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How to put Scratch games on

A topic by kani created 23 days ago Views: 211 Replies: 5
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OK, so i wanted to publish my games on another website (instead of scratch all the time) and wondering how to create a new game on so i can publish my scratch games on here.


Some people publish their Scratch games on as HTML games, but I don't know if the games are exported, or embedded, or what.

P.S. I edited the topic title to help people who know the answer find your question.

You can download the scratch project and then convert it HTML  and then include that file as a downloadable file

is there a guide online for that

you can use this website

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Works like a charm, you can even convert it then in an APK ( with another Program) once converted in HTML and the Site has a lot of option too.

Totally reccomended.