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Thank you! Yes it is intentional because this time around we did not take the time to implement name checks. Previously we used a different leaderboard solution, this time around we are trying out Unity's new leaderboard api as part of Unity Gaming Services. I find the auto generated usernames pretty funny that they give you! You are correct, though, I need to see if something exists as part of UGS for profanity filtering, or just role my own, so I can implement custom names next time!

Totally agree! That was our original plan but none of us had the time this month unfortunately so we kept it simple, but we are happy we got something out!

changing rules was pretty cool. having to make a choice was almost harder than the new rule themselves . very chaotic. good job

Interesting concept. I was shocked when I accidentally turned a fellow human into a pile of meat!!Got lost in the maze a couple times - oops. Fun moving around.

really liked this game. using side quests as the main mechanic was really interesting and the jumping interactive UI really added a layer of chaos to the game.

Success!! Was so relieved when I finally got it!

Cool puzzle that takes coordination. Would enjoy an expansion with more levels. 

BAM the end! The way the player glides, I liked to imagine I was on ice sliding around - and eventually falling in when the explosions happened ha

overall good game. i did have some issues with invisible hitboxes getting in the way sometimes but other than that pretty fun. music was awesome and simple

very simple idea but a great way of interacting with the chaos. i had a lot of fun. this has a lot of potential if you ever wanted to build on it. 

very fun and creative use of the popups. it certainly used the limitation very well. 

Fun game, fun concept! Enjoyed the music and art as well. Got chaotic even on easy mode!

fyi, I wasn't able to play in the browser, so I pulled it down from Google Play Store. 

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This was a cool mechanic . It could be used for a really cool puzzle game. lots of possibilities

this was really fun puzzle mechanic. being able to drop boxes through the floor was pretty cool. . . up until I dropped it off the bottom haha

This was a fun interpretation of chaOS - love the word play. Enjoyed exploring around and figuring out how to finally get a positive score. I postponed my "cafe" update the whole time though... haha 

This was a lot of fun. juggling shrinking and growing as a pathfinding tool through a maze was a really good mechanic. having to keep up with the charge added a whole level of intensity you wouldn't normally have just going through the maze. good use of the limitation.

wow that was intense. I definitely didn't think I would make it to 1000 but then I got into a rhythm and made it to 8600 before I got distracted . I wish there was a pause button haha.  I had a lot of fun!

oh, cool! haha  well in that case, I sure didn't REAKT fast enough 

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Very interesting idea! You're right, the particle physics is fun to play with.

Enjoyed the fun sound effects, and loved Rolling Rage! Would be cool to more feedback on the when the monster takes damage, like bullets/missiles shooting from the robots.

Big fan of cleaning up space! I liked your graphics a lot.

Really liked your little bots!

I'm not entirely sure if I was playing right, or what triggered the gameover, but I had a lot of fun and that's all that really matters. good idea

yeah we got it in with 26 seconds left. down to the wire with a last minute bug fix . it was close for sure

chaos indeed. I sure got reakt. this was fun

We too are fans of a good pun, that's for sure! Cheers

It's our first jam too! this was lots of fun. cool concept and very chaotic.  very nice for a first time with the software. 

I also really loved your game's name and forgot to mention

simple, but fun. great use of the limitation

As long as you learned something , I'd say you had a successful game jam.  New engine is pretty cool.  I liked the art style .

wasn't able to open it I'm afraid

i don't know why I'm stamping papers I just know I NEED TO STAMP papers! it was a nice touch to split up the gameplay with the teeth brushing and office walk.  the scenery devolving into madness was definitely enjoyable as the papers soon stacked out of frame . there was also a ton of assets made and placed  for the time frame,  well done. 

what a  creative and interesting idea for a game. this was so much fun. I started off slow trying to practice  a "proper" typing position but that soon went out the window as demons with names like stu and kevin show up and make thing get faster. adding last names as you progress was a nice way of upping the difficulty . very fun game 

I enjoyed the gameplay and the little bots! This would be a great game to continue to develop into a full platformer!

Very well done! Loved the aesthetics!

Loved the art style and that I was somehow relaxed and frantic at the same time :)

Neat concept and art!

This was pretty cool. simple yet fun. gets very chaotic. good use of limitation

A simple game made fun by a chaotic switching control system.  very cool idea

Great use of the theme and the limitation. very hectic. This was really fun

did you catch the game last night?