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Thanks for playing! The enemies have random cards selected from a pool. You might have just had the RNG gods smile upon you and it only had defend cards or something. That reminds me to put in a check to make sure all enemies end up with at least one attack, or ultimately I might make each enemy have specific cards in a future update.

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the feedback! 

As far as the characters go, the plan was for each character to have special cards. but I didn't get that implemented in time for the jam submission. I think that would diversify some of the characters a bit more. I also need to go back and just redo some of the stats to just have a more well rounded group.

Good feedback about the first fight. The amount of enemies is random from 1-5, maybe it would be good to limit the fist fight to just one or two enemies rather than allowing it to go up to 5. 

Thanks again for playing!

Great game! Really nice work! 

Great atmosphere! Very cool game! Nice work!

Very cool game! Enjoyed it!

Love the art style! Nice game! Great job!

Great atmosphere! Nice work!

Really like the art and sound! And that ending... Great work!

Very cool! Very creepy/spooky feeling to it! Enjoyed it, good work!

Really nice game! The music was awesome and the whole tone of the game was very unsettling. Great work!

Very cool experience! Just great work all around! Awesome job!

Neat game!

First, I love candy corn, and a candy corn noir detective is something I didn't know I needed, LOL.

The puns! ++

And the style is just awesome! Really well done! Great job!

This game is twisted! In a good way! Enjoyed it! Good job!

Fun game! I got to wave 14. Really like when I got the automatic powerups and the cone shot one. Simple but fun game!

Neat little game! I made a new cat friend. :)

Pretty cool! I ran out of ammo on the 4th or 5th level. I also think the limping level is maybe a little too long, but the shadows of the palm trees look awesome!

Nice game!

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback!

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Sorry, that's good feedback. I'll add some controls to the description now and into the build later.

In order to play the card you first click it to select it, and then if it is a card that effects one ally or enemy, you click on the ally or enemy. If it is a card that effects all enemies or allies, you can just click above the cards around the characters to play it. You can also click a card after it is selected to deselect it. Once you are out of energy you need to click end turn for the enemy turn to start.

Thanks! Yeah, definitely inspired by Slay the Spire, love that game! I thought the multiple party characters with individual stats differentiated a little bit, but yeah, would be good to add some more differences, but in just 10 days I had to make it quick, so not so much time for innovation! :)

Actually just posted an updated build where I squashed a bunch of the major bugs and a few issues. There are definitely still some issues in there that I am still working on. And yeah, I think I may keep updating, at least to finish up the planned features.

Thanks for the comment!

Nice video! I liked that you got hit by the horseshoe. Thought that might be too easy to miss, but it looks like it works when you don't expect it the first time! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! Yeah, I had my niece and nephews in mind when creating this one. Excited to have them play it the next time I see them! I think they're gong to love it! 

Thanks again for trying! I just did one more update that may or may not fix the issue. Probably not, but curious if it would. Anyway, thanks again!

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So strange, it has been working well on all my computers I've tested on. I just added one more fix in v1.4/v1.5/v1.6/v1.7(been fixing a few things!, haha) that may help with the unwieldy jumping. 

Also, as far as not being able to jump again, there is a stamina bar and that should refill after a second or so on the ground.... but if it wasn't refilling then the fix I just put in may also fix that issue for you too. 

Ok, updated the build to version 1.3. Hopefully the jumping will work for you now. Please let me know how it goes! Thanks again for letting me know about the issue!

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Hi vanillapineshake! Thanks for letting me know! 

Strange that it is not working for you. Are you able to move left/right or shoot with the left mouse button or left shift?

*edit - I think I have found the issue,, working on getting the build updated....

Haha, definitely one of those types of jam games. I got caught up in some open world level design for a couple days of the jam which ultimately only tanked the framerate so I nixed it anyway (the bridges were open and went to a farm/suburb). Probably should have used that time to iron out bugs and extend the actual game loop, because it ended up being super shallow.

Thanks for trying it out!

Thanks! I liked your game too, seems we had similar ideas!

Nice game! I like it.

Cool game. I like how it looks with the color palette and the bouncy jump of the truck. 

Fun game! I enjoyed playing!

I do sometimes. Depends on the game idea and the game jam rules. I primarily use game jams to learn new things. I already know how to make a level, so if I can save time using something existing I will. Gave me more time to learn things like IK setup, pedestrian AI and  animations. 

I used the demo maps from Synty assets as the base, so a lot of it was already put together, though I did change some of it around and added some stuff. 

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Thanks! I probably will continue to work on it. There are a few scenes in the story that I think could be a good challenge to try to put together.

The music will have to change I guess. I found the recording listed as public domain on some website, but I think that was referring to outside the US. US copywrite around music recordings is bonkers. Shame, I really like how it fits in there with the intro. I'll just have to try to find a suitable alternative.

Great theme for a jam by the way! I'll be looking out for the one next year!

Hey all, 

I didn't get to finish my game for this jam. I didn't really start working on it until a little over a week ago. Spent far too much time on the opening cut scene, haha. Had a lot of fun though and as with most jams learned a ton! Excited to try out the games that were submitted! 

Here is a video of how far I got:

Cool! Thanks for playing! :)

This was awesome! Love how the music comes on when the fun pumped up. Sound in general was really good and fit the design nicely. 

Thanks! Yeah, I definitely thought about changing up the spawning a bit, but just didn't really get around to it yet. 

Also thought about power-ups like specifically a double jump. That could probably make the movement a bit easier.

Thanks for playing!