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Hey that's pretty fun to play around with! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Yeah I ended up going with a more action-oriented battle system because it was just a ton more fun (probably a metric ton actually). The Kaiju just waiting at the end is actually a bug with the A* connections that I told you about that I had been unable to fix--Instead of disabling tiles where characters were and using the smartness of the A*,  I had to do a secondary check for whether the target was a distance away and whether the next path position was open--meaning that if enemies are ever standing diagonal to their target, they will stop and do nothing until that target moves or is destroyed.

Thanks! I'll probably keep tinkering at it here and there with the hopes of getting it to more "simulation" places (so that the population and wealth and morale of each city actually matter besides whether or not the city dies on the world map).

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Thanks! The music is done using LSDJ and the sfx is using SFXR.

I built a store (it's almost entirely finished) but I cut it because I hadn't decided how to include it in the flow. The random weapons was definitely a consolation prize to make sure people could play with the different weapons.

:( Ah bummer! I'm not sure what to do about that since my windows box isn't set up right now. It seems weird that it breaks on entering a battle--I've never run into a pure function call error before, but from what I've read it seems that would be more likely at the very beginning of the game when it initializes the generator (that's the only place I use any virtual classes). Is it always that error message? Thanks for letting me know.

I'm glad you enjoy the art though :) I had to cut so many features that by the end of the month my favorite part was the title screen.

I really like the real time shooter feel in the battles. I found it hard to get the enemies to battle me at first, eventually I just guessed where they were going to move next and bingo. Neat game!

This is pretty fun! Reminds me a little of a starwars RTS I can't remember the name of but also an old flash game called Starfighter

Thanks! That was probably the most fun part for me in this jam (3 color 16x16 vehicles are really pretty fun imo)

The art style in this game is super cool. My wife (only plays mario kart and that word unscramble phone game) said "woah that looks cool" as she walked by while I was playing it. Good job!

Fun game! I was really curious about what kinds of changes you would make from area to area. It was a bit frustrating to move from room to room as it took (I felt) a long time to shift the camera and I would often get shot before I could even see what was shooting at me. To be clear, I like that the bullets were coming at me right as I enter a room, I think I just wanted to be able to see/attempt to dodge them before they hit me. Overall though, I really liked the game!

Super fun. I love the chill/puzzlish feel.

This game surprised me. It felt pretty fun and also pretty difficult. It took me a while to realize I could stall out big red slime invincible animations with timed hitstun. The in-game art feels really fun and consistent with itself, and I like that the gameplay loop feels focused and streamlined. Nice work!

Hey this is pretty fun! "You don't have any weapons or abilities, make the enemies kill each other" is a super cool premise for a game. Great work!

Thanks! Advance wars has awesome pixel art, so that 's a super compliment. I was hoping to ease players into the combat, but I ran out of time.

Beam laser is my fav too :)

I've only made it up to the second boss (is there a way to save?) but I love it! Super cool combat mechanic.

I'm really liking the story telling.  I just got beat up by the moth queen haha! I must have a game journalist level of game skill. But in all seriousness, the premise of the game is super intriguing and I'll come back and finish the demo when I have some more time (how many people come back to a demo right?) Keep up the good work!

It did seem that the times I did write something down helped my momentum though. This is actually the first time I was ever able to "finish" a game and publish it (even though it's short and a little glitchy and stuff). Maybe I will try to make that more regular.

That seems like a good strategy. I just get super tunnel visioned and forget to do it though. I probably should just set timers or something.

Several Days Work

But not the whole day on any of them. Who has time for that? Actual gamedevs? Ha!

Contrary to the frequency of my dev logs (I was planning on updating every time I work on stuff--good habits take practice I guess), I have been working on Hopes N' Dreams. I've made some progress! I have definitely encountered a few significant issues as well though. I want to try to use a different format for this log (problem/solution) so here goes:

Problem 1: Moving like someone is watching

The first and most important problem I have encountered was how to make the character's analog stick motion base itself off of the camera facing (e.g., if you hold forward on the analog stick, the character moves away from the camera, regardless of which way the camera or character are facing). I parented the camera to my character so that it would rotate with the character (which created a couple other problems I still haven't solved).


Parented like this! Notice the meshes I added! I'll fix the yellow only later

I got the camera rotating correctly, but nothing I tried would make the character take the camera's orientation. After hours of pounding my head against the wall, I stumbled on this bit of code:

var a = get_transform().basis
set_linear_velocity(Vector3(a.x.z, a.y.z, -a.z.z) * speed)
# which I implemented a little bit differently to calculate 2 different axes together
# fb_mul is the forward/backward analog stick float, lr_mul the left/right
var a = get_transform().basis
var fb_tot = Vector3(a.x.z, a.y.z, -a.z.z) * -fb_mul
var lr_tot = Vector3(a.x.x, a.y.x, -a.z.x) * lr_mul
set_linear_velocity((fb_tot + lr_tot) * (run_spd / run_accel))

This was so cool to find out! I still don't really know what it is doing though (I mean, generally I get it--using the current transform as the basis, but what exactly is it getting? I'll probably have to spend some time printing out the values to see whats really going on.). It does work though.

