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The level is randomly generated. Unfortunately one of our last minute fixes broke the Rats, sorry about that.

Thanks for playing!

Its unfortunate the Rats never killed the player, although Spiders should have been able to kill you. The level was supposed to be darker although I must have forgot to fix the lighting. Thanks for playing! :D

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Hey there, I'm looking for a team/partner for the Jam-O-Lantern 2023 or VR Halloween Jam 2023 game jam (or really just any upcoming game jam)

Reply with your Discord if you're interested.

Are you looking for another developer?

Hello, I'm looking for a team or to create a team.

If you're in need of a Unity programmer, or looking for a team, reply with your discord.

Good luck everyone! :D

What is your discord?

That's strange. Honestly I'm not sure, it sounds like a Unity issue.

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I started working on this game early last year but abandoned it after a week or so.

Just a few days ago I came back to the project to finish it, and here is the final result! It's not perfect, and it does have a horrible name, but if you are interested in horror games, this one might interest you.

The Pursuer is a game where the player wakes up in a house, with the goal of escaping while being hunted down by a man with a machete.

They most likely do store stuff such as IP addresses to prevent bots from manipulating a game's popularity.

Hey there, could I get your Discord?

Let me know if you're still looking for projects to work on. :)

We are developing it in Unity so C#.

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An artist and I (the developer) are working on a topdown action rpg game. The game will have a story, quests, bosses, etc. The basics of an rpg game but with some unique mechanics and art style.

We are looking for people of all skills; artists, composers, programmers, writers, etc.

More information will be given if you are interested.

If you are not interested in working on an RPG game, or if you are a 3d modeler, we can create another small game to help build our portfolios.

This is a rev-share position.

Add me on discord if you are interested - electrogames

If you're still interested, can I get your discord

Its been awhile haha. Can I get your discord?

If you are looking to build up a portfolio and create some small free games, let me know. :)

What game engine/graphics library are you using?

Great art style, there are a few bugs but overall, cool game.

What is your Discord?

Bro I'm terrified that the enemy will jump out of my monitor and tear my face off but I need to face my fears.

I added you.


I have sent you a friend request on Discord.

Preferably artists

It will be a new project, so we can brainstorm all of that if you are interested. :)

Hey, what is your discord?

Yes, all earnings will be shared.

AI hasn't advanced that much where you can choose them over humans lol. It may be close but we aren't there yet lol. I have tried using AI before, and it often changes its code a lot, forgets things in revisions (and even out of revisions), etc. If you are having multiple classes, it might confuse it. Anyways, good luck. I would be excited to see how it turns out. :)

Added you

Hey there. Do you have discord?

Hey, what is your discord?

Hey, I may be interested. Do you have discord?

Hey, I added you if you are looking for a developer.

Hey, I added you if you are looking for a developer.

I have added you :)

I think most people here can't afford to pay artists, especially since most indie games fail.

If you are looking for paid work, this might not be the best place although I hope you find someone :)