics on the engine, and I'm very glad people liked it.

I'm glad you did. It was very well done. :D


Nice entry ! The puzzles were really enjoying to solve ! I really liked the statues & levers one. Also it was very cool to see the "item on map" system on a jam ! You could get way further with it with more time, I found this kind of system works very very well for design dungeons with RPG Maker. Your mapping is correct so I haven't a lot of things to say about it, but it lacks of something. Maybe play more with differents heights and the shift+click mapping (for the water, for example), and with screen tones and fogs too (but I think you were not allowed to make fogs in MV with the rules of this jam). Maybe add some events that give life to the place by being animated, moving around, or being interactable with. The animated scenes were good, I didn't expected more for a jam so well done, also the ending of the first version was really funny ! Good job !

(I didn't got the post-jam ending, the first trial is impossible without the solution, absolutely no hint, and even with the solution there is no indicator about the "activated tiles", and I've a bad memory so :>. I didn't find the courage to report everything on a piece of paper.)


Well, The Truth certainly was fun. Your mapping could be better, the narration tends to feel a bit lacking (characters that really seem alive are tough to write, but much more fun when done right)... and I didn't really mind since there were lots of fresh gameplay ideas. That was a nice surprise ! I didn't expect these kind of point-&-clicky puzzles in a RPG Maker game but the result was pretty interesting. 

I liked The Truth more than I expected to and would love to see what you could do in a "real" game with more work put into it. :)


Thanks for your feedback, and I'm glad you like this game.

I won't be doing a "real" game, tough I've been working on this one for the last couple of days. I've added more gameplay and a different ending. The mapping and writing aren't much different, but I just wanted to extend the playtime because it felt a bit too short for me, and offer a tougher challenge.

It will be available tomorrow if nothing goes wrong.

I hope you didn't take the fact that I said "real" in a bad way ; I only meant to say it to underline the fact that The Truth was made in a jam and is not 100% of what you could do. It's real nonetheless !

Glad you kept on working on it, I'll be sure to give it a try. :)


Haha don't worry I knew what you meant.


lol I smiled at the ending.

Nice game. 

The puzzles are well made and they sort of give me Wild Arms vibes, I guess because of the equippable items to solve them. Good job implementing that feature, it's something I always wanted to implement in my games too.

There's a few mapping errors on the cliff tiles:

You have to use Shift+Click Mapping, like this:

Congratulations for finishing a game for the Rpg Maker Game Jam!


Thank you for your feedback. I'm glad you liked the ending !

I never knew about the Shift+Click feature, this will surely be very helpful in the future.