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Thank you for the opportunity!

Superposition is a simple sokoban style puzzle game about duplication. By splitting yourself into multiple copies you have to maneuver onto all goal tiles simultaneously to progress. I've been working on the game and engine for the better part of the past year and a half and I'm really excited to finally have it out in the world. Please give it a try and let me know what you think!

Game is available here!

So digging a little deeper into this, looks like other people have run into similar problems with other Unity games. It looks like on Windows Unity stores player preferences in the registry... which seems asinine to me. I don't know how comfortable you are with editing the registry but it appears you'll have to go in there and either edit it or just delete the keys related to input from there then just restart the player:

"On Windows, PlayerPrefs are stored in the registry under HKCU\Software\[company name]\[product name] key, where company and product names are the names set up in Project Settings."

I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvenience.

There are some problems when we build out to Linux, but it's something I definitely want to support. I'll update with more info if it becomes available.

Thank you so much! What started out as a fun excuse for us to get together and make something ended up turning into this giant project. Couldn't be happier with the result.

Wow this is really cool! I really like the lights and smoke from the buildings, makes it feel alive like a factory.

Great job for 8 days!

Super cute and fun little game! Love the animation on CHOMP.

Really awesome job.

Hah, funny voice acting on the character select. I also love your menu background.

I don't really have the ability to play against someone else right now but it seems super cool!

Nice job.

Wow I really enjoyed your sprite work! VR Jeff was super funny.

Nice job duder!

Not really a game but it had me laughing the whole way through. No option to turn the music off was also a nice touch.

Nice job!

Dunno what to say, just top notch stuff duders.

Art, animation, music, gameplay, controls, it's all just so good.


Man I love your style. Good job with what you were able to complete.

Fun little space shooter with cute doggos.

Although I have to say I wasn't expecting it on my second time through when I ran into the street. Little touches like that are what make games special.

Really nice job.

I'm a good boy.

Funny concept and great art! If I never have to hear those WAH samples again I'll be super happy.

Nice job duder!

Got to 159, probably coulda kept going higher if I tried!

Really interesting take on "EvW" being the two keyboard keys. Fun little reaction game.

Nice job!

Wowowow! Pretty robust in terms of a game mechanic, impressive! Got the hang of it really fast and it was super fun to get through.

Awesome job, duder!

Friggin' great duder! Some choice Rorie quotes and fun art style and nice sprite ripping.

Super enjoyed this.

That was pretty cool. Nice variety on the random scenarios and at the pit stops.

I was impressed with how simple and clean the interface was, was clear and concise.

Nice job!

Super goofy and fun, love the face cutouts. Really simple concept for a multiplayer game that's also pretty fun to play solo to maximize a combined score!

Great job!

If you happen to check this page again I wanna verify you're seeing the _ at the end of the text line, which signifies you can advance to the next one. There might be a bug in the textbox I haven't run across.

@PolarisInParis The keyboard controls are Z to confirm and X to back, are you sure you were hitting Z? I can't see a reason why keyboard controls wouldn't be working... only other suggestions are to make sure that the window has focus obviously or try with a gamepad. What OS are you running by chance?

edit: Wait you obviously got to the intro so it's not like the controls aren't working. Make sure you're using Z. If it's still not working it'd sure be nice to know why.

Thanks for fixing the movement, I was able to play through it now.

As everyone else is saying, really nice job on the visuals. Looks super nice.

Gameplay is pretty simple and I didn't really have any problems dealing with the zombies. The movement could be finicky a couple times too.

Nice job!

This looks really slick, nice job on that front.

It appears I can't actually move though! I've tried every key on the keyboard as well as a gamepad.

Man I like clickers, even just hitting that reset to transfer that multiplier just feels so good.

Not having a headset isn't ideal but I had a good time making that number go up, if you fleshed this out more it'd be pretty cool!

Nice job!

Sucks you couldn't get this presentable in time, but no worries. Sounds like you got some good stuff done for yourself which is important too.

