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Great use of assets! Creates a pretty cool atmosphere! Nice job!

Nice use of assets! Great work!

Awesome! Great use of assets and I love the animation of the character when you knock the computer, just like "I give up!" Great entry!

Pretty cool! Great reuse of assets! The trench is awesome looking!

Loved the voice acting and the dice throw/hit mechanics were solid! Good job!

Actually beat all the levels? Congrats, that is awesome, thanks! I wasn't sure it was possible! 

Thanks for the feedback! I've actually already fixed both the misclicking issue and distinguishing enemy vs player units for a post jam version, some things are just gonna be a little rough for a 48 hour Jam version.

Working on making things a little more strategic and less luck based as well. 

Thanks for playing!

This game is cool! Sounded like you already had some ideas for taking it further and I look forward to some of them being implemented! Great work!

Awesome game, great work with it! Really enjoyed this one!

Awesome game! First game of the jam that I noticed accessibility options in so extra points for that! Great work I had fun playing!

Awesome art and really cool gameplay! This is an awesome entry! Great work with it!

A little bit of a different spin on a common idea. I really like the math spin you put on this and I think it sets itself apart because of that. Great job!

The art is awesome! I struggled a bit with the fighting but it was a pretty cool experience nonetheless. Great work!

One of my favorite puzzlers of the jam! Really cool, I will probably be going back to this one! Great work on this!

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This on was really different and I loved it for that! Great job with the just general sillyness of it. Only thing I thought when playing is it could use like a real bowling scorecard with frames and whatnot or like a strike streak counter or something like that but I know jam was only 48 hours so understandable that there wasn't something like that.

Anyway, I found the game super cool! Great job!

Voice acting was A++! Enjoyed this game, was a lot of fun to play through! Great job!

Love the art and had a lot of fun playing this! Great work!

Nice space shooter! Pretty hectic but was fun to play! Great job!

Really difficult but great idea for the game! I did enjoy checking it out! Great job!

Love the visuals and the animations especially! One piece of feedback is the spear was blending into the black background in some places. Could use an outline to highlight it or something. Great work on this!

Really nice game even if I was too stupid for a couple of the levels. ;) A little bit different than a lot of the other dice puzzles I've seen and I love it for that. Great work with this!

Cool game! Really like the mechanics that you were able to get it, at this point you mostly need to just expand on them! Sprites are really nice! The ground pound attack is juicy! Great work!

Really fun game! I got wasted in more ways than one! ;) Art is great and the idea for the game is pretty unique! Great job!

This was great! Awesome music and I felt like a DJ changing the beats around all while playing a video game! Really, really great job!

Awesome game! Gameplay feels great, music, sound and art is awesome. The total package! Great, great work!

Really cool game! Sound was great, gameplay felt good, visuals are a very cool style! Great job!

Have seen a lot of these puzzlers in the jam but this one is really good! Super polished, great work!

I think the only tower defense game I have played in the jam! Great art and sounds, gameplay was fun, really great work! 

Thanks for playing and thanks for the comment! 

Definitely inspired by Inscryption! I had thought of letting the player get up from the table and walk around but that was a bit overscoped for 48 hours. Will likely have some of that in a future version (along with upgrades for units and kind of collectable units and whatnot).

Game is definitely too dark in the jam version. I've already lightened it up since. I kind of changed the lighting last minute before jam submission to make it darker and really just went a little overboard with it.

Working on totally updated health bars for both player units and enemies, should be much improved in next version. 

And as far as mis-clicking, yeah, that's something I need to solve. I'm thinking some kind of indicator to show exactly what you are going to click when you mouse-over. I already added tooltips that show unit stats which would help with that, but also going to add like a color change on a tile when you are set to move there and things like that.

Thanks for the great feedback!

Thanks! Already working on UI improvements(changing the health bar and added tooltips to show stats and knight/archer). Thanks for the suggestions and thanks for playing!

Great work with this! A lot to it for a 48 hour jam and is fun to play! Great stuff!

Cool game! Felt really good throwing the coin around! Love the concept of being a little rat and helping rob the casino! Really cool! Great work!

Cool little game! I enjoyed my time with it! Felt kind of relaxing to play with the sounds and I love the kind of pixelated style. Great job!

Great game! I like how you have so many powerups! Really fun to play, great job!

Awesome art style and really fun gameplay! Reminded me of when I used to throw coins at plastic army men when I was a kid. Great work!

One of my favorite shooters of the jam! A lot of fun to roll around to switch weapons like this. Awesome job!

Really enjoyed this! Great visuals and use of theme! Really cool game!

Took me a little bit to figure out. Would have helped if I had any reading comprehension whatsoever, lol. Once I did though, I thought this game was great! Music was absolutely fire too! Great work!