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Interesting! I like this idea!

Wooo this looks great!

Neat little game! Thanks for sharing!

Good luck!

Wow these look great! If I didn't like drawing my own assets so much I would pick these up in a heartbeat. Incredible work

Thanks! :D

It's possible that there's a Mac only bug where you can't bury the seeds, but you should be able to stand very close to a hole with a seed in it and do the dig animation to bury (there are different particles to indicate filling vs digging). Because of how I handle the strange gravity, it got a little finicky near as you approach the Z axis map edges. It could be a bug, or it could be that the way I coded it is kinda garbage :sigh: *Adds to list of things to refactor*

**SPOILER** I added the "free seeds if you run out if you go back in the house" mechanic because it was way to easy to soft lock by planting your last seed or throwing the last seed to the fish/ mole or having it stolen by the birb. **END SPOILER**

Did it feel hard to see during rain? After seeing it so many times it all starts to disappear if you know what I mean. I definitely spent most of my time making the weather feel comfy. I wanted to be able to consider it a success if people just watched the seasons go by listening to the music and rain and stuff.

I'm glad you liked the SFX, I made them all in LMMS with the SFXR clone.

I actually originally had it planned as 2/3/4 on a couch co-op *for the jam* but I started having performance issues so it got cut sadly. It already supports controllers, so it's just a hop skip and a jump to add more players, I just didn't want to fight those kind of bugs for the jam.

Thanks so much for playing my game! Your game almost made me cry and I loved it so your praise means a lot.

Hey I like this idea! The overarching narrative of "go fight the food bosses to bring the food to the ungrateful looking customer is very relatable and interesting--it does seem like you ran out of time on it though. The art that you did have time to finish looks pretty good, and I liked the music until it restarted over and over when fighting second boss (couldn't figure out how to beat unfortunately). Good job on this!

This is a neat idea! I really enjoyed how the music changed with the different levels, and your hole cut shader or how every you are doing the mouse mechanic looks really good and functions really precisely. Good work!

This is pretty neat! I would have kept playing, but I couldn't pick up the pike bait for some reason? Good feels, and I like how many fish you crammed in. Nice work!

What an incredible game! I don't have any words. It was poetry in motion. You touch on something really deep inside what it means to be human and I loved it. It's so sad, but so hopeful. Beautiful game.

My heart is full from this game, from the nicely done pixel art to the fitting music, the way the mechanic changes and the puzzle shift around it, the thought provoking narration--and all while nailing the theme exactly. Incredible work. I really am at a loss for words after that.

This is my favorite game from this jam. I feel like I will live a better life having played this game. Thanks for sharing this game with everyone!

I didn't know I was the secondary character in one of the jam games too! Cool!

This was really fun and I would have kept playing if it didn't start *crawling* (like "a toddler chasing a kitty" crawling) in frame rate for me. One of the downsides of getting a middle-shelf laptop for doing dev. I really liked the feel though, and your puzzles were really creative. The music was nice and fitting. I think my biggest concern with the graphics was that the snow made it kinda hard to see because of how the background had the same color in a pattern and how frequent the snow was. Nice work on this one though!

P.S. I did find the secret puzzle, but that's where I stopped because of frame rate issues. Super cool!

Nice job! The controls felt snappy so I went all the way to 10 admirers and 200+ flies (on a laptop trackpad no less!). This was a lot of fun to play. I though it was an interesting twist to "lose" by getting too much love, but there's part of me that wanted that to be a win condition of some kind. the rainbow colors on the frogs was neat. I had fun playing. Thanks for sharing this little game!

Hey I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was hoping the signs would be clear enough to help you plant sunflowers. Good job on growing multiple flowers before winter! That sounds like a strange bug. I'm not sure why it would have crashed right after the stalks disappear. Could be trying to delete things that are already deleted maybe? Nice work on helping sad ham! Yeah I didn't make the credits go back. I guess I could have made it reload the room and fade back in, but there isn't a distinct title screen or anything. Thanks for playing!

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah his walk animation was supposed to be super fast (if you notice it's all smears, no motion), and so the sound was supposed to replicate that--it should have gotten quieter and changed pitch when holding down walk button though, did it do that? I wish I had gotten to see your playthrough but I got to the stream too late or left too early to see. Thanks for showcasing everyone's games! And thanks again for playing!

Yeah that's one of the ways that you can get around the birb. You're supposed to need what's in the chest though (which the birb doesn't steal, and you just give to them where they land in the forest). All the holes we find in "airtight" game design right? ;)

Big thanks for playing my game!

Thanks for your kind words!! I was worried that the sign tutorial wouldn't be clear how to plant flowers. I'm glad you made it to the credits (you might have been the first jammer to find them--Nice!).


If you couldn't get the treasure chest to open, there is another character you may not have met south of the tree house.

Re: getting to credits, did you cheese the birb somehow? they're supposed to steal your seeds (if you cross the bridge), and you're supposed to need what you get from the chest to stop them from stealing your seeds, but there are at least 2 ways to cheese your way through.



Thanks! Yeah putting seeds in holes and then filling them by digging while facing away makes sense, but my signs don't actually make as much sense as I thought at first :sigh: It was a fun game to make. Thanks for playing!

