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Thanks for the input! I did consider adding in a light puzzle before you leave the room. It's something I did with another game of mine. "I Want An Annventure!

The reason why I didn't go that far is simply becuase of time. I started 18 hours before the deadline and got as far as I did with 8 hours left. Those 10 hours was spent doing a all nighter that extended to noon time. So I was very sleep deprived by the time I summited the game.

One of my sleep deprived thoughts at the time was that if I added a puzzle where you move around object, I would have to spend extra hours animated those objects, similar to the puzzle I did in I Want An Annventure, and I was on the verge of dozing off and wasn't sure I'll be able to implement such puzzle before the deadline. THough in hindsight, I probably didn't really need to make new graphics. I could just add text boxes that say "You Found a key!" or "You moved this thing!" and just add some extra steps before you open the door. And through collecting and moving object around, I could add a little more information on the main character. But even if I add a munch of text boxes, there's a chance I might have ran out of time anyways for being slow and thourogh, or just dozing off. BUt yeah, If I were to update this game, I would probably add some extra things to do and see.

Just like the first game you made, this is a charming game with a very relatable message. Once again, I too, had to give up some things I cared about to meet a quata, only to realize later that I didn't really need to do it. It's easy to get caught up in the hype, be it to buy something, or to please someone else. Tech wise, this is a step up from your previous game. I like how you added a adventure game element and some 3d animation! And I love the banter between your characters. Your pretty good with character interactions. I also felt something in the second half, where she is force to give up things she would regret giving up later. And feeling that crunch to find items to fit the quota reminds me of me trying to raise money for something, or my parents making me clean my room, and being desperate enough to give up anything, even the valuable stuff. Boy, do this game give me flashbacks. In a good way too. And the message is very meaningful, and something not everyone talks about or realize. So it's good that your are spreading the massage that it's okay to not live up to expectations, be it other people's expectations, or your own.

Overall, I big step up from your first game. Thank you for sharing!

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This is such a pleasant game! the music and graphics are very relaxing, and the story is simple, but also spoken from the heart. I forgot how easy it is to just speak from experience. I too had to go out and buy some things while my parents was out too. This reminded me that I don't need to overthink everything when writing. So thank you for the lesson!

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 I intentionally made this fan game a stand alone story for those who haven't played Yoobii's Annventure games. That's why I made it a prequel, so I have room to carve out my own identity while using Yoobii's lore as a launch pad of sorts. The game's story complements the lore, but does  not rely on it when it comes to understanding this game.  Also, I'm glad this drummed up interest in Yoobii's games! He deserves it!

Thank you for playing!

This is a cute game! I can toatally see this be hosted somewhere like! You did a great job and making a engaging puzzle game!

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Yeah. I originally wanted the doopleganger to counterattack every time it takes damage, to encourage using a healing item, which would have been the cookie needed to defeat her, but I ran out of time before the deadline before I can fully figure out the battle mechanics.

Thank you! Yeah, there's some smaller things I need to fix up later.  The thing about waiting for the doppelganger to move is a limitation of the engine. I'll have to figure out a alternative way to do that that's much faster. Also, I'm glad you like the bread puzzle!

I can confirm that is is playable on mac via WineBottler. I have a mac myself, so I should know.

This is a nice simple game. I like how the musics sets the mood and the set peaces in the maze is a nice touch. It is kinda short despite the signs telling you it's not worth trying. I thought it was gonna be a somewhat complicated maze with some twisty gimmiks thrown in like flipping upside down, or having to navigate multible levels, or having to deal with winds that prevents you going down a certain way or something. But then again, mazes tend to be pretty easy for me, so I gues I was itching for a chanlange.

I guess the only thing that could be improve is having the option to move the camera with the arrow keys. I apreciate the option to tweak mouse sensitivity, buts ometimes, but I feel that my mouse preferences doesn't fit this game, I find myself loosing my barrings because of how easy it is for my mouse to turn me around pretty fast

in cramped hallways, and because the hallways look the same, it would take me a sec to process witch direction I'm facing. At the very least, a compass should help alleviate that.

Overall, this is a nice comfy game with a almost tranquil atmosphere. Thank you for the experience!

