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Thank you for playing!

This game has a great atmosphere and I like the direction in which the idea was taken. The voice acting is well done and the mechanics were interesting to discover. The portal-esque opening video was hilarious. Well polished and I hope you continue to refine it and add some more to it after the Jam!

A really well polished and designed submission! The atmosphere was created really well, the sound design was perfect for the environment and the aesthetics worked well. The core mechanic was unique and really interesting to learn to use.

I had it built and ready to go with webGL, but sadly the URP packed it in. Most surfaces using custom shaders wouldn't render and since it was a last minute issue I didn't get the chance to upload it. I also attribute a lack of ratings to it being only downloadable and not playable in browser, its heart-breaking to see but it seems that those who did download & play the game enjoyed it :D

A well executed submission! The movement was well implemented and I liked the aesthetic. My only critique would be for the player to have to manage ammunition a bit better. Maybe have it drop from enemies? Otherwise, great work! 

I can't believe its not butter!

Jokes aside, I laughed so much while playing this game, when the phone rang the first time I flung the phone out to the right of the screen and the fact that I could do that completely sold it for me. The audio was hilarious, the premise was glorious and I honestly have no criticisms for this. An introduction to the real or not criteria might have been nice but it was strangely intuitive, seemingly awakening my dormant butter critic. All in all: loved it.


The audio was superb, really sold the atmosphere for me. Loved the way the player's animations were done too, and the black and white aesthetic really worked! Dragging the items to use them with objects confused me at first, but otherwise a really tidy submission.

Reading what is by every standard a professional, insightful and helpful review of our game is really amazing. Thank you so much for playing and enjoying.

I suppose the largest limiting factor was time, I regret not coming up with the puzzles sooner. They were almost frantically designed and integrated in order to make the story work and meet the deadline. For the icon on interacting, I have the sprites ready to go but just didn't quite have the time to implement it. (I also entirely forgot that jumping was something I had done. The trick was to jump up on the Jars, and for those that had already used them it was possible to make the jump from the green boxes. I'll add that to the list of controls.)

Your feedback is truly spot-on. I agree with so much of what you've said and I'll be fixing / changing lots after the Jam. To receive feedback, let alone praise from the developer of one of my favourite submissions to this competition is honestly great to see. Thank you for taking the time to play what we've made! 

Thank you for playing! The visuals were an idea bouncing around my head for a while and I think it worked with what we were going for. I had wanted to slow down movement and add a little camera movement to immerse the player some more, but I ran out of time haha. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

It means so much to hear this, thank you so much for the feedback and I'm really glad you enjoyed playing!

A really interesting puzzle game! Loved exploring the concept and the puzzles were satisfying to solve :D

A really nice idea thats been well executed! Platforms disappearing meant that timing jumps was crucial and that added an element of difficulty to playing. Music was gorgeous :D

Superb submission. This is honestly incredible. I loved learning the mechanics and solving the puzzles, which are in of themselves expertly designed. Everything about this game is so well crafter from the audio to the art, gameplay to the feedback and the atmosphere created kept me engaged and interested.


Incredible. Genuinely. I hadn't seen that twist coming at all and the suspense was incredible. I was truly scared to walk back the way I'd come and seeing my beloved plant in ruin was heart-breaking. The Only thing I wished was in the game was a little click for the button when you stepped on it. Otherwise, this submission was charming and then honestly terrifying and interesting to explore. Well done. 

As an aside, we'd love to interview you for Please feel free to contact us via twitter @IndieGameOTW or contact me on Discord via the Brackeys Server. Loved playing this and it deserves an award.

A tidy idea! I found it really difficult at first, the motion of the platforms seemed quite arbitrary and changed direction without much telegraphing, making it really challenging initially. Perhaps starting with easier levels and progressing to more difficult ones over time would be a good idea. Overall not a bad submission :D

The amount of polish on this submission is genuinely impressive! The puzzles were engaging and the process of learning how to use the mechanic of toggling platforms was really fun! Playing this game was responsive, and the feedback from collecting keys and completing levels was really well done and made me want to keep playing :D Certain parts were quite tricky to get the hang of. The collision with spikes felt a tiny bit off sometimes and wall jumping was difficult at first.

An amazing submission.

A really interesting concept! At times it was even scary to play :D My only feedback would be that the camera movement felt a bit uneasy at times, and it would have been really good to see that tension be built up more over the course of playing. The audio felt a bit out of place, but other than that it was genuinely fun to learn how the game works and explore the world you've created! With more polish this could become a truly frightening horror game.

Hi there! Glad you enjoyed playing :D There's a guide in the comments of the Game Page that shows how to skip the goo puzzle (It seems to be slightly bugged as well with some raycasting issues). Thank you for playing!

