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Very creative usage of the theme, the game has a unique atmosphere. I enjoyed having my mind blown although it felt quite confusing at first. Nicely done!

Fun idea, I really like the overall aesthetics of the game. The wide variety of items to craft definitely makes the game more interesting to play. Having some goal would be nice since it gets boring quite fast. Nevertheless, great work for 48 hours!

Relaxing game with a nice idea. I like the simple visuals. The concept has a lot of potential, I think it could be expanded with some more challenging levels. Well done!

Thanks for valuable feedback! I completely agree on the points you made.

I really like the visuals and the atmosphere. In my opinion the controls felt a bit unresponsive, but the looks are impressive.

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Fun game with a really unique atmosphere. The puzzles are well design and the attention to detail makes the game quite interesting. The only issue I had was with determining what items I can interact with. I would suggest perhaps highlighting the interactable objects. Great work nevertheless!

Simple yet clever idea with a great level design. It's super well polished for 48 hours. One of the best puzzle games I've played so far, awesome work!

Thanks for the feedback!

Super cool idea. I like the level design and the game is well polished overall, just the hitboxes could be a bit more forgiving.

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Really cool idea, I like the aesthetics of the game. The sprites changing according to the amount of water they have is a nice detail. Well done!

This is an awesome idea. The controls feel nice and I like the simple graphics. Great work for 48 hours!

Nice idea, I really like the environment of the game. The static camera makes it sometimes difficult to estimate where I'm supposed to jump. Nevertheless, it was a fun experience!

Nice execution of the idea. One of a few puzzle games in this jam I actually had fun solving. It would also be nice if you could rotate the camera smoothly instead of 90 degree increments.

Great simple mechanic and visuals. One of the best games I played in this jam. I really like this artstyle.

Simple idea with a great execution. Both art and music are awesome. The game is perhaps a bit too difficult at the beginning but in case you aimed to make a rage game you totally nailed it. :) Great job!

The controls feel really nice. Both audio and visual side of the game are super well polished. Particles and sound effects add a lot to the game. Truly a great experience!

Great idea fitting the theme very well. I like the simple look of the game. Maybe the distance from the ball needed to grab it might be a bit larger. Nicely done!

I love the visuals. The basic idea reminds me of skyblock. Never actually though of it as a seperate game but now I think it could be interesting.

I like the looks and interesting movement, don't know how it fits the theme but great job!

The audiovisual presentation is great for a game jam. The controls were also pretty satisfying.

I think this idea has potential. With later levels with good level design could be pretty interesting. Still, I found the game to be really hard. I also had to learn this, so I would advise you - You're always much better at playing your game than others, especially in game jams. What I try to do is making a level so easy it's almost boring for me to play, but still keep what makes the level interesting.

Nice concept, I could imagine this becoming a full game, it has potential. Some more responsive controls could make the movement pretty interesting.

Yeah, buttons were high on our list of what we would want to include, thanks for playing.

Cool concept, good job on the game.

This game is super well polished. The puzzles are cleverly designed and the pixel art looks amazing. I really like the idea of mixing the colors of the boxes into a new one when merging them. Awesome work!

Pretty cool idea. I also really like the simple pretty visuals.

Interesting simple mechanic with a cool color scheme.

Nice-looking game with a great concept and well polished mechanics. The difficulty is perfect for a game jam puzzle. Well done!

The 2 characters are fun to control and the controls overall feel nice. Even though I understand this is supposed to be a rage game, a bit slower difficulty curve would be appreciated. :) Nicely done!

Smart idea, polished look and very addicting gameplay. I like the simple controls of the game, it feels intuitive.  Awesome job!

Thanks! That's actually not a bad idea.

Super clever idea with a huge potential! I'd love to see it in more levels. The game is very well polished, I like the simple art style.

It's easy to understand and fun to play. The art style of this game is just perfect, it really made me laugh. More levels would be nice.

This is a really nice concept! The collision physics are pretty weird sometimes but that's not a big problem in most of the situations.

This is a super fun idea! I gets chaotic very quickly and even though that's probably the intention, I would appreciate it if the game was a bit slower. Great work overall, I really enjoyed playing it.

The concept of getting rid of enemies using a tether is really cool. It would be nice if the levels force you to use this mechanic more. The hook itself feels great. Nicely done!

Clever idea with very well design puzzles. Simple art fits the game nicely. Great experience!

Simple yet fun idea and great execution. Just a little bit more challenging levels would be great. Nicely done!

The minimalistic look of the game fits the gameplay perfectly. The main mechanic is clever and overall feels well polished. Great job!

Joining characters in 2 different rooms is a great idea. The behaviour of the chain is a bit annoying though - a few times it ended up being under the player making it impossible to jump and I had to restart the game. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the general vibe of the game.