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You make a good point; it's tough to tell that you're actually making any progress before the different events start kicking in. I think overall (as the comments have noted) it could be improved with some better HUD and feedback. Thank you for playing, and thanks for hosting the game jam! :)

Haha you got me about the graphics, that's some rough programmer art right there. Thanks for the feedback!

That's fair, it definitely is slow to get going and could use more feedback. Thanks for playing!

Great funny concept! It would be cool if you actually had to click on the specific "code blocks" that had errors, with some consequence if you missed. As of right now, you can just spam click anywhere :)

Also, the art and music for this game is top notch! Really enjoyed the aesthetics.

This is an awesome idea and a great execution! Honestly, I could play a whole collection of different little games using this "control scheme". Everything looks and sounds great too, awesome job!

This was really awesome!! When I got the "special item", it was a great moment of "Ohhhh I see what you're doing here!" :) I enjoyed the boss fight as well! Great sprites and music too.

Great job!! I enjoyed the writing a lot, and you got a few good chuckles out of me :) I definitely get a Portal / Stanley Parable vibe (in a good way- I love those games!).

I had a bit of trouble figuring out what to do. I could move around, but it was hard to tell where to go or what the goal was. I like the look of the game though, and it seems like you have some great meta ideas!

Oh man, this game is realistic.

Clever and funny idea :) Could use better feedback / less clutter: it can get hard to tell what's going on.

This was a great idea, and a great execution of it! I really like the idea of an OS dungeon crawler, if you took this idea any further I'd love to see it. Good job! (Sound effects were quite satisfying as well :))

Funny little time waster, nice job :)

I'm having a little trouble playing this game; when I interact with the Switch, the camera changes but I can no longer move around. Perhaps I am doing something wrong?

As others are saying: Needs unity player DLL

Good idea for a game! The controls can be kind of slow and wonky, but I like the look of the player and the environment; plus it showcases the horrors of game dev ;)

Glad you enjoyed it! I agree about the choices / feedback; given some more time I would like to improve how that is communicated to the player and add more HUD in general.

Glad to hear it!! I agree about feedback, eventually the profits kind of get out of control; could use some more info. Thanks for playing :)

Haha it escalates quite quickly :)

Hmm, care to elaborate? It gets fairly meta as you continue playing.

Try re-downloading, the new version includes the OpenAL DLL. Let me know if that works!

Hmmmm you may need the OpenAL32 DLL. I will reupload with that included!