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Oh hello back Ofihombre, your game however uses an emulator, which I do not use those on my PC!

I am glad to see you here again by the way :)

Oh great! Thanks for letting us know of these points, keep it up with the game and best of luck

Hi there, great fun game you have there Huhigames, I enjoyed some of the features of the game, as well as to the bugs that I have encountered. This Gameplay video shows most of the feedback being written here, enjoy:

♦ Game Idea: I like the idea of the game that you have, a 2D platformer with a lot of unexpected events and enemies! I really enjoyed my time with your game.

♦ Gameplay: The Gameplay is good but there is room for improvements, for example: when jumping over the swinging platforms, you can notice your character does not fit quite well to the platform, I believe because there is an overlying with the hitbox of both units! You might be better to take notes from the  Gameplay Walkthrough than me explaining here.

♦ Story: For the story, I see that you tried to focus on collecting parts to run the airplane and escape the place, I was wondering if it is possible to be able to actually collect parts for the plane and bring them back one by one (This would be nice for quests and main missions)

♦ Artwork: Some areas are not exactly the same when talking about the design of the HUD, you truly can notice a difference there and it looks like a screenshot was taken, went under crop and pasted on the next area! Overal, the game has that pixel art style which is always nice to see!

♦ Audio: There is that annoying audio sound which is similar to a cockroach singing! The video is better to highlight parts of the audio for the game!

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: Some bugs are really funny, others can be super powerful like the respawn of ammo in the first area to the right (There is 2 boxes) Also, it is better to have an explanation for RUBBISHES! 

♦ Things to Double Down: The gameplay for the game is fun, and the story adds to it, but I would suggest to focus even more on the story and bring more jumpscares moments! You had a couple of them that really works so good! Best of luck sir! Join to the channel if you would like more content like this, there are other plans and projects for the channel too. 

Hi, here is the Gameplay Walkthrough for your game, had it public and forget to let you know here!

Hi Danielle,

I have tried to record a Gameplay Walkthrough for your game but realized it was not that interesting to post it, I can try to upload it and make it private for you if you would like to take notes from it! The game has a nice story but there is the Audio missing and that actually makes the recorded video weird as I constatly had to speak to fill the awkward silence, besides when I don't speak you can hear the clicks of the mouse and keyboard! It is really hard to make a good video for YouTube for the RPG you are having!

Thanks for such a wholesome way of replying! I will surely be glad to take a look at your next game project! Hope to see you guys grow up, for a first game, you guys did great. Keep it up.

Hi there, this game you have could turn into a great series of games similar to this with different Minecraft creatures! Would love to see this game being updated and expanded.

I am small YouTuber and a Skilled Game Tester focusing on indie games, I am basically doing this in order to support and help developers here! The video has some feedback you can use and here is some more here (Feel free to join the channel for more content like this):

♦ Game Idea: The idea of having a famous creature from Minecraft to be turned into a standalone game is great, I would for real be interested in playing other games where each time you have a new game there would be a different specific creature, like a game about Creapers chasing you and exploding, Enderman, Pillagers...etc

♦ Gameplay: The game has the curved style which at first can be confusing but as you play some more, you start to realize that this curve suits the style of the game! I like the auto running feature.

♦ Story: Here you can add your own touch for the game with a random story that you can create, this will serve as a signature for your game and make it stand even better.

♦ Artwork: The graphics are so good, loved the atmosphere! I do have to say though, the place is so dark, I could barely see.

♦ Audio: Those sound effects of the rain and thunder and the footsteps are amazing! Good job man, this is great.

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: I would say it is hard to locate the diamonds, would be nice to have a map or minimap to make things easy so the player can search and go to the place he never visited.

♦ Things to Double Down: More content please, this is a great idea! Maybe add a first person shooter game having to fight against zombies!

Hey again, here is another episode since you asked for it! I will be making more probably soon, hope to have time for it. Just be sure to take a look to your game name Playlist on my channel in the future, I will not be able to post here with each episode I do. Hope this helps on general.

Hi there, I have played your game and replied to you on the thread! Wanted to also comment here and share this for those who are interested in a gameplay video:

Hello there GrazianoBrothers, I know this comes later over a month but that is due to many busy days I passed by with difficult nights with some personal stuff here and there! I hope this feedback and review can be of a help for your game:

Some of these are more like suggestions, not everything mentioned below is that of importance for the game:

♦ Game Idea: The idea of the game to have this be played locally can be a good one, but still hard to find a close relative or a friend to have over for such a game, due to being it short and hard! It is also noted that the concept of the game and the camera setting overview is hard to playthrough and can confuse a lot of players, will try to explain it more from the other points below (The gameplay video has most of the feedback).

