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Thanks :D

Thanks! :)

Yes, we didn’t have enough time to add a health bar for the boss and a counter of hits for the player. The black and white boss hides behind a stone and shoots over it, we tried to convey the fact that the stone is impenetrable and you need to beat the boss in the back. If we had time to complete the display of health, it would be more obvious.

Thanks a lot for feedback!

Wow it's suprisingly nice game! Cute art and music and a real joy with only one button. The only thing I could complain is a very fast control (I mean, that dude spins too quik and it's hard to stop at the right place). But it's defenitely all fives, good work!

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I've seen a few games with similar mechanics, but that one is the first, where "single bullet" is not to kill, but to solve puzzles. Really nice game, but I couldn't finish it because of some strange bug, on one of the levels I just couldn't leave

Vey nice game, awesome music and fun finale :D Levels are well-balanced, they just need be played several times to understand how to get arrow back without notice. One of the best executions of GoW-like mechanics in this jam so far. 

Also check out and rate our game, it has quite similar idea but in other shooter sub-genre :)

Ahahahaha that's just HILARIOUS! You guys are amazing :D

Very nice graphics and music! 

Talking of flaws, there's to little information about your own ships and seems like there's a lot to do, since I just biught a couple of ships and destroyed the other planet without any problems :D

But it's a promising game, I think you can fix everything after the jam to make it complete

Man, sorry but I'm very paranoid and so I had to decline launching this game because it requests admin rights :( 

For the next time please make sure that your game doesn't need them to run

It is very suspicious that your game wants to get admin permissions

A very good and intense game! Although I initially had some difficulties in understanding where I can cut the wires. And instructions for finding out the country by code should be somewhere else, because I found it only when I finished defusing.

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I have Win10 with Intel core  i3 7th Gen, there's 8 GB or RAM and integrated "Intel HD Graphics 620" videocard, max supported DirectX is 11th. As far as I know you (or at least one of your teammates) are from Russia. If it is so, you can find me in VK :  and send your build there:)

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For example, there is a keyhole and a button with instructions, you can make them interactive and add one minute of countdown to add some pressure and time to make a decision and maybe change it multiple times (you already have a book with tutorial for two possible actions). Thus, your gameplay consists of making a decision and desperately waiting for the end of the countdown. And reduce the amount of text. In the current version of the game you have to wait too much for the game to allow you to do anything.

Wow, that's a really cool game! It is very abstract and it takes a lot of patience to figure out what's going on, but when I realized how to control and got to the white screen, that was a great feeling!

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Really great idea about managing a single resource, interestng mechanics, self-explaining invisible tutorials and good learning curve, nice graphic style and sound. And that silent finale... I got goosebumps :D

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Nice game! Also it's a little like our game, check it out :)

I really enjoy that kind of games! Great!

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Although it's a pretty good idea, it could be better to have some more gameplay to make the player feel the load of responsibility.

Also, I think that you should not refer to real politics here. You could simply write “Enemy Forces” or come up with an abstract, fictional name for the country (like in“Papers, Please”) instead of mentioning the real one. 

Since I myself am Russian, I did not like that my country was demonized. I think it's not a good idea to bring bad thoughts about ordinary foreigners to the player.

Nice music and interesting gameplay

Nice looking graphics and effects and very fascinating gameplay, I realy like it

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A great game that made me remember the good-old Baldur's Gate (and other DnD-based RPGs), where mages could use their spells only once a day, this mechanics creates interesting gameplay from the decision-making process

Cool idea with multiple platformer levels within one, but controls are very hard, I think it's the only crucial thing this game lacks.

Can't run the game, my pc just plays warning sound and nothing hapens, and there's no error message :( Brand-new laptop with win10.

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Very juicy game, I love this cube physics  with wall jumps and flying paint, all fives definitely!

It's amazing how you managed to make the environment easily recognizable using only one color for each object. This game, in many aspects, feels like the first legend of Zelda. Great work!

Although the game has some balance issues, it’s very exciting. After several rounds, I said, “Okay, this is a good game, but it's time to try the next one,” but then I  just couldn't stop playing it for next ten minutes.

I was super excited when I found out that arrows are actually platforms! This is a very fun hidden mechanic and that was a great idea to not teach it to player from the start.

Very cool idea! From the very beginning it was not very clear that all upgrades are permanent, but I realized this after several rounds. What is missing is a tower range indicator.