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Godot Engine and pixel art games

A topic by William Tumeo created Nov 16, 2017 Views: 732 Replies: 3
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Hi all!

A few weeks ago I wrote a short guide-article on *everything* you need to know to start using Godot Engine for pixel art games.

I know a lot of people prefer to use Game Maker for this type of game, but I think it does not cost anything to know other tools, especially since Godot Engine is better than Game Maker in many ways, like usability and scalability (and it's free and open-source).

The article was published on Medium:

I hope this is helpful to someone.


Actually this helped me right away!!  I'm toying with Godot right now and didn't like all my blurry textures.


Do you know how to do these things in Godot 3?  Looks like they changed/moved every one of the options you mentioned.

Unfortunately I'm still not using Godot 3 so I can't help much :/ 

I only know that the texture import system is very different now.