♦ Gameplay: For the most part I have been confused where to go as some places are hidden due to the camera position; such as the first room where the door to the left is not seen at all, it took me a very long time to figure that out (Been running some game test sessions before recording just to see how the first mintue or so is like and if it runs good). There is also the fact that the shield does no job at blocking enemies' attacks! I must also mention the gameplay missing feature of running is required in such games for a better experience.

♦ Story: Would be a nice idea to add a story to the game to balance between the gameplay and story side.

♦ Artwork: It is a nice minecraft-ish art style. Not my style to be honest so I can only have few feedback regarding this point.

♦ Audio: There is no obvious issue regarding the audio design for the game.

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: Some boss fights needs a little bit of change! The first boss fights, I believe it is better to have the extra enemies vanish after you kill the boss! And for the second one, the combat feels a lot robotic in the sense that the dragon has a rythmic shooting style that is not directed to the player while mid-air! It is also worth mentioning that what makes the game hard like this is the lack of ways to replenish your health after a long run!

♦ Things to Double Down on: In case you want to focus on making the game a co-op local experience, it might be good to add customizations for the characters and add different weapons and gadets for those who wants to play the game some more.

You are most welcome! Oh... Interesting! So there is more to it!

Hi there, this is a very nice game you have there, would love to see this in a full expanded version!

I am a YouTuber and a Skilled Game Tester, focusing on indie games mostly. The purpose behind doing this is to help and support developers with their games like you in order to have these games out there in the best shape possible, I hope this can help a little bit with that. Most feedback can be taken from the video proivded already, but here is some more:

♦ Game Idea: Very interesting idea for a game! I have seen Spongebob Battle of Bikini Battle game, which is great, so it is always nice to have a racing game based on that.

♦ Gameplay: I had fun playing around and trying all the different carts availlable so far, would be even better to see each car and each character has their own special abilities and features (I can try to help with some more suggestions if you would like; I have some ideas here). However, there is the bumping into the walls and fecnces, looks a bit weird as the hit box first of all there is large and there is no damage to the car nor a more nicer looking collision! The game also allows you to walk around freely, is that intended?

♦ Story: You might want to add campaign into the game for your future updates and add a little bit of story there where you have to go through certain tracks with specific characters! (Any idea or feedback am writing here means I do have some more additionals; I just want to keep this short somehow; you can always contact me in case you need help)

♦ Artwork: The cars need to match the style and features of each character, I see you have put a nice work into the design of the existing characters so far! Nice racing tracks too.

♦ Audio: I like the fact that even the voice or background music can change when you are in the tunnels, give the game more vibes! love that.

♦ Bugs & Contrsuctive Criticism: Adding to what I have mentioned above is the change of the boosters! For now, If I take a boost or nitro even if the colors are different (yellow and red/orange) the boost lasts the same it seems! There is no phyisical change to that or even a noticable impcat on the racing car.

♦ Things to Double Down on: Of course adding more new tracks and characters with their cars is something to focus on! It is also recommneded to add new and different powerups inspired mostly from the cartoon. Well done and keep it up!

NOTE: In case you need more feedback feel free to contact me, espacially if you have more updates for the game in the future. I would love to help. I also invite you to join my YouTube channel for more content like this, I try to help as many indie developers and small game studios out there.

Glad this can be of a help to you! And happy as well since the video is entertaining too XD

I have played your game few days back, great content idea! It needs for sure more jumpscare moments!

I am a YouTube and a Skilled Game Tester, I have made a small game test session for your game with the Gameplay Walkthrough video! Most feedback can be taken from the video, but here is some more:

♦ Game Idea: A very good idea for such a content being made from a TV-Show, I would love to see more developers and game studios take on this and make games related to TV-Shows and Series!

♦ Gameplay: The game respond very good, might need a mouse sensitivity option in the settings for a better experience.

♦ Story: I believe it is better to give a good interesting story for the game, although this is based on a TV-Show, there might be players who have no idea what is this about, espacially the new generation! So maybe even an introduction could make an impact for the story.

♦ Artwork: I like the setting of the game, inclosed offices are a good place for a horror experience.

♦ Audio: With the occuring Sockys, I think it is better to use some scary sound effects, the game would be even more terrifying!

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: I do believe that the flashlight battery running out can turn into an issue, some players might take longer times to explore or to find the ojbective, and with no way to restore the falshlight power, it gets almost impossible to walk around in the darkness.