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I just finished the game and... I loved it! When I first played it, I was very sleep deprived, so I skiped past the tutorial and missed a lot of stuff. But now I finished the game, I realized that a lot of my initional thoughts where wrong. In the first playthrough, I stoped at level 3 where the doors are introduced, and I didn't realized that enimies where enemies. I thought they where obstacles since they didn't move.  Also, now that I know the end game, I think the narrator works very well. I grew to like him a lot by the end of the game.

I really like the final boss! It took me a bit to realize that F is not reset, but it was really fun once I figured it out! I can tell you played OFF. It was a really cool fight!

The message is kina flimsy since loosing confidence or gaining confidence doesn't really change how the player character act in gameplay. Maybe a different idle animation for lost confidence,  or a weaker shooting range could show that better.

The only problem I could find now that I finished the game is that the spikes mess with the flow of the game. I get that they are probably there for a thematic reason, but everytime I shoot a anemy, I have to stand in place for a few seconds to wait for the spikes to go away. Since they cause the most damage, and they aprear right next to me wven when I'm walking, the best way to avoid them is just wait. I got used to it after awhile, but my pataince does were a little thin. In level 8, the one where you have to climb up platforms, I would constantly fall down, but I kept climbing back up becuase it was a fin challange. But then when I got to the end, I ran for the portal and forgot to wait for spikes, so the pined me despite my half health and killed me. Forcing me to restart the level. Thr second time was a lot more frustrating, becuase the wow factor of progressing was gone. But yeah, the spikes are the biggest and probably only real problem of the game. They constantly break the flow of the game. I don't even need to charge them since none of the enemies move, so I don't need them for enemies. The spikes only harm me, and I'm not sure that was the intention. None of them hit the enemies.

But yeah, This is a great game! I had a lot of fun and it's technically polshed! YOu did a great job!

No prob! And thanks for explaining how the spikes work!I was shooting like a maniac becuase it felt cool. I'm not sure that wasexplained anywhere. And since I haven't encountered enemies, that probobly means I didn't get far. I think i'l try again now I know better. Thanks!

This is a pretty cute game! I gotta admit, I really enjoy the pep talk from the narrator. The music is charming and everything works from a technical level.

Okay, so while this game was fun, I noticed some areas it could improve.  managed to get to the key level before stoping, so I'll only adress what I seen up to that.

One minor thing I noticed is that the game leans a little hard on show and tell. I'm being told how the character is feeling, but the character themself doesn't react in any meaniful way. I know you did try, like with those mirrors, but at the end of the day, I, the player, shot those mirrors to proceed, not becuase I was in the character's shoes. If I was allowed to jump over the mirror, I would. Basically, there could some better ways to show what the character are feeling through their actions becides from telling the player what they are feeling and forcing the player to do things to proceed. Though that said, the elements worked for what it is, and they do ive the game some charm. So at the end of the day, this point is really monor. I did a great job for the time you had!

That said, the gun play could use work. This game seems to be more of a platformer then a shooter, and becides from plot items like the mirror, I don't know what purpose the shooting serve becides from thinly representing the character's destructive tendacies. Oh, and the rain drops that come down and damage you, sometimes they are random, and they would some times kill me at no fault of my own. I thought the shooting would get rid of them, but nah. That could use some work. Though it mainly becomes a problem in the doors level, where you started setting the check points back. On a side note, when you die when your getting the second key, you reset the entire level, while the other check points spawn you where you died. I'm not sure if that was intentional or a oversight. I'm gonna asume it's a oversight since the nariator doesn't say anything about it.

Overall, good game!  Thank you for sharing!

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So  that's how they work! Alright,  I should also note that the collision detection of the fires are not responsive all the time. Monsters would run past bonfires sometimes. I'm not sure if the hit box is too small or what. And since none of the torches worked for me, I guess the torches has the same collision problem.

Also, if you want to look up examples of UIs, try looking up the Quest for Glory Series. Platformers in general are also good with keeping the essential stuff easy to see when needed. Even dungeon crawler games like Zelda and even Binding of Isaac can help. I think what made it easier to keep track of things in those games is that the icons are larger, and they use pictures to communicate the player's status faster then just processing numbers in the mist of action.

I wish you luck!