It means so much to hear this. Thank you for enjoying what we've made :)

Thank you! I felt it definitely suited the ambiance we were going for :D

Thank you! Taking a look at your submission now too :D

I'll post another update to the guide today to help people out :D I might have gone a little overboard with the puzzles.

The gun gadget made me laugh so hard XD 

A charming and funny submission. Might have benefitted from a menu / title screen and a gentler introduction but overall interesting & fun to pick up and play :D

I knew I had forgotten something haha. Yes hitting the stack twice will break it :( I agree that the chessboard might be a bit finnicky too so I'll upload the solution to the guide soon :D Eventually the guide should cover all the super difficult things / borderline broken things.

Hi there!

Clues to the final locations of the chess pieces are all on the notes hidden throughout the station. In total there are 10 things to collect with 5 being scraps of paper that give information regarding where the pieces should be placed on the final board. We'll update the guide on the game's page so that other's don't hit this roadblock.
Would you mind describing how the card game broke? I hadn't encountered that when testing haha, but a Jam game wouldn't be complete without a variety of bugs showing up after publication XD

Thanks for taking the time to play and the feedback is genuinely important to hear!

A good, grounded and simple idea that led to interesting puzzles! Really well executed :D

*Jumps into mine*

A well designed submission! Levels were constructed in a way that made them interesting, challenging at first and fun to play :D

It means so much to hear this :D Thank you for enjoying what we've made, we're glad you liked it!

It is eerie! I was searching for the word to describe it haha.

A really interesting and original core mechanic! It was fun to learn to use properly. The first implementation of recursion (first level) was really smoothly done it, caught me by surprise the first time :D It could have benefitted from an explanation regarding the barriers but otherwise its great! Love the music too and the aesthetic suits the game well.

Loved the music and the visual style employed! A fun game to try and improve at and definitely gave off that high-octane  energetic neon impression.

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What follows is a guide to some of the puzzles in the game. Please do attempt them all yourself first, and if you are really stuck then come and have a look here. [This will continue to be updated as more people play the game and point out tricky things].

The Jars

This is the trickiest one in the game. The Jars scattered across the station are shown to contain a black goo, the same goo can be seen next to the student's table, highlighting an eye pointing towards the wall. The goo is also spilt on the artists paper. 

Key point: Goo can reveal hidden things and can stain paper.
If this has given you an idea, go try it out!

To solve the trail puzzle, try and interact with the wall next to the spilt black liquid, where the eye is. Make sure to interact while holding a full jar. Maybe if you look in the right place, the jar will spill to reveal the next step :D [The trail puzzle concludes with the revelation of a large mural on the back blank wall where the tracks end (below). If you'd like to skip to the end of this horrible puzzle, then pick up a jar and spam left click around the wall where the track ends. It'll reveal a massive eye and a code.]

To solve the Card puzzle, you either have to be very lucky or very clever. The aim of the puzzle is to find the queen of hearts, the lost love of the artist. Maybe you'll have noticed how the jars of black goo seemed to have stained the artists paper. To solve this you need to grab a jar and interact with the queen of heart lying in front of you, then click on the stack of cards. All you have to do now is pick the card you marked!

The Portraits

In total there are 10 things to find throughout the station that lend significant information to the player in order for them to complete the game. In hindsight it would have been a good idea to maybe force the collection of all the items. The ticket master tells you when you've collected all there is to find, and the clock chimes when something important is found. The player is only "supposed" to return to the board at 11:50.

A portrait can be found from a puzzle or just lying around the station. The portraits depict one of the characters and contain a note written from their perspective, describing the final position of another piece. Its important to think deductively and observe the environment. Pay special attention to chairs, props, strategically placed bins that helpfully catch a spent bullet casing, therefore meaning the shot must have been fired to the left of the bin, and anything else you might find! Nothing has been put anywhere arbitrarily.

On its way :D

Hi there!

I created and continue to run a website called IndieGameOfTheWeek, and we were hoping you'd be interested in contacting us either via email or over twitter! :D This submission was unique, fun, interesting and oddly satisfying  :)  We'd love to request a small interview and offer you our humble award.


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Hi there!

I created and continue to run a website called IndieGameOfTheWeek, and we were hoping you'd be interested in contacting us either via email or over twitter! :D We really enjoyed playing this game and we'd like to request a small interview and offer you our humble award.


You deserve an award for the title alone :D

Hi there! It'd be great to get in touch :D Please feel free to reach out to @IndieGameOTW on twitter!

We're trying really hard to get in touch with you. Do you have a business email or something similar like a twitter that we can contact you via? <- our email