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This is so scary! Espacially when you see more than one chasing you, any other similar games to this one by any chance?

This is so cool, is there a story behind those written words on the walls?

This is a really well made game! Is this the demo only or the full game though?

Glad to hear that! Best of luck to you with your projects.

You have got a really good solid card game there man! I loved how you thought about the whole cards powers and buffs and debuffs, this is really awesome! I don't usually play such games on my channel but this one grabbed my attention.

Thank you for showing where the third key is located at.

About someone else overloading your own game, it feels sad I know! This often happens here, I have seen it couple of times during the years I spent here! Take it as a good sign as this means your game is too good, to the point others are taking it because of how good it is.

I have seen 2 other developers here posting the same game! Some stuff are not the same in those builds but it is the same game! I am not even sure if you are the original game developer of this game, kinda hard to tell when such things happen (Can't remember the other game pages' names)

Anyways! In all the 3 different builds of this game that I have tried, I could not find the 3rd key to open the door, where is it?

You have an amazing game, could not grasp that this is just a demo! It feels well done, I hope the feedback I talked about in the video is of use to you guys! Really loved the game.

Could be better, espacially with that high screemings! It is really not that good and does not suit the game.


You are most welcome!

Those footages were recorded on 28 of May but the game is surely before your Changelog 1.0

I love how you brought up the horror aspect of scary games from the anticipation of those moving mannequins, it feels way spooky than those normal cheesy jumpscares! Check the video because the game went straight to the ending when I went inside the bathroom, did not even had to check electricity or anything else! Was this a secret or shortcut ending you put in the game?

The game is nice and has decent jumpscares! There is few bugs, one important one is the stacking of those guiding texts above the screen!

The screams are the best, even though there are few bugs here and there, the story stays great with all those scatered notes!I like it.

I love the vibes of the horror inside a house! This game has some really interesting jumpscares! The final run-away chase feels unfair though xD

Nice short indie horror game, there is something wrong with the elevator though, you should check it out! I had some problems with it, I did left it on this video so you can understand it better!

Oh okay! Nice then, hope to see more

This is a very well done creepy game, but is too short!

I think there is a bug when inspecting those notes and papers by the way.

Such a nice horror spooky game! Was the end supposed to be like the one I encountered on the video here?

Such a lovely horror game with interesting back story! Is this taken up from real life expereince?

You have got a good horror game, espacially when things start to move around like the chair! Can you make a Paranormal Activity game too? 

Such a good scary game, would it be another update or a full version to this one?

The graphics of this game are stunning! I hope to see more of this game as it has been a short crisp demo! Love the forest vibes:

Thank you and you too best of luck with your games! 

Hi there, I checked your game and had this gameplay video made for it! I am still a small content creator on YouTube, and I hope this helps out.

I am also a Skilled Game Tester and have some feedbacks to improve your game:

♦ The voice acting surely needs some real voices! The robotic AI tone does impact the game badly! I can try to provide some voice overs I know from my network in the Gaming Industry and you can contact them once I link you with some of them. (If this is going to still stay a free game, I can also try to get you some beginner freelancers who probably won't charge a thing; just some credits).

♦ Around minute 6:50 my character got stuck after I did a stealth kill there, not even pressing ESC works. I am not sure of what happened there; had to load the game from the last checkpoint to solve this.

♦ The intro fighting scene is not really engaging... despite it seems and sounds funny, it still gives a weird sound effects that does not suit the scene!

♦ Around the mark of 2:27 in the video; I came a cross a baby skull and a demon head in a drawer! This does not seem to have any role in the game even later on; It is kinda pointless to give such clues of interactable objects but not really being able to interact with them.

♦ It would be nice to have some names for those 5 books (like different book titles).

♦ The jumpscares are really nice, would hoped to see more and experience more of them like the one inside the bathroom!

♦ The puzzles are kinda good and I do apprecaite a good horror game with some puzzles.

♦ The crying sound effects are the best.

♦ Some chaces seem out of pace, maybe because of how the game is being set and made! Still, I had fun.

Overall, I liked your game and hope to see more of your project.

Thanks a lot, I am glad you liked the video because we liked the game as well!

I will surely be glad to try out your game again once things are put into a better build! So far Kritter looks like an awesome indie game to be played.

Hey Allan, like usual, a fun and crisp short horror indie game from you! I really like the amount of work you put in your game, and love how you read and listen to every single feedback about all your projects. Massive respect to you.

Hi, I am a small content creator and I have played your game and gave this simple review for your game! I see your work as a very good nice work that can be something big in the future! I honestly do, looking forward to see more from you:

You are welcome! It does look like a great school for what I have seen on your Instagram! I have been following you ever since Peekaboo game was made on BigRockSchool, I think the students are not always the same as a group go and another comes! This is what I have been told by one of the people who work with you. 

I love the work you do on your school, keep it up and best of luck in the next projects.

Hello everyone at BigRockSchool, I am a small YouTuber and a Game Tester! Wanted to share this gameplay walkthrough for your game! I know this is more of a school project and probably won't be developed into a full game to be released, I am sharing this review video anyways with some feedbacks inside.

- There is the bridge in the game where you can not cross it unless you do it from the middle where the cutscene of falling down will start. I did notice however that you are able to walk from the sides!

- It is a bit hard to know how to actually deal with the Big Rocky Monster as it does not show clearly where to hit him or what you are supposed to do (Some hints would be nice, maybe for your upcoming next games).

Keep in mind that I have tested this on NVIDIA GTX 1060 with Ryzen 5 CPU & 16 GB of RAM!

Thank you! Hope to see you in the future too!

Thank you a lot Warlines Studios! You guys have been great with me! Hope to see you in the future.

Keep up the good work XD

Thanks! Appreciate it.