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Very cool, I love the look and feel of root division especially when you get it upgraded a bit (:

Sorry I couldn't get the movement to work after refreshing a few times but the art looks great and the shield throwing mechanic looked cool! Wish I could play! 

Ooh that sounds really cool! Sorry to hear about the black out!  The voice acting here was very well done so I would love to see more of that translated to a more exploration focused game. I feel like there's also a lot of potential for cool puzzley mechanics you could try with this format, although its also probably pretty easy to overwhelm the player so worth experimenting with different stuff.

Cool take on the theme. I had fun playing this with my eyes closed. I wish the sounds got a bit more varied so you have to focus more on the direction but could see how too much of that would make the game more difficult.

Awesome! I had a lot of fun making/playing this so I'm definitely considering it. What kinda features would you like to see in a full release besides general balance/polishing? Some ideas I had were a map maker and maybe mobile support.

The light and sound had great feedback and I had fun messing around with this for awhile! Reminds me of wind chimes. I had one minor issue where one of the bigger lights got stuck in the corner for awhile but I was able to nudge it out. 

Great job!

Nice use of the theme! I loved the visuals and thought the anemone and fish swarm looked great.

Very well done! I loved the visuals and the game had a very calming vibe.  I think the level design really picked up when the green hearts were introduced and I felt like there were more "aha" moments with putting together colors if that makes sense. It could be a little confusing to tell which teleporter would lead to which but I think the effect looked really cool.

Great job!

Thanks!! The difficulty levels only effect the AI and some of the levels can be super unbalanced so even on novice it can be pretty unfair haha. Seed based stuff was surprisingly easy in unity using Random.InitState()!

Very cool mechanic! Loved the music as well. I think it would feel more intuitive if you could left click to drop pieces.

I liked the art and enemy design! I liked how the bullets with gravity sort of roll around on the ground after being shot and you have to jump over them. Nice job!

This was super awesome/helpful to watch, thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I lost it when you got up the elevator part near the end and hit the button again and went back down haha I'm so sorry I thought I took that out.

Cool game! I liked the shader graph room. It's nice to hear voiced dialogue in a game jam game but it was also kinda hard to understand.

One thing I can suggest that may or may not work depending on how your movement is set up is to add a physics material to the walls/player with super low friction so you can slide off them better

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I couldn't figure out how to get past the professors room but I really enjoyed what I played! The music is great and I love the art. Also think the movement could be a bit faster and the camera a bit more zoomed out. Really liked the vibes of this game though, it reminded me of Machinirium.

Very cool visual style! It was kind of difficult to tell the size of my hitbox and I felt like I kept getting stuck on walls but I really like the cave-like shapes of the levels. 

Great game! I thought the level design was pretty fun and the pixel art looked really smooth! The jump could feel a bit inconsistent and I had a lot of trouble with the disappearing platforms (especially the last level). Also this is pretty minor but I wish the level would just auto complete after you get both scientists to the elevator instead of having to press space. Otherwise I thought it was a cool game! I enjoyed the dialogue.

Thank you! There should be sound but it may be bugged..

Thanks! There should be music and sound but heard from 1 other person they didn't have any either so it may be bugged.

Thank you!!

Cool game! Never seen a concept like this before. I like how all the levels are random, very impressive! 

Thanks! Actually have both bloom and blur in there and a few other post processing effects like ambient occlusion and a tad of chromatic aberration. I probably went a bit overboard on the motion blur haha, it looks much worse at lower frame rates. Thanks for the feedback!

I liked the super low res art style and the movement was really fun. It was little hard to dodge enemy fire and tell where enemies are coming from. I think either adding some more indicators or zooming the camera out a bit more would help.

I thought the super wide aspect ratio was cool and worked well. Also nice you managed to get high scores to save!

Nice job! The music and overall aesthetic was very nice and relaxing (until I hit the gust of wind lol then I felt trapped)

A couple nitpicks:

The gust of wind seems to get more powerful the longer you take to fight it? The first time I played I wasn't sure what key to press at first and by the time I figured it out it was like I got pushed too far and couldn't reach the rainbow. Tried refreshing and made it through instantly.

The yellow text on the white cloud background was kind of hard to read (could be my monitor). Maybe give it an outline or move it below onto the grass so there's more contrast?

Overall, great job!


Vast majority of assets come from here:

A couple things from here to (I think):

And enemies are from the Polyperfect pack that was in a humble bundle a bit ago:

Thanks for the feedback! Doesn't sound judgmental, its very helpful and I really appreciate it!

If I continue working on this I may make it so you have to hold a button down to follow shadows or you only follow when you aren't already in a shadow. Or may remove following shadows entirely as its kind of an artifact of the previous version where those were the ONLY shadows in the game.

Thanks! This was made over a weekend for Ludum Dare 47

Fun concept! I liked how you have to leave yourself a bit more exposed to get more ammo, I think the mechanic worked well.

It felt like some of my shots weren't registering and I think it was kind of annoying how you have to click directly on the haunted house to enter it. I liked how there were multiple enemy types and different music for each level/menu. Really nice touch for a 6 hour game.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! Yeah, I wanted to at least get a restart button in there but by the time I finished my game loop I was out of time );

The last two are by design. You can only move forward cause the way the level gen works (although now reading this I think it could be simplified by just making the player move forward automatically) and you can only either kill or take candy so you have to strategize to maximize your score (Wanted to add an animation where they go back inside after getting you candy but ran out of time)

Love the graphics! I think the movement feels solid and could work well with turn based roguelikeish combat. I imagine like kiting enemies and getting them caught in your webs and stuff. Wish I could see what direction you were gonna take it!

Awesome music! I like how everything changes as you lose health. 

Nice job! I liked the graphics and music. I thought the arrows lined up well with the beat but I wish there was a little bit more feedback when you hit/miss them.

I love it!

Thanks! Actually never heard of Containment Breach but I was definitely going for some SCP vibes.

Very cool visual effects. I like the distortion when you grapple enemies (though at times it could be a bit disorienting). Also really liked how the enemies were the main light source in the level, I think that added a cool sense of progression as everything got darker. Great job!

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Thanks! I just used one of the Unity Snaps prototyping packages for the level design, they make it pretty easy to just throw a bunch of stuff down really quickly.

Fun game but I couldn't wrap my brain around the controls haha. This would be much easier on a playstation controller. My high score was 13. Nice job!