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Congrats on your launch!

Cheeky play is appreciated, too. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for giving it a go and for the feedback! 

Sorry I wasn't able to catch you for the stream on Thursday, but I think it's super awesome that you're taking the time to play through so many games. 

Thanks for playing!

Agreed, I'd like to spice things up. I hope to add some animation as a post-jam improvement.

Yay and congrats! I'm glad you had an engaging run through most the game. 

I would LOVE to spend more time doing exactly what you describe: more enemy diversity, more card diversity, etc... as well as polishing up the non-mechanics parts of the game like art and animations.

p.s. Thanks for the bug report!

Thanks for taking the time to play and share your feedback!

I was hoping that auto-battle would be faster (10 to 20 seconds), just long enough that you could see observe how your deck build performed before tuning it further by buying new cards. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to create good ways to force a quick battle during the jam, so it was possible to build really slow decks! In fact, you're basically invincible if you just buy a ton of shields... but it makes the game super slow and boring.

A possible forcing function to make battles faster could be something like: the player takes 1 HP of damage per turn in battle. This would force you to build a deck that deals damage quickly enough, else you die!

Sorry about that... I can't release another version during the jam rating period, but afterwards I'll do so!

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Whoops, looks like I forgot to check for >7 cards in the queue.

I've also updated the Itch game page; didn't realize I could do that after Jam concluded.

Thanks for taking the time to play and share your feedback!

Some inspiration from Derek Yu (maker of Spelunky) on why it's so important to finish a game:

> Holy crap, you released a game! Congratulations, you just leveled up, big time. Benefits include: increased confidence, a reputation for being able to complete projects, and an understanding of the entire process of game creation! The best part, though, is that you have a nice little game that I can play and enjoy! And I do like playing games, almost as much as I enjoy making them.

All good! I didn't think you seemed stand-off-ish, and I hope my comment taken positively as well!

Thanks for playing! 

Sorry you hit the "reset" bug; I didn't manage to fix it before the deadline but should be easy to resolve. 

Your feedback on "understanding what's happening" is spot on, and something I want to improve in future game jams! Some ideas for this one: add content to the itch page which explains the game; add more animations and feedback in the game so it's clear what's happening (drawing cards, doing damage); clearly separate the player turn and the enemy turn

I'm honored that you stuck it out and nice job! 

I'm sorry I didn't have more time to make a great "you win" screen with some stats, which you definitely deserve after that run.

Thanks for the valuable play-testing feedback.

Really enjoyed your game! Each battle was a mixture of action and puzzle. I enjoyed the various end of level rewards.

I also appreciated the there were both mouse and keyboard controls. Once I got the idea of the game down and could figure out what I wanted to do with my turn, the controls made it easy to play quickly.

There's not a lot of warning on how tough the Alchemist is, so unfortunately you have to learn that lesson the hard way right now :)

Thanks for playing!

Love the feeling of flying across the levels on zero-g. nice game!

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Nice work!

The early levels are very forgiving. Later on, the level design gets tighter when there's only 1 way to solve things but it's hard to tell at a glance. IMO, more satisfying as a player and demonstrates the essence of a good puzzler.
p.s. I love the photo of the pandemic token prototypes!

You did a great job with pacing, where you progressively ramped up the difficulty in the boss fight. Nice work!

I also felt the the enemies weren't really trying to attack me. I guess it wasn't just my lucky day :D

Sometimes I had a very hard time understanding why I fell. Still, I kept trying til I could beat the game :D

Congrats on your first game jam. You set a game goal and you shipped it!

Love the writing. Many snarky dialogue choices and annoying replies from Uncle Joe.

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> The main goal here was to test the art style so let us know what you think of it 

Really enjoyed the atmosphere of the game (planet art, music). Asteroids were a little boring as the object to pick up -- perhaps could spice them up  (glowing, trails, etc)


I would have liked more ability to control the speed of movement (e.g. have a 2x speed or allowing "boost"). Mostly, this is because it took a long time to grow andI gave up too easily 😳 It felt strange that I could move up and down fluidly but couldn't control left/right velocity.  

Alternatively, if it's just about enjoying the view, perhaps it could just slowly zoom out regardless of whether or not you pick up many objects!


Thanks for the game!

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Agreed, it's tricky! 

My suggestion is to apply very gentle control at first as you enter orbit... however, when you are returning to the portal you need to apply a bit more thrust to get out of the gravity well of the planet. 

Thanks for giving it a play!

Well done and thanks for the feedback!

Glad you enjoyed- thanks for reviewing!

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Thanks for playing and for the feedback.

Nice job on catching a a loop the first time!

My suggestion is to apply very gentle control at first as you enter orbit... however, when you are returning to the portal you need to apply a bit more thrust to get out of the gravity well of the planet. 

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Really enjoyed exploring, the graphics / characters, and the revolution+revolution theme.

I would have appreciated just a tad more explanation / goals / structure, as I felt a little lost. Perhaps more playthroughs would have helped the mechanics sink in further. 

Lovely game!

Very much enjoyed this twist on chess!

Took me a several rounds (within one game.. I was at 30hp or so) before I got a feel for the mechanics.

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I really loved the sounds. The crunching sound when you eat  a baguette (with some panning in my headphones)! The mild crowd noise gives it energy without being too annoying. And a little fanfare on 9/9 baguettes.

I enjoyed the occasional double jumps that sometimes occurred.. I think if you tweaked it into predictable double jump, that could be quite fun.

Thanks for the game! 

Thanks for playing and for the input!

The pixel art is from free/open assets on, while the player (alien) is actually from the Godot "first game" tutorial. So I certainly could do with more consistency.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I'd definitely like if the first orbit was easier to accomplish (e.g. via a very simple level + more responsive controls). Then I can increase the difficulty in later levels by adding more obstacles and new mechanics.

Congrats on completing an orbit!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Had a lot of fun playing it!

There was a lot of great content here: multiple unit types, a growing story with several characters and missions, and fun art. I also appreciated the gentle ramp-up in difficulty that made it easy to grasp the game mechanics.

p.s. My strategy in every big battle involved retreating while hammering the enemy with my artillery, until they were close enough that I had no choice but to engage.

Awesome. I enjoyed the journey. 

Thanks for making it!

Neat idea! I especially enjoyed how as the crowd grew the perspective zoomed out. 

A couple pieces of feedback / suggestions (if you like, no worries if not!):

- I would have  liked if you could press space to move forward in the "how to play" screen. It felt a bit slow at the current pacing.

- The game starts off with a lot going on. Despite watching "how to play" I wasn't really sure how to use my abilities at first or why there were blue people. Perhaps starting simpler at the start and adding new challenges/mechanics over time would make it smoother to ramp up.

After getting the food to Tom and returning the the surface, I talked to the ant... When the screen zooms out, is that the end of the game?

Looks lovely and nice music! 

Sadly, I could barely get going :( It appeared that the audio/video timing was off, as it seemed like the middle box was not pulsing in sync with the audio. I know, I know, I might be terrible-- but it's hard to tell when I just die over and over on the first beat or two of the song. It would be awesome to have a video/audio sync setup, so I can tweak latency if needed. 

Another nice feature could be to have a training / can't die mode that provides some feedback a la DDR ("Perfect!" and "Almost")

Thanks for making and sharing!