This was a funny experience, full of references.

Not much of a game here but the interface was clear and I liked your textboxes!

Cool concept.

Super weird visual style along with the jarring music gave a pretty interesting experience, I liked it.

The vehicle is really hard to control though which may have been the desired effect but at a certain point you can't overcome the speed!

Nice job duder!

Really cool idea, love the concept.

I really like the execution too, really nice job on the visual effects! I just wish there were more game mechanics to it which is understandable given the short time window.

Would be cool to see this idea expanded upon! Nice job.

This was a pretty funny experience, was originally turned off by the daunting nature of the sandwich shop until that turned out to be a ruse.

Nice use of audio and simple visual style. The sounds and intense view bob made walking around feel pretty good too.

Nice job!

Looks pretty incredible, for 8 days of work I have to say job well done.

Not entirely sure if there is a goal though, seems like all there is to do is run around and push stuff? The climbing also seemed to not work I would frequently get stick in the climbing animation at the top.

Pretty cool dual-joystick shooter!

I enjoyed the intro bit, it was a little fast and hard to follow but that sort of added to the text.

Nice job.

Really interesting style, a little short, pretty challenging.

Nice job duder!

Really cool, enjoyed the style of this game. Got into a good flow of traveling, earning stuff to sell, and min-maxing duders to be the most efficient.

I happened to run into a Metal Gear which took 20k+ of my fuel though, which stopped me in my tracks and was impossible to recover from, was that intentional? Kind of a bummer so far into my game!

Also I would recommend some way to automate the clicking process, such as a "sell all" type thing. Exhausting to do all the clicking on the road and then undo all that clicking with more clicking in the shop.

Other than that, great job! Also, interesting choice of picture for Rorie.


What a cool thing you've made duder! The level of polish in this thing is unreal for 8 days. I absolutely loved playing it. The visual presentation, the music, etc. were all top notch! Nice little touches too like the bounciness of all the onscreen elements and seeing the attendee line up in the background too. I especially loved the people you grabbed to throw in as attendees, it put a smile on my face and made me appreciate all the games industry people I recognize and enjoy thanks to this goofy video game website.

My only real gripes: I didn't even realize there was the phone that had info on it, I thought it was just for pausing the game, I ended up doing perfectly fine without it though. I also noticed some typos in certain people's names which led to some false-denies which were actually legit.

Really though, amazing job!

Wow, that was really cool and well made!

Great animation on the dudes, and the fighting felt OK in general between blocking, softening them up and finally heavy attacking them. I also loved your use of photos and weird impressionist crew portraits.

Only thing is the lack of enemy healthbars, particularly on the drones. I wasn't sure I was hitting them at first until I realized they take multiple hits to kill.

Also Drew doesn't swear!

Great job duder.

I was getting about 3 hiragana ships per game maybe?

Really great job duder! Was not expecting a typing game going into this and I was pleasantly surprised. The entire presentation is pretty top-notch, especially for only 8 days of work! I also wanted to say nice heads up on letting TAB switch to the next lane. I was hitting that naturally as I was typing and only after a few moments did I realize "hey, that actually did what I thought it would!"

Only real complaint is that there aren't enough words.

What a cool thing. Great job!

Nice and simple, well executed little time-trial thing.

Really like the pixel duders, and it was an inspired choice to use Pacman Drew for the hit sound. The game feels really good.

Gets hard pretty quickly! My only real complaint is that there isn't more to it but for a week of work it's pretty cool.

I dunno if the world is ready for multiple Snoop Doggs though.

Nice job!

Cool game! My first run with 5 seconds to spare.

Nice visuals and simple concept. I also love the music, couldn't sound Bombier if it tried. I also appreciated your billboards.

Wasn't particularly hard though. The obstacles didn't really impede movement much, I never found a reason to slow down and could just put the pedal to the medal the whole way.

Nice job!