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Only allow install package through itch app?

A topic by notpatchman created Feb 01, 2018 Views: 181 Replies: 2
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Is there a way to prevent downloads from the game page, and only allow a package to install through itch?

I'm wondering because people on OSX are downloading packages directly and can't figure out how to run them, and then upgraded packages are even more headache, but they have no troubles installing+upgrading through itch.  Maybe as a solution, have a flag for each package, "Only allow download/installation through app"?

Oh, and this would also prevent the warning message to users from unsigned OSX packages (not that I have that problem, I'm signing builds) since forcing through itch wouldn't pop up that message.  Just thought I'd mention that!


We haven't considered adding this but it's an interesting idea. I think it would definitely upset some people but I wonder how many people right now have trouble running games in the first place. Maybe we have have something where you tell whether you've signed your executable or not, then for OSX users we for really suggest them to install with the app and hide direct download behind a "I know what I'm doing"