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I gotta say, this is a pretty cool concept. A game where you forage for items and avoid monsters through randomly generated rooms in vein of the Binding of Isaac.  I do have some critiques though.

The biggest one is that I'm not really sure what purpose the torches serve. I thought they would be used to ward off monsters, but they just walk past them. They lit up a little when I stand near them, but I didn't really stick around long enough to see if something changes. Not to mention that you don't replenish your torch supply between deaths, and monsters rarely drop them, so I don't really have that much opportunity to experiment with them. If you explained how they work and what buttons to push for them in game, I apologize for missing it. If it isn't there, I quick run down of what does what at the start of the game would be nice.

Another thing to note is the User Interface. It took me a few deaths to notice the health bar. Even though it seems everything the player need is on the hud, I rarely get a chance to see or examine them because I need to focus on avoiding monsters. It would be nice if the health gauge popped out more. Like it being bigger for example. And on a part of the screen that's easier to look to, like one of the top corners. Just keep in mind that the player has little time to look at the hud, so making it easier check in the midst of running would be nice.

Also, due to the random generated nature of the game, sometimes monsters would appear in front of me to no fault of my own. And thier fast speed and how much damage they deal sometimes leads to cheap deaths. Sometimes, my skills isn't a factor, it's my luck.  And that could frustrate some players. Especially those who have particularly bad luck. I feel that should be balanced a little. Maybe the torches where implemented to alleviate that a little, but If I can't figure out how to use them, then how would other players fare? Not to mention the low drop rate of torches. I feel that adjustments can still be made to make the random generation less frustrating and more fun. It's exciting to not know what is next and having to react to it, but not having to ability to control your outcome can run thin after awhile.

And that's pretty much all I got so far. I like this game a lot! It has a good style and it's technically sounds. I like how respawns are quick and snappy and having intense music play when you are half way is a nice touch! Good job! And I look foword to seeing you improve in the future!

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I like the concept. The problem I have with it are mostly minor ones that works together to damper the experience..

The most obvious one is that when you fail, the game tells you to backspace to restart. The problem is that you have to wait a amount of time before the backspace button can work. There is no telling how long I have to wait to restart and the waiting period seems almost random each playthrough. It makes repeat playthrough a drag simply because you have to wait, and you don't know how long to wait.

Now with the biggest cratiqe out of the way, now for a smaller one that I'm not sure is by design or not. Either way, it could be better. Okay, so there's not enough time or room at the start to get a good sense of how the character moves. It feels like the lights cut out before I can get a feel of what arrow keys would do. Because of that, it's not just a matter of memorization, but also estimating how far the character goes in a single button press. It took me awhile to realize that I don't need to hold the arrow keys to move. If memorization is the focus, maybe a tutorial room you can access with the press of a button can be added to allow the player character to move around in a spacious room with the lights on until you return to the main room. That way, the player can get a feel on the controls, and then focus on memorizing the map.

Overall, a interesting idea, and one I think is worth a few more updates in the future to become a nice small experience. I would like to revisit this later and finally beat it when I have time. Keep up the good work.

I noticed quite a few oversights. If you fly into the spaceships flying at the side, they bounce you way ahead of the space station you need to land on. It's also pretty easy to miss the space station. The game over screen text also extends past the screen. Also, once you miss the space station and fly into the void, there is no in came reset button, so I have to manually refresh the browser page.
Also, with the benifit of hindsight, maybe reset at the start of the level would have worked better.

Becides from that, it's okay. I didn't had that much problem from the controls, even though it it a littl e hard to dodge. The ontrols as it is can work if the levels are buult around it.As it is, the inability to turn easy makes it hard to make hard turns in order to avoid the astorids.

The music and art is nice.

Yeah, that's all I have to say at the moment. I apreaciate the effort. May you learn from this experice.

I really like the voice acting! It reminds me of the phone calls from Fie Nights at Freddy's! The mic quality is a little ovious, but it adds to the charm.

The gameplay made me nostagic for those 3d meteor dodge minigames I would acosionally see from games from my childhood. It also reminds me of starfox a little.I can totally see you make a more in depth flying simulator if given the chance.

The music feels a little unfiting for a 3d game of thise scope, but it is pleasent sounding!

I know it worked for me and others. Is it a internet connection problem?