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I enjoyed it! I couldn't figure out how to aim at first, but then I red the instructions ;) I love the sfx

Loved it! I had trouble at the start, trying to figure out where to click to navigate and whatnot, but after that, things went well. I like the dynamic cursor, but maybe if there was a shaded region that would show where to click, it would help players navigate? There also could've been something weird going on with WebGL, as I always struggle to get the viewport right haha. I'm always impressed by your art, and combining it with the music made the mood perfectly chill. A little bit of puzzle solving is the cherry on top, and I'd love to see this day play out even more next year.

Great stuff as always.

List of complaints:

  • no player freedom (couldn't choose to let grandma die)
  • music makes me feel like I'm on in a pleasant adventure game, not a raging grapple on the seven seas
  • hat color is the best color
  • no handbrake on boat
  • cannot burn down forest
  • cannot supersize boat into Blackbeard's pirate ship
  • ravens wing are amazing fantasy plants and don't look anything like tomatoes
  • character art is too good
  • invisible boundaries didn't allow me to explore the farthest corners of Middle Earth
  • I feel extremely satisfied and cozy after completing this game. Would not recommend if that's not your thing.

(sarcasm implied! ^^)

In all seriousness, I really enjoyed this adventure. By pure luck, I decided to skip the mushroom dock and ended up completing it flawlessly linear, but I like how (after the tree), you can go to each of the docks freely and may have to return there if you don't have the correct skills. I think the only VERY SLIGHTLY frustrating part was the wide turning radius of the boat - it had me doing some five point turns haha - no biggie though. I also would've liked a larger camera view (maybe only when you're boating?) to make you feel like a little person in a big world.

The modeling of the important elements was done really well, and the artwork was amazing. The music also fit, so all of the artistic elements tied the experience together seamlessly.

Another commenter called this game "magical", and I think that describes it perfectly.

Thanks, Nathan! I'll have to send you the shader details. It's really simple :)

Thanks for playing!

Strange. Did you try both WebGL and Windows builds?

I just got to playing this.

Brilliant game.

What a cool map! I didn't realize you were  a parkour master and redstone god. I accidentally skipped the radio transmission part, because I saw the railway without the hint. (I later ran back and did the transmission because I was curious...) I accidentally woke Timmy up, so I may have let the cat out of the bag. Very cool map overall! I liked all of the different elements you incorporated. Oh, and the ambiance was great!

Great job guys. I loved the soundtrack layering. SFX were great. The first puzzle was awesome. Pixel art was stupendous. Heartwarming story. Loved it!

This is a masterpiece of a jam.

Much appreciated.Thank you!

Thank you so much, Azzedin!

Very well-executed.

The mechanic was simple. The graphics were simple. But it all worked together to make a great game. The 2d lighting works very well with it.

I played 1-player, but I imagine it's even more fun 2-player. The levels are simple (though some are extensive), but the co-op aspect probably adds a lot.

Great work! I enjoyed playing.

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Nice work on this!

I love the graphics, the music, and all the polish you put on this.

It was pretty short, with only one level, but I'd love to see more levels. I think it would have been useful to have an indicator for where the guards would be moving next turn, to preserve the strategy/puzzle aspect, rather than randomness. I think I got lucky and was able to just walk up to the target and complete the level quickly.

I also love the theme of acid and base. 

Great concept! I'd love to see it expanded.

Nice work!

Good application of the theme. The time limit contributed a lot, since it may have been a bit boring without that.

I thought the graphics were very pretty everywhere except the main gameplay area (which the player spends most of their time in). If that got a face-lift, everything would look great. Nice work with the pixel art.

The timer was a bit out of position, probably because I am on a 1920x1200 monitor.

I enjoyed playing!

Loved the game!

Great mechanic. The dual-purpose Stronger Together reference worked well. I think it could be even better if there was gameplay that encouraged the player to make a choice between the two modes.

I'm not sure how the health system worked. Maybe that could be explained in a tutorial or something, if you wanted to implement one.

Music and graphics were both nice.

Great work! 

Nice game.

I like your way of using the theme. A very neat idea that I'd like to see explored more. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to defeat the first purple enemy. There was no feedback as to whether I was hitting them, and the cooldowns for both attacking and jumping seem extremely long. 

