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Great game, a must-play for horror fans. The art and sound design rival those of AAA titles. Gameplay, although not groundbreaking, is smooth and engaging. Be warned, it can be a demanding on your graphics card at times; had to dial down my settings. 

Amazing work from a solo dev. 


Ya, I realized I should have made others play test it more. I was so concerned about it being easy, i guess it was just because I made the puzzle is why it felt easy.  

Great game and the enemy's are terrifying. only thing is like others have said it can be tough to tell what's you need to do next.

Took me a moment to get the hang of what the game wanted of me but after that I found it to be one of the more enjoyable games I've played so far. feels like a game id play on school computer back in the day!

Loved the presentation and I don't know about anyone else but this game felt kinda of dark in a weird way I can't pin down. The big thing I think that would help here is switching to a point and click isometric view. the two things that bothered me were the camera getting lost and the controls being a bit weird. overall enjoyed I the game!

Took me a hot second to get the controls down but I really enjoyed the movement once I figured it out, and wish the game was longer really enjoyed it. I will note that unreal by default will leave the VR plugin active. so you'd need to disable before buiding the game otherwise itll start steamVR on runtime.

Great Idea and I love these types of game. I ended up trying to play as the joined ship a lot, I felt I couldn't handle the double ship mode well. Not that the two ships is a bad idea but I think you need to be very careful because its easy to get overwhelmed.

This game is gorgeous! I really enjoy the idea and want to see the game developed more. I had a issue where I couldn't time the flames regardless of how I moved I did manage but it seemed odd, regardless great work. 

I don't know if this game fits the theme exactly but i did find it entertaining and loved the look of it.  Also see the 1977 movie "The Car" 

Good game overall and well made for 48 hour jam! the controls are a bit weird for me making the jump button the space bar and not W.

Controls feel heavy and it didn't react exactly as expected at times the overall presentation was great and I did enjoy it. Also I liked the take on the theme so all around a good job. 

Simple, well made and really enjoy the look of this game. It was challenging but not super hard. I did feel like I had to guess the rules sometimes for certain things but it didn't break anything for me. 

Also, If theres ever an update id love a nice big boost so i can dart around a bit fast. :D

This was such a good game for a 48 hour jam. I love the way you handled the theme. I enjoyed that the games difficulty started out very easy but started to get more and more difficult. Although at the later levels it still felt a bit too easy, and granted for a jam you handled it well by not making it too hard.

Took a second to get the hang of managing the ships energy but once i got that down i really got into the game. very fun!

Fun little shooter with a interesting mechanic. 

This is great totally fun and interesting! 

i really enjoyed this games idea and it maybe it was me but its a bit on the harder side. Also a note this game started me SteamVR. I think its because the VR plugin was left active in unreal before packaging. 

Very well done. I very much enjoyed it. 

This game need another 40 hours to wrap up some issues, but I real like the idea and where its going!

Enjoyed the game and the art style. fair warning the game started Steam VR. it looks like you left the VR plugin active in unreal when you packaged it. 

Love the Idea of this game alot! character design is on point. controls need to be sharpened up but its still really fun. 

Fun Little game. want to see it where it will go if you had more time. 

Liked the Switching Mechanic! this game is hard but very fun. 

Love the intro. Was a little bit hard understand what to do next and controls were confusing. like the idea and presentation. 

Most Fun game ive played of the whole Jam so far!

Really like the Idea for this one.