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Nice entry ! The puzzles were really enjoying to solve ! I really liked the statues & levers one. Also it was very cool to see the "item on map" system on a jam ! You could get way further with it with more time, I found this kind of system works very very well for design dungeons with RPG Maker. Your mapping is correct so I haven't a lot of things to say about it, but it lacks of something. Maybe play more with differents heights and the shift+click mapping (for the water, for example), and with screen tones and fogs too (but I think you were not allowed to make fogs in MV with the rules of this jam). Maybe add some events that give life to the place by being animated, moving around, or being interactable with. The animated scenes were good, I didn't expected more for a jam so well done, also the ending of the first version was really funny ! Good job !

(I didn't got the post-jam ending, the first trial is impossible without the solution, absolutely no hint, and even with the solution there is no indicator about the "activated tiles", and I've a bad memory so :>. I didn't find the courage to report everything on a piece of paper.)