♦ Things to Double Down on: You have this game on episodes is already a huge plus, most players and content creators I have seen playing indie games are more inclinded to play short games like this one having episodes or chapters to play in the future planned for them. Well done!

I am doing this for the sake of helping developers of indie games on general, join in my YouTube channel for more content like this! I plan to do other things in the future too. Hope this helps anyways.

Glad that this up to help for you! That enthuisasm is not stable though haha, sometimes I get tired for having too much work outside in my job but will sure to try out more of your game! I still have some footages left for the same version that I have played! Will try to edit and upload that soon! Your game is really good, for sure I would like to play more of it.

Hi there, I am a YouTuber focusing on Indie Games and I also do other things! Been testing your game for a while now and I have also started recording some Gameplay Walkthrough:

Here is some of my feedback for now, contact me for a faster way for communications, I would like to help you and test the game further more:

♦ Game Idea: The idea is not eniterly new but from what I am able to play right now it looks like you have put the idea of 2D side-scrolling games into a good use! Would love to see more from you for sure!

♦ Gameplay: The game runs smoothly and had fun actually playing the game, having that double jump is nice! I also would like to know if it is possible to play this game using Keyboard, some inputs are not supported and I have explained one of them in this video (related to changing the weapons).

♦ Story: I know you have that written above, and I know this is still early in developement, but it does not hurt to let you know that the story side (in-game) is missing, the focus in on the gameplay which is really fun, you can add up some story elements to the game through certain notes with items that tells the story or parts of it.

♦ Artwork: The artwork of the game is a style that my little brother loves! It has that pixel art style which is very common and loved by most players nowadays! I also like the characters design! However, the items have only one color and shape to be picked up, even though that they are different when collecting!

♦ Audio: I love that thunder and lighting going on, having the sound effects early done in the game is always a plus! The game could use some background music, I see that you have it during the boss fights so far!

♦ Bugs & Constructive Criticism: I believe the video and what is written above is what I have for now! I would like to add also that the boss fight with the Ogre was pretty easy! Some other enemies were harder than him to be honest (I will have more footages soon as I have played more than it is shown on this Gameplay video).

♦ Things to Double Down on: What you have here is a very good game and I would love to support those who work hard or have a talent! This is what I am capable of doing as a show of support, hope this gelps! You should really make the demo shorter though, around an hour! The full game can have the best of what you have planned! I would love to see more of this content, keep it up sir!

I do not think that you are still active here nor you are going to work on this game! It has been a long time since you have posted anything new, but in case you still want to work on this game, I have some feedback and suggestions for you, let us know:

Here is a Gameplay Walkthrough for the Steam version you gave me!

You are welcome! YOUR game is Epic!

Thanks a lot for the share, I really appreciate that, like a lot!

Hey HOpe86, thank you for putting your game here, I had a great time playing the game and going after those endless enemies! It is super challenging and has great potentials! I have wishlisted your game on my Steam too! Hope this video helps out! Join in to my YouTube channel if you would like to see more content like this XD

I loved the game, has that cool looking old style vintage TV point of view, really enjoyed the game!

You are welcome. I have to post these games under a name of who made it, it is hard when it is a group and only one person from the group post it under his name! You can always comment on the video Joy; just mention that you are the creator of the game (or your role) coming from sh3rvin and I will pin your comment so people would know! My pleasure to help!

You are welcome. glad that making another video has this positive impact on you! That's my goal after all from making these Gameplay Walkthroughs!

You have some nice games, well done! Glad that this can motivate you to keep working on this one, best of luck!

Hello again, I have the rest of the footages ready in this video! Your game is super fun to play honestly! Hope these videos helps your game!

You are very welcome! Love the vibes of the game!

You are welcome!

Congratulations for making it on the list of top best games! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up!

Congratulations for making it on the very top! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up sir!

Congratulations for making it on the list of top best games! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up!

Congratulations for making it on the list of top best games! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up!

Congratulations for making it on the list of top best games! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up!

Congratulations for making it on the list of top best games! I am reviewing hundreds of games every single day for this idea project in order to help developers with their games! Keep it up!

You are most welcome, your game has a great concept!

You are welcome, hope more people come your way and discover these White Cells XD

Anytime! Feel free to contact me, you have my contacts. Even if you need a private game test session, I am here. I love helping developers who have great talent or/and put lots of work on their games!

Hope this helps a bit, your game was featured for my list for Top Best Games out of 175 indie games that I have checked, I am doing this every single day in order to help and support developers here!

Congratulations on making it on Top Best Games for April, 25th