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Game is simple, and your sound track does a lot of heavy lifting. I think the enemies were still firing after they were gone? While they were still exploding at least? Made me chuckle tho!

Good style, good pacing, good Big Ass Ramp. Some of the game the controls were not as expected? But overall very well executed!

I would say this is maybe the best "trivia" game from the entries? Specific mailbag entries are some real deep cuts, and it's just enough mental math to get right. "Mass Effect 2? That's Alex, that's east" and making all the connections and getting points made me feel really smart, more than just getting a question right. And then mix that with some boardwalk basketball and this was pretty fun. I could see this as a 2 on two game where one from each team is in the middle trying to sift the stuff and recognize where it goes, then calling it out while chucking it towards their team mate who has to catch and do the dexterity to make sure it gets in the right basket. That sounds really fun to me.

Also, "Regular ass packages can go straight in the trash" is a motto to live by.

Oh god, why didn't I think to trash the funkos that's genius

A lot of people went with microgames theme but I like the full on board game level you put in here. the games themselves seemed to control okay as well. Minigame doesn't have to mean bad game, and this feels like the first step in showing that.

That was  a nice take on 13 Deadly Sims, each one's story was pretty clear even with only the simple mechanics. Nice!

Lunch Any% strat: The Subway door has collision but the rest of the building does not. I'm gonna remember that at my next lunch break.

Nice work! I had a glitch that reset my game collection progress? but worked fine the second time. Best last hits since Dota.

I was hoping the bell would open a portal to an easter egg or something, but at least it reacted and dinged. Good attention to detail. And just, whole concept chef's kiss.

I like the premise and the sprite art is really good and clear caricatures. Also as practice is a good reason to visit a bunch of different genres. Keep it up!

Really good clip pulls. Would love to see how it ranks.

Nice style. Is that supposed to be some sort of Hellrazer Nug Configuration she's hanging out in? Simple concept but fun!

I find in games like this it doesn't mean much to have a score, because "I was the only one not to die" is such a clear victory condition people would ignore any other ways to look at it.

I can see how having powerups to fight over would add way more depth to the game, and give a lot of ways to play with mechanics both on offense and defense. But then also at that point you'd have to work to make that match 3 aspect really matter again. I could see it mattering if you tied the block spawn patterns to character selection and/or garbage block mechanics. Like if blocks came out already somewhat sorted, and then a good combo / power just shuffles the board and makes clearing it take time again.

If you do get to expand it I'll be sure to come back and see how far you get!

Cool to know it uses the same brush method, I bet it really is just a question of figuring out it's order of operations then. That's really cool! It plays just find now I'd say, might just have to set limits to how close together it'll pick points to move, or something to that effect.

Love Lunar Lander, love the little tweaks you played with between levels. The outer space levels reminded me of old dos games with the full screen BG locked to the screen under all the sprites. The zero grav level would have been less sickness inducing if you had it locked in place instead of it trying to spin and squish to stay filling the viewport. Also, same level, one of the obstacle blocks is just out of line with the player enough that I was able to slip under it and shortcut most of the level ;3 But I'll take it. Really enjoyed the whole thing! Should ppost the full res version of the character portraits somewhere!


Shooting at each other makes a lot of sense, but maybe it could have just been a constant beam instead of projectiles? Good idea, decent execution, good job!

Yeah, that checks all the multi cart boxes. Roscoe for Best New Character at GOTY this year.

Simple, but it works! everything you need is there. And a nice pull as inspiration.

Can't wait to see where you go next!

ACK. I couldn't play for more than like 2 minutes, but because I was getting the exact some frantic juggle action that I get off Cook Serve Delicious / Overcooked and games of those ilk. So take that as a good sign?

Mmmm it's got those good good slidey pixel edges. Good dialog work too, I could hear their voices in my head as I read along!

Really cool concept, loved how you mapped a donation stream to a clicker.

Buy ramen, buy Backalar, buy money turn one. Always a strong move.

Really dark, but in a way I could get into (tho made harder to get into knowing it's loosely based on real people, but change the names and I'm totally down). I enjoyed reading it, and I'll keep fingers crossed that chapter two may one day come out (even if it's also just more a fic than a text adventure)

P.S. the notes at the end of the PDF for later plot points sounds like really wild sitcom episode titles. Jeff Cracks the Whip. Abby Find The Real Ben. Ben Witnesses A Murder. Always Sunny but shot like a police procedural.

Nice animations and the feel was pretty good! I think the the color band compression was a nice effect, but the down res filter made it hard to make out the text and even the bullets. Maybe a really visible hitspark when a bullet hit a wall or enemy would make it feel better — track the bullet from you to hit if you can't make it out in flight.

