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Amazing, feels like a real duel

Is the hat removable?

I need a character like this for a game where you can customize your player and it will be very cool if i could give him also other hats and not only the cowboy's one.

Always if you are ok with me using it, let me know.

However Good Job is a great model.

Gorgeous Model.

I am starting to develop a CoOp Split screen game , I was wondering if players prefer first person camera view or third person camera view, keep in mind the customization of the playable character.

I just think : Man that would be cool if it was game, and then just do it, it could be a bad game sometimes but eventually you will end with something good. this is also the reason i starded developing games.

Thanks ZakariaGhorfati for accepting our request about reviewing our game, we really appreciate your critics and commentary during your gameplay.

We enjoyed a lot as developers seeing our game played from another perspective and we really had fun watching your video, we hope the best for you and your youtube channel.

This was actually our first game and we still have a lot to learn, 

We made the mistake of just focusing on  building an hard and entertaining game, without minding in depth the overall player game feeling, we are looking forward to make a new game this summer and we will make treasure of your critics on Dungeon Crusaders for the developing of our new project.

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The Classic ShipBattle board game now in 3D local multiplayer 1vs1.

Enjoy this simple and fast game with your friend at school or at home.

Dungeon Crusaders

Hello, i'd like to suggest you our game, it's a little hard but short in the overall, hope you enjoy it, have fun.

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Works like a charm, you can even convert it then in an APK ( with another Program) once converted in HTML and the Site has a lot of option too.

Totally reccomended.

I am not an expert  but I could suggest you to put the transparency of the page to 100% to let you see only the bakground and then work on that, maybe you could even write your html/java code but I 'm not sure on this last statement.

The game is really good and simple, at the beginning i wasn't really a fun but while playing it i found it very entertaining, you could add an endless mode.

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I 100% agree with your choice to don't turn the ship because now i understand that it's a top down game and you always want to face the enemy in front of you, but i still suggest you to try at least to tilt it like 10°/5° to face the direction where you are moving while going left or right and then smooth the rotation back to the original direction when not pressing the left or right inputs,  Try it just to see if this feature fits well the game or not. Over all It's a nice game idea, I'll take a look at it every now and then.

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I was thinking to use a reader on my phone to get a NFC tag that will give an input on my game to use it for an action.

Just  like the seventh console generation's game (eg. Skylander, Disney Infinity).

The problem is that, while reaserching some API on UnityForum or other websites  I couldn't find anything helpfull for Windows.

Feel Free to give some suggestion for everyone that will search a content like this in the future.

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What genre this game would be?

From the video i think it's some "space invaders" like game.

If it's not i'd like to know the genre, other than that try to considerate the option to turn your ship in the direction when you are turning, to increase the game feeling, right now it seems a bit unreal. ( Always if it isn't meant to do that in the first place)

About the triangle number instead i can't say much, I am a beginner on unity.

" A challenging CoOp-Aventure for 1 to 2 player in local, 

Choose between the Holy shield and the faster strikes of the Crusader

or the mighty hit of the Kinght's claymore, 

Improve your reflexes to face and dodge the Formidable Enemies and defeat all the Bosses.

We invite you to download it to give us some feedback and make together a better and unique game "