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The E3 TrailView game page

Submitted by sadaust, THEGRANDEMPEROR — 9 minutes, 14 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Giant Bombitude#44.0204.444
Sights & Sounds#232.4122.667

Ranked from 9 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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This game doesn't run for me :/


I had so much fun with the gameplay in this one. Really nice work!


@PolarisInParis The "Jeff and Jeff" thing was just a flaw with the way I came up with to do events, I was going to fix it but THEGRANDEMPEROR agreed that it would be funnier to leave it in (characters with 0 hp can also take part in events, same reason). Starting at West is about a 15 minute game, and East is about 90 minutes.


I don't care if it's a glitch, reading "Jeff and Jeff get in a fight about who's the best at fighting games" made me laugh so hard.

I really feel the speed of the game could've been drastically faster, though. My mouse is wearing out from so much clicking! Still, terrifically funny and some surprisingly complex systems at play, even if there are a fair amount of glitches.

The random events were really funny and I enjoyed that I could theme the different items and think "Yeah, this duder would want to buy that!"

That said, the car movement speed was really slow, and that caused the game to drag a bit. If you're doing a clicker the "auto-clicking" type stuff needs to get going faster cause spamming click in between stops gets tiring. Also, at the stops it would have been nice to be able to trade in lots of stuff for cash quicker.

Enjoyed it though!


@jwang19: I don't know why that is happening and Microsoft doesn't give enough information about the detection to figure out why.

@MiniChimera: Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? If that doesn't work you might need to install DirectX 9.0c don't have a Windows 10 computer to check this issue on sorry)

@LCom: I thought about adding a trip log at one point but thought no one would want it. If we make another build I might add a button to the end to generate a log.

@Aska: I don't think that was what was intended when we made the event but that is what the code says. (AKA woops we made a typo) if we end up making another build we will be sure to fix that


Excuse me, just min-maxing my gunpla build over here. Good pulls for items and character resources. A twitter/ instagram / trip log would be cool for getting pull quotes and unique interactions for specific party setups, but that's more of a post-jam implementation idea.

A clicker with an explicit goal is cool, and I really like the idea of loadouts and resources being worth different amounts at different shops. Don't think it needs mini games, but types of forecasts about upcoming events so you can strategize about how to load out (attacks are coming up, so I want to make sure people have enough str to fight them off, but also big rigs are worth hella lots in the next town, so risk losing alex in a fight for a huge payoff if he survives the trip?)

other then that, just gonna echo the "quality of life" improvements. Sell all button. I played it for a bit by having it running in the BG. I'm not into clickers, but I could get into this.


Really cool, enjoyed the style of this game. Got into a good flow of traveling, earning stuff to sell, and min-maxing duders to be the most efficient.

I happened to run into a Metal Gear which took 20k+ of my fuel though, which stopped me in my tracks and was impossible to recover from, was that intentional? Kind of a bummer so far into my game!

Also I would recommend some way to automate the clicking process, such as a "sell all" type thing. Exhausting to do all the clicking on the road and then undo all that clicking with more clicking in the shop.

Other than that, great job! Also, interesting choice of picture for Rorie.

Hey duder, I'm on Windows 10 and Windows Defender says the .exe is malware.

It detected it as a Trojan:Win32/Mulrolu.C!cl

Can you upload a new build?


@MiniChimera: That sucks that you're having troubles. sadaust will be on later and be able to hopefully figure that out for you. :)


Having problems on windows 10, I open the game and all I see is a white screen and a music playing =(


@joystickhero: There were a few things we didn't have time to implement.

Having a vehicle select with different speeds.

Tons more event ideas.

Minigames. (although this one would have taken 4ever, so we would have had to finish a couple days early)

As for stats: Some events have thresholds that you need to beat to get a good outcome. For example: if your agility is above a certain number, you will take less damage than if you weren't agile enough to dodge whatever it was. We could have translated that a little better(or at all) to the player, but I assure you that there are calculations going on behind the scenes for the events.

Cool idea, kinda wish there were more random events, and maybe something else to do while waiting for the next random event other than clicking "make X". Changing the speed / food consumption rate might be cool. Also, stats didn't seem to do anything? I couldn't tell.