Super super into the environments in this game! Tilt the camera so it's a bit more Outrun than Spy Hunter so we can really revel in them next time!

I'm guessing the cars from the bottom are putting the warning arrow where they are, rather than taking account of lane shifting to tell you where they will be when they get to the screen. But hey, Lane tracing works for the cars, just have to have the arrow do that too on their own (mmm just make them a car with no hit box?). Very cool tho, would love to see more.

Nice job! That's some really goofy fun

Are there nodes under the faces that are what you're grabbing? It seems like you and the computer have different levels of fidelity for grabbing parts of the face, which makes it really hard to match the example. But, if there's no such thing as a perfect play that's more interesting for a competitive game~

The Sequel to Crystal Caverns we never knew we needed?

Oooo, physics toys along the path could be really fun...I'll keep that in mind for the next iteration!

Thanks! I would've kept tweaking the bounce physics, but something in my mind told me that was going to require some real thinking about physics (or at least going back and really cribbing reverse engineering my source material) on top of probably switching to deltaT over per frame physics, but I didn't want to break something that was already working well enough.

When that first shift happened and revealed the hidden room behind the bushes, I was kinda blown away. This is really cool! The stark graphics (technically more than 1 but less than 8 bit I guess?) I think really help sell / hide the perspective change. It's really cool, really slick for a game jam entry. Also your sprite work is spot on! Really good job!

I died of Dysentery along the way.

Grid based, collect keys, floor sure you were inspired by God Hand and not old-school PC RPG's?

For real tho, not bad. I legit did flick the right stick and was confused for a second when he didn't do a backflip dodge. If the dodge was an attack cancel, I would've used it more than just moving out of the way. Was there a range on the enemy attacks? Or did it just seem like it with my old man reflexes?

Shattering Garfields is a really unnerving concept. Good job having a styyyyyle that made my spine crawl. I love it.

That was a cute little romp. Honestly would have been nice to get everyone represented in the game, even if it was with just more ghost cameos in the background, but got a good framework going of being or carrying things back and forth to meet everyone and trigger the references. Really good style in the game too, very cohesive, and if you toldme the title card was a commercial bumper for a new Adult Swim-esque show I could believe you.

I love this - I'm always on the look out for new competitive puzzle games (I was also inspired by the GB puzzle game streams for one of my earlier Giant Rom entries!)

All the pieces are there and working, but it's not quite a great versus game yet. Best move seems to be get a perfectly vertical bounce locked in and then wait for the other player to goof themselves.

Plus the part where it takes an inhuman accuracy to play the puzzle part with any accuracy. I feel like this idea might work better with Zoop mechanics (the ball has a color, goes thru and removes any color matched blocks, but swaps colors with and bounces off differently colored blocks), or go the other other way and make it Scorched Earth based (input angle and power to try and bounce / arch the ball onto a specific brick in the grid, maybe even on a shared board).

it's novel. I love experiments like this!

Banana Dye Goku and Rio De Janeiro Goku got me real good. Also the Kiln of Anime. Honestly, had me chuckling all throughout.

Thanks for putting in the time and effort to make something cool!

I saw you left a comment on the main page, but to rate you have to be on the entry page you get to by viewing it from the jam. Unless you were somehow on a one of the games I did for a previous Giant Rom...

Or even just as a stand alone lightest-weight video editor. Pick the videos and soundtrack direct from the hard drive. Baby's First AMV tool. Then export to a full weight editor? That's a utility I would want to pick up.

I'm on an old version of GMS1 even, but last time I tried to update it the whole thing got unstable, so I guess I wont be updated until the next time I need to start from a fresh HDD. Besides, I got some export modules really cheap thru Humble so to me upgrading sounds like a great way to reduce my possible audience.

Why wouldn't that trick work anymore? Also, that sounds like a fun trick~ I generally think in terms of player layer / object layer / etc, but if I ever try something isometric that sounds like a must-do!

Haha, Well that might be the authentic experience, cause I was sitting here trying to do it by myself with two controllers. I'm curious how having 3 actual players would work. It's nice that you can push it faster with everyone behind it, but my bet is it'll always be better to just have one person push and everyone else in front constantly firing with max level blasters.

Works as advertised. I would love to at least pick the 3 videos individually, but I know that's beyond the source material. But like, there's a weirdly sketch-step quality to this? I definitely had some moments where something very nearly worked and I wished I could just import it into final cut to just tighten it up and slide some of the cuts.

Dumb idea, great execution. Love it.