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Really interesting implementation of the theme. A bit more challenging level design would be great. Anyway, good job!

Very original execution of the theme!  Impressive you made all this in only 48 hours.

This is genius. I think making a cellular automata into a playable puzzle game is a cool and original idea. This has lots of potential to be a complete game. My favourite game from this game jam so far!

I like the idea a lot and the levels implement it really well. Maybe adding some more mechanics would make the levels more interesting to solve. Great job!

A like the idea a lot and the controls feel really good. Also a quick tutorial is something which a lot of games are missing. Maybe adding some indication where the player is going to fly would help to better aim the shots.

true :)

In most cases it's pretty hard to estimate where the ball is going to be after the next bounce which makes the levels a bit too difficult in my opinion, but still it's a nice idea and great work for 4 hours.

Nice idea! I had fun trying to beat my best time. I would appreciate to know how the controls are going to change in advance so you can adapt more easily to the new scheme.

I love how absurd this game is. The action gameplay makes it really fun to play. Great job!

This game is a good example of using just one clever mechanic to create a challenging gameplay. On the other hand I think that the first part of the level could be a bit easier (it took me a few minutes to get through). The game was really fun to play.

Execution of the idea is just amazing. Well polished game!

This is probably the most fun idea I've seen so far! With some extra work I can really imagine this being a multiplayer game with players bumping into each other while trying to win the race. Nicely done.

A fun game with a cute art style.

1 thing that would make the game feel better in my opinion is giving the player more feedback (for example adding some screen shake or sound effect when getting hit by an enemy). Anyway, the idea is interesting!

I don't know how did you manage to his in 48 hours, it was fun.

Thanks! We aimed for a minimalist visual style, therefore Downwell was a great inspiration.

The idea is brilliant and well implemented into the levels. I like how the guns have quite different purposes in the game, it makes the gameplay really dynamic. Great work for 48 hours!

This game was fun! The intro might be a bit too long, I think the levels explain the mechanics well. Also nice simple graphics. I liked that the levels were becoming more complex, especialy liked the last one.

Fun idea. I like the simple design.

Oh yes, aggressive drunk people with Minecraft heads fighting in a bar with oversized penguin. Like it.

Very original concept and looks great

So funny I wish it was longer

My favourite fame so far! The gameplay is really fun. With some more mechanics and levels I think it would also have quite some speedrunning potential. The visuals are simple and have pleasing colors.

Great visual but the gameplay is not too original

The visuals are amazing! I think the relation to the theme is a little stretched, but overall, this is an enjoyable 10 minut experience with a satisfying ending.

Pretty good idea, movement looks surprisingly good

This game really doesn't let you rest. :) I like how the gameplay gets more complex over time so you have to think what to do first. Interesting idea.

Very nice graphics and fitting soundtrack! Theme interpretation is rather basic, but with fun gameplay overall.

Actualy feels like under the water and original idea love it

The foggy environment creates an interesting atmosphere which fits the idea of the game. On the other hand the plane is too fast and despite the theme a bit hard to control in my opinion. Maybe make the game slower.

Looks are gorgeous

I like the idea. The soundtrack was good. I like the graphics, but I think it could've looked much better if all pixels were the same size. Levels were also quite hard for me, but I find this game overall enjoyable.

Such a good idea, gameplay is really good and sounds good too, maybe the theme is missing a little bit

Love how the player looks so cute

The fact that the whole gameplay is made out of just 1 well polished mechanic without any additional content makes the game feel really confident. Good job with implementing the idea!

I really like the art design. I think soundtrack is quite fitting. The shooting sound effect is fine, but gets a little annoying after a while.

the graphics are lovely and just satan cat on roomba... made my day :D

Liked it a lot. It's nice to see a game with same mechanic as my submittion so high on the list

A 2D platform puzzle game, where your goal is to escape from a (sometimes depressive) square room, which is full of lasers and gravity changers.

The point is, that you can use every available key on your keyboard only once per a level.

A 2D platform puzzle game, where your goal is to escape from a (sometimes depressive) square room, which is full of lasers and gravity changers.

The point is, that you can use every available key on your keyboard only once per a level.