RE:PS: I used a lot of particles and tried very hard to lower polys where I could. It probably helps that there are zero (0) meshes that aren't some kind of Godot primitive. When I bought my dev laptop I intentionally bought a middle of the run computer so that my games wouldn't chog for people who don't have good hardware.

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I got sick watching Krystof play it so I'm just gonna base my rating off of Krystof's playthrough. I really liked the way you lead the player with snarky and self aware text. The world felt kinda "flat" and bizarrely colored, but you nailed the theme and the changing of the world. I wish I didn't get sick so I could play it. Nice work!

Hey nice work on this. I like the walking around and picking stuff up. I couldn't get past the axe though. I was missing some chill and relaxing music I think. Seems like a good "drink coffee in the morning and play this game sitting by a window with the clouds outside".

Nice work! Really like the art and sound design. The music feels like a great fit and the change in pace between game screen and lose screen really pops in a good way. I haven't been able to find my mouse since moving (last weekend :joy:) and my trackpad doesn't really do it justice. I didn't really see the theme much on this one, but I really like the aesthetic. Good work!

This is a neat idea for a puzzle game! I like how it fit the theme At first I really liked the sound for landing on the gold, but after a while I started to get tired of it (maybe because I kept losing on the last level. I felt like your wall jump was too unforgiving. There was no "lock on" to the wall at all, and so if you weren't holding toward the wall when you jump, it would just fall, even if you had already made contact. The other thing that would have helped was some kind of visual indicator that you were touching the wall (like changing the sprite to a wall slide frame or adding slide particles). I really wanted to beat the last level, but I just couldn't get all the precise jumps (50+ tries :tears:). It's possible that with a few more levels in between the difficulty ramp wouldn't be too much. Overall nice work!

Wow! This is awesome! From the title menu moving with the mouse to the twist of two characters controlled by the same buttons, you really did a good job on this. Needing to trap one of your characters to get them to stay on the buttons caught me off guard both times, and I really didn't want to do it for some reason :thinking: The music and sfx fit the aesthetic really well. Absolutely incredible work on this.

I love the frog walk animation. The smears on the frog eyes are to die for.

That was a  really neat idea to change bullet types every time you reload. Neato! For some reason I couldn't move my mouse (on a track pad :sigh:) while moving with wasd (maybe related to having to use WINE?), so I had to stop all the way to rotate. Needless to say, I couldn't beat the first level. The speed of motion and enemies felt really good though.

also, this is quite the debug log:

All around nice work!

Wow I loved this little game! The movement felt a little fast for solving puzzles, and the sound was kinda garbled (could just be my toaster of a pc), but it has a neat story and compelling characters. Awesome work!

You almost had me stumped on one of the puzzles, and I think I was able to cheese the last level. The change in size on the last level felt kind of disorienting too. It was a fun little game though! Nice work!

This game is great. It feels simple, well thought out, polished. Nice work!

Yeah I made some signs as a half-way tutorial after some feedback, but I probably needed some little animations or something :sigh:

I'll play yours first! I'm gonna try to play as many as I can but I doubt I'll get through them all. Thanks friend!

Thanks for playing! Yeah it's supposed to be a little ambiguous what you're "supposed" to do :) I'm not sure if it's accomplishing the purpose I intended though. Did you ever arrive at a kind of "resignation"(maybe not the right word) to enjoy the scenery for a bit and then quit when you felt ready to move on?

Thank you very much!

Neat little game! The battles + art were super fun.

Hey that's pretty fun to play around with! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! Yeah I ended up going with a more action-oriented battle system because it was just a ton more fun (probably a metric ton actually). The Kaiju just waiting at the end is actually a bug with the A* connections that I told you about that I had been unable to fix--Instead of disabling tiles where characters were and using the smartness of the A*,  I had to do a secondary check for whether the target was a distance away and whether the next path position was open--meaning that if enemies are ever standing diagonal to their target, they will stop and do nothing until that target moves or is destroyed.

Thanks! I'll probably keep tinkering at it here and there with the hopes of getting it to more "simulation" places (so that the population and wealth and morale of each city actually matter besides whether or not the city dies on the world map).

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Thanks! The music is done using LSDJ and the sfx is using SFXR.

I built a store (it's almost entirely finished) but I cut it because I hadn't decided how to include it in the flow. The random weapons was definitely a consolation prize to make sure people could play with the different weapons.

:( Ah bummer! I'm not sure what to do about that since my windows box isn't set up right now. It seems weird that it breaks on entering a battle--I've never run into a pure function call error before, but from what I've read it seems that would be more likely at the very beginning of the game when it initializes the generator (that's the only place I use any virtual classes). Is it always that error message? Thanks for letting me know.

I'm glad you enjoy the art though :) I had to cut so many features that by the end of the month my favorite part was the title screen.

I really like the real time shooter feel in the battles. I found it hard to get the enemies to battle me at first, eventually I just guessed where they were going to move next and bingo. Neat game!

This is pretty fun! Reminds me a little of a starwars RTS I can't remember the name of but also an old flash game called Starfighter