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The intro reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.

The story is a bit morbid (for my tastes), but the game mechanism is very well made. I usually find touchdeath games annoying, but this was pretty fun (even if I did get spotted several times). Congrats on making this for the game jam. :)

Still feel sad for all the civilians and soldiers killed, though.

Probably a coincidence, but I can guess who the protagonist is inspired by. ;)

The story concept seems interesting, however, after facing the ghost and waking up from the dream, I can't proceed anywhere else (both English and French versions). Is this intentional? The lighting effect is a nice touch, by the way.

The story concept is nice, albeit a bit disturbing. It's a bit hard to sneak past the guards or assassinate them as it felt as though they turned at random intervals, rather than fixed intervals. I'm not exactly fond of "touchdeath" games, especially without the option to save although I understand this was a short game. The problem was rewatching the entire intro everytime I had to restart or to try for a different ending. Maybe you can make an option to skip the intro?

Good job with the game. I appreciate the English translation, although I would suggest trying to fix the script more (I understand it's really hard to translate to a different language, regardless). 

Thanks for the clarification, and thanks to Aurelien for pointing me in the right direction. I wasn't aware that it was updated since there wasn't any indication, sorry about that.

I'm not sure if the bug is replicable. I was wondering around collecting notes while in Lina's timeline, and the place where Zoltan's note should have been was empty. When I completed that timeline, I went back to check (since it was rather odd that there was an entire room with nothing in it), but there was still nothing there until the next playthrough.

The game was still very fun despite some hiccups. Well done again! :D

It's still a nice short game. I like how we were in a different map if we started the game the first time, and then a second time as long as the game was never shut down.

I'm glad you did. It was very well done. :D

At the very least, it would probably be nice to have 100% escape option so that we can choose our own battles. Even following the given map, I had only 2 minutes left before I lost to a random encounter, so I doubt I would have finished in time. Good job with the game again. :)

Nice short game. I can't comment much about the story due to language barrier but it was fun to play. The only "bug" I noticed was the door near the switches puzzle. It "closed" as the player stepped through it. Good work. :)

The story was pretty intriguing, despite the grammatical and spelling errors. I wondered what Lina meant by "purchased", that was the only thing that confused me. I could pretty much understand what the dev was trying to convey.

I like how the game had a main section needed to complete to the game, thus achieving the bad ending, while having optional sections that explained more on what happened to the previous Messengers, that would unlock the good ending.

The chess puzzle was pretty cool, and it was a bit hard to pass the Queen in the beginning since I was used to how the other chess pieces stopped me. Good work there.

The fight with Zoltan was interesting as well. I have no idea if there was a maximum amount of time the player could be injured before triggering some kind of game over, but if there was, thank goodness I didn't reach that point. XD

I like the cinematic at the fountain as well. I'm sure a lot of time and effort went into making just that one part.

Besides the passability errors (like going through the vases), I noticed one bug(?) where if you encountered Lina first, you can't find the note to trigger Zoltan's event, thus getting locked out of the good ending path.

Overall, the game is very well done. I really enjoyed it a lot. Good work. :D

I'll try to redownload and try, thanks.

It's interesting how you can transfer the experience from the 1st hero to the next as a sense of progression. Sadly, there seems to be quite a few issues with this game. The worst one (for me), is the fact that the button to bring up the menu hardly even works, and even when I'm in the menu, there are times that the buttons to "accept" or "cancel" don't work, although the arrow keys still work. No idea what's causing this problem as I have a few VXA games on my computer and they work fine. Sadly, this was pretty game-breaking for me.

Bugs that I noticed:

  • The player appears somewhere else first before teleporting to the beginning of the labyrinth map.
  • When the 1st hero is defeated, his sprite changes to a different "down" sprite than his own.
  • When the 2nd hero is in the labyrinth, there is a monument that transfers the experience of the 1st hero to him, but even though it disappears after using, the player can still activate the event and gain infinite experience.

The story sounds interesting, but I got stuck in a couple of places because of June's event sprite blocking the player (ie at the east tower area). I had to restart the entire game from the beginning. The fact that the player only walks and not run makes it even more tedious to restart everything. Could you make it so that we can save the game (unless I missed it somehow), or when the player "speaks" to June, June will move at least 1 step back? Looking forward to see how the story plays out. :)

I had a lot of fun with the battles in this game, it was like playing rock-paper-scissors in a way. Despite that, you still gave leeway for players to win even if they made a few mistakes. Great job with the variety of each dungeon as well. Dying still allowed you to retry from the nearest "save point". The hardest part for me to understand was the poison swamp area. I managed to clear the last part with just guesswork.

Although I could guess the meanings of a few words, I couldn't fully understand the story during the game (it was still pretty clear what happened in the end anyway), so I can't fairly rate the story-telling. Not my kind of story, but I feel it's very well thought out, just like the rest of the game. Wish you had an English translation or a text file of the French text so that I could stick it in Google Translator. ;)

Great job with this game! :D

I enjoyed this puzzle game. Didn't really find any problems with it. Just got lucky with the torch puzzles, since I got it in one go. The diagram hint was confusing. Even after I got the puzzle right, I had no idea how it co-related to the diagrams except that I had to vertically mirror the order of lighting up the torches. The statues puzzle was pretty easy though.

I like how you had to select items before they can be used in certain areas. Felt a bit sorry for the protagonist, but the ending was a bit funny. Good job with the game. :)

I agree with Phoegasus. It's a good attempt for a first game. I don't have much to say that Phoegasus hasn't already said. These are some other things you can consider later on:

  • The beast bones that holds the mirror appears abruptly after you examine the bones in the room you wake up in. I suggest to make the beast bones already in place.
  • Play around more with the tiles. In the chamber of the helper, you used the "stairs" with borders repetitively. You can just map with the "middle" stair tile instead.
  • Just in case you're not aware of it, you can try to use "shift" while mapping. It helps to copy and paste autotiles especially without changing the underlying layout.

Looking forward to see what you do next. :)

So I tried the game 4 times. The last using your map to see if I can complete the game in the allotted time. Sadly, I was killed by a random encounter due to lack of potions just before the 3rd monarch boss.

The good:

  • Nice aesthetics for the different areas. Suitable music for each area.
  • Having to find and remember keys and doors.

The bad:

  • Battles are annoying for a time limited game where you also have to memorise the locations of keys and doors.
  • Inability to escape random encounters at 100% when you choose to avoid battles. The option wastes time and health most of the time.
  • Inability to save, forcing you to restart everything just because you used your last key at a wrong door or died to a random encounter.
  • Spells don't seem to have any elemental effect.
  • Increase in enemy damage from 14 to 60+ in the next area despite level ups.
  • Low healing from potions and lack of them, having to rely on RNG of enemy drops.

Overall, good job with the game. I like the gameplay involving the keys and doors, but the battles and RNG involved when you factor in time limit and inability to save makes it way too frustrating.

I kind of like the 4th wall jokes. Some grammar mistakes, but I understand exactly what the dev was trying to say. By the way, the guy says "he" when referring to the dev. I kind of thought the dev is a lady. Funny short walk. :D