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Was a little too late to rate this game for the jam, but I wish I wasn't because this game is really good. The art style is incredibly detailed for a jam, the music is good, there are a shocking number of abilities and enemies even in later waves, and the only major bugs I discovered seem to be with the engine you used, and not because of your code. Very well done. I am super impressed by this game.

This is a great concept with nice graphics that suffers from poor implementation, which means that you did a good job for a jam game :). I was able to pretty much just walk through the sight cones of the enemies without issue, and got stuck inside of platforms several times. Also that jump sound effect is pretty grating. Overall though, nice job.

Very cool idea. There are some issues where you can have one of the ghost snakes basically spawn right on top of you and die instantly, and it would be nice to have a real time score counter. Overall though, and fairly polished, fun and very creative game for a jam. Awesome work.

Thanks for the advice. With a little more time I would have  wanted to add something more satisfying for the end screen, and a timer is a good idea. Thanks for playing!

This is a very unique game, which I thought was pretty fun. It only kinda uses the limitation, and you more just are punished for making a mistake than being your own enemy, but I like the gameplay and creativity. However, sometimes you can get a color that is essentially the same as the goal, and the game counts it as wrong. You can get extremely close, and it still doesn't count it, presumable because there was a better option. Very cool for a jam game overall. Good job!

This game has a decent concept, but your player can't really do much except click frantically. The addition of a jump would have improved the game a lot. Also, the 3 second countdown that you have to wait for before each level is extremely annoying. Additionally, the limitation feels more like a late addition than a major part of the game. Nice visuals and music, game design could use some work, but nice job for a jam game. Good work!

Very cool game, which used the limitation very well. Simple, but a fun jam game. Well done!

The art is incredible and the music is great. The gameplay is a little shallow, and the game is way too RNG dependent. I would often go 2 floors without a single healing room and just die, even with good dice rolls. It would be good to be able to customize you dice sides or have some kind of other element in the battles that allowed you to at least win if you have decent look. However, you guys should be proud of this game. It is one of the most impressive visual styles in the jam.

This is very unique and fun. I would like it if the roll was a little faster.

This is very creative and a good implementation of the theme. I had fun, but I will say that there are so many ammo pickups that you don't really need to use the rolling mechanic because all of your ammo is always full. This is pretty standard for a jam game though. Overall, incredible visuals and music, a creative idea, and very good execution. Well done!

Clever, very polished puzzle game.

Pretty cool, unique concept, kind of simple, could maybe use like a dash or something to spice up the movement. Overall, very cool and polished for a jam game. Well done!!

Very cool graphics, but pretty basic TD gameplay. Overall, good use of the theme and pretty fun, relatively complex for a TD jam game.

The controls don't really work, and the dice theme isn't very present. You cannot go on most of the platforms. Poorly tuned.

This is the most impressive Jam Metroidvania I have ever seen in my life. It took me about 2 hours to beat the game, which is the longest I have spent on a Jam game basically ever. :) The Bennet-Foddy / Metroidvania combo really works. Very well done, and a cool aesthetic as well.

A few pieces of advice to slightly improve a great game:

1. Faster movement on sand would be nice.

2. The cooldown on your pips should probably be reduced or taken out. I get that you have to restrict being able to infinitely jump in the air, but maybe having all the pips reload instantly upon touching the ground or something of that nature would eliminate the waiting factor while platforming.

Overall, great job! A 3D Metroidvania is extremely ambitious for a Jam Game and this turned out great!!

Very creative idea, but the speed of the projectiles should be such that you can't roll and then your own bullet spawns on top of you. Also, if the projectiles spawned from where you started instead of where you ended up, it would be far easier to aim. Also my character just flew out of bounds and got stuck once, but that's  probably just an uncommon glitch.

This is my favorite jam game I have played so far. Incredible work! (When you win, the menu's don't really work, but that's par for the course with jam games.) This is insanely impressive!

Very cool concept, and incredible sprite work. Could use a little music, and the game could use a tutorial of some kind, as it is hard to understand what to do without dying a bunch since the time limits are so short. Very good jam game though!

This was very similar to my idea. I went with a top-down style, but I think the platformer idea is even better, also you seem to have had time to implement special abilities for each roll a lot more uniquely than I did. Well done. The platforming mechanics are pretty janky, and there was some UI stuff missing, like a score display in game, but very good for a jam game!

Dice are not really a core part of the game, but the game itself was pretty cool. UI, mechanics and tutorial are a little unintuitive, but I got the hang of it. It also doesn't seem like you can really win, but this is still impressive for a jam game. Nice job!

This game is funny the first time you play it, but after that it is just annoying that you just randomly die. If you meant this as a one off joke then it is funny, otherwise, not a great mechanic and the actual gameplay is unrelated to the theme.

Steer powerup is slightly janky, but everything else is amazing. Very creative, great implementation of the dice theme and RNG without robbing the player of all agency. I love it.

Interesting concept, very creative, very cool art style. This is a very niche game b/c math, and not everyone will enjoy it, but I think you did a great job!

Finally, a real strategy game that a mastermind such as myself can really dominate. Excellent work.

This game would be 100x more fun if you got rid of the healing enemy. I had multiple 40 turn stalemates with just a healer and no prospect of winning or losing. Nice graphics, good concept, fit well with theme, could be very fun with a simple change, but the 40 turn stalemates that are completely out of your control really put a damper on it.

Theme wasn't really used here, but nice graphics and infinite maze generation. (Played about 10 levels, so I think it is infinite.)

This is incredible, with an insane amount of creative levels for a jam game. I could see this being a full released game as is. Well Done!!

This is the greatest dice rolling sound effect of all time.

The take on the theme is not super obvious, but I like that you thought outside the box. Controls are very janky, but the graphics are nice and the music is very good. Nice work!

Awesome art, but the game does get stuck if an enemy attacks you while in the dice screen, and the dice rolling mechanic didn't really add much to the game. Overall, pretty fun. Great job!

Thank you!!

Thank you for the feedback! I noticed this, and intended to solve it through a greater variety in enemies and spawn locations, but I ran out of time. Glad you enjoyed the game :)

It's my first Jam too, but you made a really great game, with relatively few bugs considering the time limit. Overall, great job! Let me know about any feedback you have for my game, always trying to get better! :)

It is the HTML version, so that could be causing the issues, Web builds can be kinda janky. Upon further gameplay, my screen doesn't scroll further than where I can just barely see what looks like a golden doorframe on the right side. I also get stuck on invisible terrain sometimes, as though there is an enemy there that I cannot see. Hope this helps!

Thanks for the feedback. I really needed the advice on the buttons, so thanks for that information especially, I was really having trouble fitting them in with the art style. Thanks for playing! :)

Movement is great and unique, fights are fun, graphics and sound are very good, but I am not sure what the goal of the game is, and there isn't really an indicator for where you should take the package. I took it to the planet, which was quite hard to find, but nothing happened. What are you supposed to do?

Very well done. This is pretty much just a better executed version of my idea, with an incredibly wide array of levels for a jam game. I am very impressed!

Turning doesn't really work, and the entire level started spinning around and flipping everywhere once, but when it is working, it is fun, with good music and visuals. Very cool for a jam game.

Was pretty buggy, the screen would stop scrolling at some points, my jump input was eaten about half the time, and an enemy just disappeared without me doing anything once or twice. Incredible visuals and music though. Great work! Very impressive.

Very fun and polished. Excellent implementation of the theme and special object. Very cool.