Problem 2: Falling at the right times

Why is it when I get one thing working, I break something else? As soon as I got the motion figured out, I found out that my character would not continue to fall when I was using the analog stick to move (or rather, that it would continue to fall whatever rate it was falling when I started to move the character). My first fix for that was to disable the stick input while not colliding with the ground objects, but that was pretty unsatisfactory. One of the best feelings in platformers is when you jump and realize you can't possibly make it, but holding the stick towards your target platform gives you just enough to make it there.

I ended up replacing that quick fix with a state-ish system. The problem was that I had been resetting the y component of the Vector3 when I was augmenting the velocity:

# It doesn't take a genius to see why this didn't work
set_linear_velocity(Vector3(new_x_velocity, 0, new_y_velocity))

The non-broken way (read: less-broken/jerry rigged way) was to send the analog inputs to a different sub-function if not touching the ground, and re-implement gravity to the character while he is falling. There has to be a better way to do this--if you know what it is please don't hesitate to shame me publicly and explain it.

Problem 3: Continuing moving

A third problem (one I haven't fixed) is a problem with vector resolution (at least I think it is). When the player rotates the camera while he is already in motion, the motion ceases until the camera is no longer receiving inputs. So if you are falling at 1000 mph and you turn the camera, it stops your vertical and horizontal motion pause until the camera button is released. This would be such a cool effect if I had tried to make it happen (unfortunately, it's just a crippling bug instead). I suspect the problem has to do with my separate resolutions of the camera and player motion (in a way they are both player motion though because of the way I implemented the camera). If you have any information at all about the solution to this bug call 1-800-fix-mrdudeiii's-problem-now right away! (or just leave a comment)

Thanks for reading!

Thanks! I actually am using Godot 2.1's physics engine (i don't remember what it is off the top of my head), but so far as i have found, it leaves a lot up to the coder for implementing specific interactions (beyond "i do not walk through this wall, i bounce/have friction, or i do not fall through this floor" at least).

looks good man! How do you get such clean/predictable wall jumps? I always seem to get weird unpredictable behavior around wall jumps.

Hey Devone! Thanks for your service! Couch co-op is a great reason to get into dev (who doesn't love singlescreen co-op?). I am trying to get better at social media/awareness and my dev cycle as well. Do you have anything that has seemed to work well for you?

I've never actually played cavestory, but I love the music I have heard from it. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks man! I started experimenting on gamemaker a little over 10 years ago. It's a good dev environment. As far as our "art first!" problem, I'm going to use place holder resources as much as possible this time--finished is better than perfect haha. Good luck.

Thanks! It's kind of relieving that I'm not the only one in this jam who is learning to finish (but I'm sorry; it's not a fun tendency to have). Good luck on finishing this time!

First post for this game! Here's 30 seconds of "this is my idea right now". I'm working on a simple 3d platformer where you run through your "dreams" chasing your "hopes". I'm planning on using only simple polygons for building the levels, and they will be floating in space. Some of them will react to the player when he touches them, and some of them will be on repeating paths or animations. Right now I am working on getting the walking and jumping to feel natural (without any visuals beyond the collision shapes yet).

Collision shapes only

This is the character collision standing on a ground box collider

One of the most important parts to me for this game is getting that classic feel where you can actually trust the joystick to go in the direction that you point it (think the difference between Mario 64 (awesome!) and Megaman 64 (pretty bad for an otherwise great game)) and feel good about doing that.

Jumping to the other box

You can make it! Maybe I shouldn't have been so quick to require touching the ground for jumping.

This was my first dev log (and pretty much my first day working on the game) because I was moving across the USA this week. I was also hoping that my co-creator could work on this with me, but it looks like he won't get here until the jam is pretty much over. There's always next time I guess.

Godot engine

Yep. That is definitely the Godot Engine in the background. Respect it.

This seems pretty basic, but it was actually a really important step for me--I tend to jump right into asset creation and get hamstrung or just fizzle out on the tail end after the prototyping phase. I'm hoping to get my streaming set up working (maybe this weekend?!) and stream when I'm working on it. We'll see! Til next time!

1. Hi there! What's your name? Want to introduce yourself?

hi! I'm MrDudeIII. I'm just a guy who is a dev for fun. 

2. Did you participate in the last jam we held? If so, what do you plan on doing better this time? If not, what's your reason for joining?

i did not participate in the last jam. I'm joining because I've wanted to try participating in a game jam for a while, and the timing and community around this one seem to fit. Also, i want to take this craft more seriously, so i want to get feedback on my means and ends.

3. What games are your favorites? Did any of them inspire you, or made you want to make your own?

I've played since super Mario on the NES, but i have been especially inspired by big deal series like Mario, the legend of Zelda, Pokemon, harvest moon, halo, and shadow off the colossus and also by projects with smaller stats like Minecraft, phoenotopia (a great one if you haven't played it), and castle crashers.

4. Do you have experience with game development? What did you do/with what engine?

I've been designing games and making proto types on and off since high school, but I've never finished and published a game. I've used game maker, stencyl, animator game engine, blender game engine, and now godot engine to varying extents and effects.

5. Tell us about something you're passionate about!

i really like game music! I sometimes actually write game music first and then design based on the music.

6. What are your goals for this game jam?

my only super solid goal is to finish something and submit it, but with that, keeping it simple and ignoring unhelpful side tracks and extra features seems critical for that.

7. Any advice to new jammers (if you're a veteran)?

what i will be working on for this jam is not getting lost in possibilty or things that could be cool--Just stick to the key features and finding ways to tastefully and ruthlessly cut out the extra.