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Nice puzzle game. I'm a fan of the minimalist graphics. The ice levels were my favorite to figure out. 

Overall, nice job. My only issue was I found it hard to tell which direction I was going to move, I would press the left button and the cube would move up. 

Thanks for playing! 

I agree that the perspective makes it more difficult, but I wanted to try something, even if it didn't work out in the end.

We can think of it as intentional ;)

Thanks for playing!

A really awesome and interesting game. I loved seeing the different ways to make each passenger angry and I liked that the player got to pick who to take in their car. Great job!

yeah I think I made it a little to hard, thanks for playing.

Thanks for playing, I agree that the controls are stiff. I didn’t really know how to make a platform movement script so I just stuck with a basic movement one 

Nice job! I thought that having less health and doing more damage would be a very popular theme in this jam but I've only found a few. Overall, I think you did a great job the lightning attack is really unique and it was really satisfying to have only a sliver of health left and destroy the entire room of enemies. 

This is a really cool idea, in concept, but I think a little more tweaking was needed to find the right balance of less towers to more damage. 

really cool game! I'm a big fan and would love to see this expanded upon. I honestly can't find something to criticise: I liked the art, the music, the gameplay it was all awesome. Maybe you could try giving the player less lives to make it harder. 

The movement feels great, easily the best part of the game (I liked the wall jump the best). Although it was a little laggy, but that could just be my bad computer. Anyways I think that the bullets need to be bigger I found them hard to see. Also the music (which was really good by the way) kept cutting in and out. Otherwise nice job!

I'm looking for feedback on mine. 

I like this. The platforming, the inspirational message, the sounds, and the art it's all great. Nice job. (Music gets a little repetitive though) 

The game is super visually impressive and I'm a big fan of the concept. It's a really relaxing game, just walk around pick up stuff and build things, nice. However, I would like some music but other than that good job.

Super fun arcade game. I'm a big fan of the minimalist art style and the little sound effects you added.  

Greetings, I would appreciate it if you checked out my game:

Amazing, by far my favorite I have played so far! Such a great idea about playing as the level and it leads to some really interesting mechanics. If I had to make one criticism though I would say the jump sometimes doesn't work if you're on a rotated platform and that I want more levels!

nice game, I really like the dash mechanic although I found the game a little challenging I thought the enemies were too fast, but I'm bad at video games so...

cool little shooter. I'm a big fan of the pixel art but the music got repetitive really quick. other than that (and the UI being too big) nice job!

sorry :( 

my computer is not letting me play it. looks like a cool game though.

no. how do you do that?

I downloaded the file but I can't open it. What do I need to do?

Could you check mine out? It's a platformer that slowly gets darker over time.

cool little game. could benefit from some sound but I think it fits the theme very well. Nice job!

cool little game. could benefit from some sound but I think it fits the theme very well. Nice job!

thanks for playing! Also I agree it did get difficult really quick 

awesome! Thanks for playing! I was thinking about making the coins glow but I was afraid it would have been too easy.

Oh ok, thanks for your feedback and for playing my game 

Ohh. I see it now. I guess I'm just not smart enough to think about the bigger picture like that.  

what do you mean by clunky, like the gravity is too high or the player doesn't jump high enough?

cool game, could benefit from more of a tutorial. Also, I would like to ask how this fits the theme.

fun little arcade game although the music gets kind of repetitive after a while. The highest I got was 15 

Cool game but I'm not sure how it fits the theme

Is it possible to beat the game without losing any lives? That's something I wanted to do in my game but ran out of time.

I really like your art

Fun to play and super funny, nice job. I got 49 by the way.

Cool game, very addicting.

First of all what engine (if any) are you using to make your game? Unity? Unreal?

Also if it happens to be Unity (or something similar) then I would create a game manager script that detects when the player is out of cards then makes a call to your card reloader script to refill the player's inventory. 

To anyone looking to reply there is no need, I re-added my team member to my unity project and it worked fine

Hello everyone, I'm in the middle of making my game for the jam, using unity collab with my team, but for some reason I can't see what she is doing. She keeps getting errors that say "A request to Unity accounts has failed with HTTP status" whenever she tries to open the project. I thought I would post my question here to see if anyone knows what to do. 

I like the music