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Hmm. I get an error with both commands. :(

  • cd ~/Games/patchman/release/
  • ./butler --json walk --dereference linux
  • os.PathError lstat /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/ no such file or directory

Looks like the path string connector logic has failed.  It's appending the symlink to the directory path.  These should be separate:

  • /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/
  • /home/dev/Games/patchman/release/q1-assets-release4comics/art

The first one is the directory to upload, the second is the followed symlink.

Edit: It shouldn't even try to resolve any symlinks at all.  There is no reason (in this case) to know about "q1-assets-release4comics/art", it should just be "" where "art" was the symlinked dir.  Hope this didn't create a confusing mess for you!!


Ah, I think I see what the issue is. I've been testing with relative symlinks, not absolute :)


I just released a new (bleeding-edge) build of butler that should handle absolute symlinks properly.