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A jam submission

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Very short game for GameJam
Submitted by Sat0ru — 4 hours, 32 minutes before the deadline
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Not quite seeing the connection to the theme, but it looks good with a consistent style. I feel like even wave 1 starts off pretty strong, and I mostly die just because of the mechanic of the weapon recharging (and it wasn’t clear initially that it could recharge, I thought it was just game over). Though that is an interesting mechanic to make you time your shots better I suppose, it could ramp up from the start.


Hey, good idea, I think you can create something really interesting out of it!
Maybe adjust the difficulty at the very start so it'll be more beginner friendly.


Thank you! I will definitely do something with this idea.


Couldn't keep playing for too long, it would always crash at some point during wave 2, probably because I need to use wine in order to play it, maybe you should have uploaded a Linux build? I think it plays nice, the bullets are big and colorful, kiting the enemies feels good, although their AI is to just move in the direction of the player, which makes the gameplay somewhat repetitive. I also feel like there is little indication of what you can go through and what you can't, like, water is the only thing that's okay but everything else always surprised me when it stopped me from moving. I also felt like the game got hurt a little by not having music, but I can understand you, it's a game jam after all.

Overall, I think you nailed the shooting and the bullet hell despite the hiccups above. Good job!


Thank you. I will upload the Linux version and add some changes in gameplay + music after the vote ends. About that "Crash problem" I found it. It will be repaired in a new version.


That was a  really neat idea to change bullet types every time you reload. Neato! For some reason I couldn't move my mouse (on a track pad :sigh:) while moving with wasd (maybe related to having to use WINE?), so I had to stop all the way to rotate. Needless to say, I couldn't beat the first level. The speed of motion and enemies felt really good though.

also, this is quite the debug log:

All around nice work!


Thank you. I will upload Linux version after the vote ends. It will be upgraded by adding the boss and some graphic changes.(I need to hide that debug log xD)


Very cool bullet types, and a very hard game for me even when trying to use the buildings as cover. Some tips, in case you continue to develop it: make buildings stand out more (visually), make the game over screen visible for longer, and upload a zip rather than 7z because more people understand it. I used Godot to run your PCK file on Linux, so if you would do a Linux export then it would also work. P.S. Nice debug output on the console.


Thank you. I will add these changes to the new version after the vote is finished. Next time I will try to upload Windows and Linux versions. PS. I forgot about that output xD