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Was disappointed there are no Radio icons included (the checkboxes are missing a number of textures)

BTW found a glitch, your .fnt files in v1.1 have have direct file paths instead of relative file names

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Oh, and our latest project: Patchman vs. Blue Squares.

I think you have a good approach!  Steam tends to reward the already successful, and despite their claims not to curate, do actually curate for the big players, which is fine for gamers who like to stick with AAA / pop-culture.  What I don't envy is the amount of content you have to sort through... yikes!  :)  But thanks for your hard work!

We'd love to go to GDC but don't have the funds, and living in Canada, not eligible for reduced tickets!  One day...

Anyways, to add to the daily despair, here is Quippy Owl's quip about why he hasn't heard of our game yet...

Probably sums up the frustration of other indie devs out there  ;)

Final caption:

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Twitch Stream:

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Our follow-up episode to Patchman vs. Red Circles is here!  Demo on

Teaser Trailer:

The demo is free right now on!

We also have a Steam Coming Soon page you can wishlist/follow:

And a Kickstarter is live right now:

More info on our page:

We've been posting devlogs here and doing Twitch devcasts too!


Oh, and this would also prevent the warning message to users from unsigned OSX packages (not that I have that problem, I'm signing builds) since forcing through itch wouldn't pop up that message.  Just thought I'd mention that!

Is there a way to prevent downloads from the game page, and only allow a package to install through itch?

I'm wondering because people on OSX are downloading packages directly and can't figure out how to run them, and then upgraded packages are even more headache, but they have no troubles installing+upgrading through itch.  Maybe as a solution, have a flag for each package, "Only allow download/installation through app"?

Hi again leafo.  I'm hoping you didn't forget this game!  Is there anything you need me to do with it, to get on the homepage, like put it on sale?

I'm bummed that it got buried so quick... I get that there are a TON of games on here tho, so it's normal.  But I'm still optimistic about being on the homepage! 

Hi again leafo, my game went live today, but I don't see it anywhere, not even in the new releases!  :(

Do you know how to do these things in Godot 3?  Looks like they changed/moved every one of the options you mentioned.

Actually this helped me right away!!  I'm toying with Godot right now and didn't like all my blurry textures.


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Hey fellow devs.  I like having my OSX version signed so that when people download it directly they can just run it:

BUT I'd like to not have to rebuild, archive, export and resign my OSX version every time I add/change a text file or whatever. 

Can we just add new resource files to an OSX app and upload with butler, or will that break some hash tag / verification in the  signed Apple package?

Just added more language support in!  Now have full Japanese, French, Russian, German, and Spanish translations, plus a billion basic menu translations:

Thanks a zillion leafo!!  :)  You rock!

Yes it was a bit tougher than I thought it would be to make this release.    Took like two or three weeks (not full time, but a lot of fiddling) to get this up.

Each OS had a new challenge to rebuild it, oddly enough Windows was the most difficult.  Think we have it working.

Thanks for testing the OSX version!!  Hope your kids like it.  It gets tough tho... ;)

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First episode of DON'T BE PATCHMAN coming to this weekend:

Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army!
But... who is Patchman, and why shouldn't you be him?
Find out in the game THEY don't want you to play!

Sneak around vicious Drones while trying to awaken the Sheeple.  It's more difficult than it sounds...

Collect a comic book, with epic plot twists that no one can predict...

I'm excited and put a lot of work into this release, making it drm-free for 3 OSes!!  Wasn't as easy at it sounds, but will spare you the details...  Plus it was pretty cool to use butler and have the dev add a feature I needed for it! wow

Update: been uploading shared resources to diff builds with no problems. 


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It works as expected, I've tested with my Linux build! 

Will also need to try osx+windows (uploaded from Linux), but I don't forsee any problems.

Thank you Amos!!  You made my life a bit easier :)

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Hmm. I get an error with both commands. :(

  • cd ~/Games/patchman/release/
  • ./butler --json walk --dereference linux
  • os.PathError lstat /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/ no such file or directory

Looks like the path string connector logic has failed.  It's appending the symlink to the directory path.  These should be separate:

  • /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/
  • /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/q1-assets-release4comics/art

The first one is the directory to upload, the second is the followed symlink.

Edit: It shouldn't even try to resolve any symlinks at all.  There is no reason (in this case) to know about "q1-assets-release4comics/art", it should just be "" where "art" was the symlinked dir.  Hope this didn't create a confusing mess for you!!

Such service!  Wow.  Trying...


Yes, that option would be incredibly handy.  I agree that it should not be the default - otherwise you'll break a lot of people's builds!

For Linux, which is where I do all my development, and will upload every platform build from to, the symlinks are super handy. 

Adding that option would definitely work for me, thanks for considering my plea.  :)

Well, I've checked all documentation and looked at the source code.

Nope.  Doesn't look possible as is, since this behavior is hard-coded into butler.  :(  Which is really, really, REALLLLLLLLLLLLY annoying, but isn't a dealbreaker.  I thought there might be workarounds, like using butler to upload twice to the same repo but in different directories, which woudn't work. I can't think of a way.  I suppose I can temporarily move game data to each build before uploading every time, which is less of a headache, but still frustrating.

Hello, I'm trying to upload builds of my game, but instead of butler following symlinks it uploads the actual symlinks themselves!

I'd really like to share my resources between different builds and not have many duplicates filling up my hard drive, not to mention the maintenance headache copying changes to every build.

Is there a way to tell butler not to "hard upload" symlinks?