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Patchman vs. Red Circles

A topic by notpatchman created Nov 14, 2017 Views: 234 Replies: 5
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First episode of DON'T BE PATCHMAN coming to this weekend:

Help Patchman rescue the Sheeple from enslavement by the Drone army!
But... who is Patchman, and why shouldn't you be him?
Find out in the game THEY don't want you to play!

Sneak around vicious Drones while trying to awaken the Sheeple.  It's more difficult than it sounds...

Collect a comic book, with epic plot twists that no one can predict...

I'm excited and put a lot of work into this release, making it drm-free for 3 OSes!!  Wasn't as easy at it sounds, but will spare you the details...  Plus it was pretty cool to use butler and have the dev add a feature I needed for it! wow


This looks great, I'd be glad to put it up on the homepage when it's out.

Thanks a zillion leafo!!  :)  You rock!

Hi again leafo, my game went live today, but I don't see it anywhere, not even in the new releases!  :(

Hi again leafo.  I'm hoping you didn't forget this game!  Is there anything you need me to do with it, to get on the homepage, like put it on sale?

I'm bummed that it got buried so quick... I get that there are a TON of games on here tho, so it's normal.  But I'm still optimistic about being on the homepage! 

Just added more language support in!  Now have full Japanese, French, Russian, German, and Spanish translations, plus a billion basic menu translations: