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Hey! Thanks for the detailed feed back! Some of the features that you're talking about here are already in the post jam version of the game. Mines don't immediately explode, they show a bomb icon that flashes for a bit until it explodes. These explosions are bigger, and will set off bomb timers around them! This can make things more frantic, and put the abundance of health power ups to better use. I can always look at other fonts, that's an easy thing to fix. 

Initially there was a penalty for clicking the wrong program, but that made the game too hard for those who play tested.  It was too unforgiving for most, and I've found that difficulty for jam games can be hard to peg down. So I will often lean towards what keeps people playing over difficulty. It was hard enough to explain to some people how to play, as most people don't experiment anymore and expect directions on how to play, hence the tutorial. At a minimum, I could add some sort of audio feedback for the wrong program being used to start. 

Overall, I just need to add some more feed back to the player on actions they take. There is some, but could use more on good and bad actions. I really appreciate the detailed feed back and recommendations! Thank you for taking the time to play and rate the game!

I included a full screen button so that it is easier to see the game in it's native resolution, are you using that?

Thanks for the detailed feedback! I had a blast making a sequel to a VERY horrible game from the past. The hacking wasn't what I had initially designed, but I'm glad it got shifted to this. It came out pretty good. Thanks for taking the time to play and rate the game!

Thanks for the feedback! Ya know, I only tested it out on 2 browsers (Brave and Chrome) and I noticed on certain streams of people playing the game that things would sometimes display differently depending on the browser. I do my development in Linux, but it shouldn't matter since the game itself is technically HTML5. Perhaps I need to start testing things with other browsers to see if it makes things wonky...

Either way, I'm glad you liked the game! It's a great deal better than the original CYBERHAX, and it's also a testament on my progress over the last few years. It's buggy, (like most of my games, lol) but it's thought out and polished enough that I'm proud of it! I have a few ideas to change the gameplay once the Jam is over, so I'm totally going to do a Post-Jam update shortly after voting ends. Again, thanks for taking the time to play and rate the game!

It's like a playable fever dream. The skeleton walk cycle is my favorite, for no other reason than how absurd it is. Beauty in motion. Great job! 

I didn't expect it to get as creepy as it did, but that was honestly the best part. Got both endings!

That's great news! Thanks for taking the time to drop some feedback. I really wanted to test myself a little and see if I could make something better out of the original idea, but also just to see how far I've come since the 2018 version. Thank goodness that I was able to squeeze in that tutorial in the last 2 hours!

Thank you again so much for the feedback, and thank you for putting this Jam on over the last few years. Looking back, this was the 2nd public Jam I ever took part in. If it weren't for Jams like this one, I'd never have gotten this far with my "hobby".  Thanks Ned!

I'm starting to think that adding tutorials are a must for every game I make. Thankfully, I got that advice about 2 hours before the deadline, lol. Thanks for playing the game and leaving feedback!

It's pong. Pong with a few twists, but pong. Pong with turtles. Tong? Portles? Turtle Pong.

I think I just made 8000 euros for baking a pizza with a severed foot. I'm also pretty sure that the sleeping turtle was in the fridge at some point. This game is odd, and absurd... but in a fun way. It just comes at you and when you see something funny, you don't have time to question it. You just put that severed foot an that pizza and keep at it! Fun little game. Nice Job!

It's pong. I don't know what the "fire button" is, so I couldn't do any fatalities :(

I collected some cranky, elderly men and then crossed the street. Upon doing so, I fell through the sidewalk into an infinite void. Good times. 

It's like Wario Ware, and similar titles. Graphically pleasing and the music fit the presentation. I enjoyed the eating game, especially when it gets frantic at the end. I wonder if this was tested at all? I couldn't get most of the other games to work. I ended up with a soapy duck that wouldn't jump in the shower...

I wish it stopped to tell me the high score. I also wish the farts had more... variance? It would have added another level of difficulty in concentration. It's a poop game, I don't want to set the bar too high. I cannot imagine that much time went into this one. But it was worth the 2 minute giggle, I guess.

I've never played any of those "5 nights" games so I'm assuming that's what this is similar to. It took me a minute to realize what I was looking at, but I understood quickly enough. It's interesting, and a little goofy, but that's what's charming about it. Is that Elvis? A Phalanx? It's comical. 

The humor was unexpected for such a cute looking intro. I am reminded of Happy Tree Friends in a way. The presentation was good during the intro, and the game play was handled well. Fun little game. 

There is so much that I like about this one. I cannot for the life of me to get to play it long enough without getting motion sickness. The volleys from the turrets come so quickly that I after the second level I wasn't able to get my ship to right itself long enough to return fire. If the effect of the shots was just a little be less, I might be able to stick it out. Honestly, it's a great game. I just wish it didn't make me want to vomit. 

Magic, Military, Turtles, Rapping... what doesn't this game have? I did not know that RPG Maker could export to web these days. It must have come a long way. Talk about a rewarding credit sequence. I appreciated the twists throughout, and the game play was more that I was expecting as soon as I noticed that it was an RPG Maker game. Great job. (especially on the credits) F.Y.I. I played it on web and had no issues. 

The plot, voice acting (cutting?) and overall production was a wonderful experience. Nanomachines, son. I got lost in the dark far too often, and I tried to use the stars to help me navigate through it to no avail. So far, this is the only game I've played more than once.

The graphics and animations stand out on this entry. The music was pretty good too. 

I guess the fox jumps if I click the mouse, but no matter what I do it keeps on going. I am not sure what to do.

I was only ever able to find 2 of the switches. The first time the turtle popped out it did make me jump a little. 

I did not expect the game to be as creative as it was with the game play. The twist was nice. It feels more like an experience than it is a game though.

I kind of wish I could annoy the tortoises in multiple directions. I got a score, but that's about it. 

The music makes me feel like someone is about to break up with me, but I'm somehow ok with it? It's a super simple game with a feel good kind of ending. There isn't much game but some basic platforming though.

It's easy to cheese the high score, but functionally it works. It's simple. If you were able to sync the movement of the cube with the beat of the music it might be more interesting. Other than the music playing over itself in the hardest mode I believe that it's working as designed. Keep it up!

Simple gameplay, but very bare-bones. I also use Construct 3 for my Jam games, so I can kind of see how it's put together. I'm not sure if it's the sound itself, or if the sound is playing over itself many times over, but when you beat a level it's LOUD. You can set a volume for a sound when you set what action plays it, so keep in mind that some of use use headphones! I made it to space! But then instantly died... I'm not sure if that was intentional or not, lol. Still, I had some fun playing your game. Thanks!

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Thanks for the detailed feedback! I often forget that people don't experiment as much as I do with games, so maybe I need to add a basic tutorial to show people what to do. I hope I have time left! EDIT: I've added a tutorial to the game that explains how it's supposed to be played. Thank you so much for providing feedback!

Thank you! This has been my best entry yet in any Jam that I've participated in. I appreciate you taking time to play the game and provide feedback! I'm working on a Post-Jam version and you can follow updates on that on twitter @FistmakerGames if you want! Thanks again for playing!

I love the GB pseudo-3D effect! Spot on! 

Best I could get was 1250 :( It's harder than it looks! 

I really liked the gameplay, but I kept getting stuck in a room (I think I translated something about garbage?) But couldn't figure out how to get out of there. Nice game though! Having a different sound for good operation of a switch / interactable instead of the same error sound would be helpful. I wasn't always sure if I was having an effect on the things I was trying. 

Thank you for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game! I really wanted people to explore and experiment like you had to back in the 80's. I had a great time making this one, and I'm working on a post-jam version as we speak!


Once I understood what the game was about, it was very cool! Innovative! I really like the concept! Sadly I kept running into a bug where my target cursor would just take off on it's own and never leave my own territory. Couldn't do much damage to the enemy after that. (Was using a controller btw) I really like this entry! You should keep developing this!

Great Job! Awesome NES feel and gameplay. (took me a minute to figure out falling through platforms was Hold down, and not Hold down and jump.) Very Megaman feel. Just wish there was a boss or the game was longer! Even the music fit the theme well. 

Thanks for playing! I wanted to give the players options on how to win, so combat being optional was in very early in the design process. You still need to evade enemies, but you can win without killing anything. Thank you so much for the feedback and taking time to play the game!

It's designed for controllers, but I was asked to add keyboard controls for those who do not have one. I had asked for feedback on what bindings to use, but this was the only response I got. So that's what I used. Thanks for the feedback! The post jam version has addressed many of the issues brought up so far, to include the slippery controls. I really appreciate you taking time to play the game!

The basic idea of the game is in the description on the submission page, and the NPCs all give hints on how to progress / make potions. Part of that era of games for me was exploration and experimentation. Initially, the only NPC was Granny and she didn't say much. After some playtesting, I added way more NPCs to give hints on how to proceed. Granny / NPCs all give players almost all of the recipes but leaves out at least one ingredient. The descriptions of the reagents also give some more hints. 

Either way, thanks for playing! Looks like I need to add more directions...

I've had a few people mention strafing, so I'll add that to the post Jam version. Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!