I enjoyed your choice of music and graphics. It was very pretty.

I think the player could have used either a bit more aerial control for more precision or a wider field of view (like Super Meat Boy)

Your update notes look like they address a lot of the big things, so I'd love to see how it plays after that.

Nice work!

Great submission.

I like your interpretation of the theme.

I, unfortunately, do not have time to work through some of the harder levels, but they seem to be fairly well balanced. A few of them are quite difficult!

That "genius" feature was a great addition. I think I got two or three of them so far, and it's super rewarding. It's a feature that isn't necessary, but adds a lot of value.

Liked the music. The key change hyped it up.

Well done!

Ah! I just read your "In what way does your game fit the theme?" blurb, and realized it was supposed to be 2-player. It actually worked quite well 1-player, and I'm sure it would also work well 2-player.

Great puzzle design. It was sort of an experimental puzzle-solving process, and it wasn't headache-inducing. The gameplay followed basic rules and led to enjoyable levels.

I think level 20 may have had a dysfunctional teleporter.

Music and sfx added to the atmosphere nicely.

Graphics were simple and nice.

Well done coming up with a pleasant puzzle game!

I enjoyed playing!

I did run into a bug where I had a negative amount of ants working XD. Luckily, it wasn't game-breaking. I also think there could be a bit more food on the map (I'm not sure if it was spawned in, or if the map was set up). Your graphics were great, and I liked how you did the foreground effect. 

I don't think you normalized your movement, so I walked faster diagonally than straight.

The shop was a very nice, simple experience. I'm not sure what the "ant species" stat was for. Maybe it was the number of times I have evolved them?

The music worked well. 

Great job!

This was great. Well done making a nice experience and educating me on constellations! Now I just have to find them IRL :)

Yeah, I originally had planned to put most of the biggest empires in, but didn't have time.  I also would've loved to scale up the empires and have info about them scattered around, to have some points of interest.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, thanks for the feedback; I get what you're saying. It definitely would've been a bit clearer if I had been able to implement some of the features I was planning, but alas, it's a game jam :P

(The idea was to make a commentary on some of the greatest empires' falls due to division)

Thanks! I had ideas for more empires, with a timeline that you would fill out as you completed the discovery of the empires. I would also have the empires fragment at the end, representing what happened historically.

I'm sure there's even more I could've done, but I knew I wouldn't have time for that, so I kept the scope small ;)

Thank you!

I think I've already given my comments on this, but I'll add a couple more.

AI was great. Audio was quality.  Love the graphics.

The boss fight was well done. I think if you had more time to put into it, you could make the ending a bit more lengthy, giving him some more health and dragging it out some more.

I forgot to mention when testing that, imo, the character switch would be nice on ctrl/shift instead of tab, so I can use my pinky (maybe some people press tab with their pinky, idk :P)

I think it would be nice if the dialogue triggered once you landed. It's a bit awkward hanging in the air listening to this guy talk who isn't in the frame yet.

Great job. I'm looking forward to the next installment ;)

It was too bad you were deterred from completing this one.

However, you did make that tile set, right? I love it. You could even make slight variations like adding a tad of greenery or crystal for different areas of the map.

I like the ground impact particles, but I wonder if they would look better if they faded out rather quickly instead of falling to infinity? Could be something to play around with.

Thank you for playing! I appreciate the compliments.

I do have a vision for expanding the game...we'll see if I get around to it :)

Very nice! 

The only major thing I would suggest is making sure the purple clouds aren't hidden at the bottom of the screen.

Nice visual effects and sound effects. Great work for your first game!

Thanks for playing!

Great, thanks for playing!

Hi Surajjh, if you're still looking for browser games, I'd love to hear what you think!

Thanks, 1Laky!

Hey 1Laky, it looks like you have plenty of games to play. Here's mine if you want more!

I'd love to hear what you think! Enjoy.

Thanks for playing! Good feedback, and thanks for the gameplay video :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback, OddKey!

Thanks for playing, and I appreciate your comments!

Thank you :)

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, sorry the last 2% is tough to find if you don't happen to stumble on it. Try going back and finding Great Britain on the Roman Empire.