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@warmonger Yeah I tried to leave a response this morning and it disappeared! Apparently there's a character limit for comments that if exceeded it just throws away your message!

I totally meant to have it draw in the different color for that level, I could upload a fixed version, but I'd be too tempted to add a new feature. Last night I realized a perfect match for the ice would be mud tiles that slow you while you're on them. Would hurt your time, but would be a way to let you adjust your timing for dealing with the fireballs in the last two levels!

The explosion was a holdover from a version of game over before the timer was a mechanic, but also all the runners / interns are androids. So every time you die, a new one has caught up to the last checkpoint, and you run past the smouldering ruins of the last intern.

Surprise, it's also kinda dystopian future. The last level is in the design titled "Level 4: The Los Angeles Unstable Tectonic Zone and Convention Center."

@bollard At one point I broke the jump counter so you had infinite jumps, and it felt almost exactly like Flappy Bird. I considered going that way for a little bit, because I do like the feeling of having a very predictable jump arc and being challenged to put it in the exact right place, but ultimately I decided I liked the idea of jumps being a kind of resource. You have to be very selective about when to jump, and you're not in the air all the time. The forced ground time is a matter of pacing, a period marked by a decisive absence of action. If I had more time for level tweaking, there would have been more space between hazard sections as a place to breath and reflect on the previous hazard.

There was a phrase with a 2 for sweatdrop face, and I had 0 sweat drop faces on the right side bar, but choosing that option made it go down to -4. Also every icon has it's own bar of faces.

On paper this game sounds fun, it's a pretty great premise, and I'm sure there's some actual math going on, but I just can't figure out what the UI is trying to tell me.

Moves and plays, got a choice in it (even tho always go akimbo), and there's something to "The Last Game" in the sense of Patton Oswalt talking about Bush being "The Last President".

Sounds like you learned something making this, so looking forward to what comes next!

Only two levels, but good work with them! It's a solid start, and the plans for the rest of the game sound thought out.

Reminds me a little of playing mono mode in Audiosurf. Feels like it could use some variance in sign layouts, a 4x4 occasionally, or a section that's a slalom of only GB signs.

Overall pretty clean. Nice work!

Reminds me a lot of flash games I would play in the computer lab in high school, and that's not a bad thing. Small and simple, but feels like a complete idea. That's a feat!

Really cute!

Posted in D3 jam comments

Really simple, pretty easy once you get the rhythm of the cycle to keep everyone up. The game-ness could use some more work, but the premise of it is really cute. Dan running around trying to keep everyone liking him.

The intro being an auto scroll was the best way to do it. It's the first bit of writing in this jam that's had me actually burst out laughing.

Rest of the game is functional enough, but between "Kill Video Games" and that convo super glad I checked this out.

I'll take some clicker game jokes!

Shoot the Lock was probably my favorite one, but friendly ghost was a close second.

Excuse me, just min-maxing my gunpla build over here. Good pulls for items and character resources. A twitter/ instagram / trip log would be cool for getting pull quotes and unique interactions for specific party setups, but that's more of a post-jam implementation idea.

A clicker with an explicit goal is cool, and I really like the idea of loadouts and resources being worth different amounts at different shops. Don't think it needs mini games, but types of forecasts about upcoming events so you can strategize about how to load out (attacks are coming up, so I want to make sure people have enough str to fight them off, but also big rigs are worth hella lots in the next town, so risk losing alex in a fight for a huge payoff if he survives the trip?)

other then that, just gonna echo the "quality of life" improvements. Sell all button. I played it for a bit by having it running in the BG. I'm not into clickers, but I could get into this.

Even if there's not a game, I'd take a crack at whatever input system you got working. There's value in feedback on making something that /feels/ good, even if it's not a full game.

I'm very much against clickers, but I'm very much into things in VR that have no need to be in VR.

So torn.

Making games IS hard!

Interesting premise, the idea of playing to match a script, but also not a particularly fun one. If the plan was to have the game and/or narrator react to going off script, that could be fun (like the end of The Magic Circle, or the Stanley Parable), or maybe even trying to Rainbow Six style plan out the presentation after assessing which parts of your demo would break on stage. But not sure how fun it would be trying to play it straight.

Also for how it plays and ends, clear that time was against you. props for getting as much done as you did! Clearly thought went into the premise of the game and game-in-the-game.

I also interpreted the instructions as the phone was for information on how to play / your stats / pause, and not info on the current attendee. Having a "company / games" flier would have been a good way to handle it, as then you might be able to memorize real games / companies as you went along without having to check on every one. But checking pass length and ID# got enough positives to win anyway.

Slick style, a fun, almost arcade-y verion of the data confirming genre, and one of my favorite victory messages I've seen so far. Loved it.

Love the take on brawlers, with heavy hit being more for stunlock / finishing while light is for actual DPS. I'd love to see a fuller SoR type with that kind of approach. Also was really surprised at how fluid the animation was for how low-res / few graphics there are otherwise.

Simple and short, but felt really good! Nice work.

Glad to hear people are finding it satisfying! Definitely tried to put gameplay feel first, so good to see it worked.

@Aska & @MiniChimera Yeah, it was about 10 minutes after I got the build uploaded and looked at everyone else's entries that I said "oh, whops, forgot to put any GB in there." I put a blurb on the game's main page to try and justify the GB-ness, tl;dr the idea of rushing a demo to the conference is the first thing GB makes me think of re: E3, and I wouldn't think of that without them. If I had more, time, maybe would've had like fake "waiting for press confrence to start" tweets from the crew pop up while running. Oh well.

Fantastic job! Effective intro, amazing lighting, and you had me at "weirder anime".

You Move with the mouse! That's about all you do! Ran head long into a couple of Z's and didn't even get hurt.

But I do love the glowing screens everywhere, and something something take your brain back, zombie. Hang on to that model and use it for all the next ones.

It's funny, I just played Overcooked for the first time last night, and this does just as good a job of catching that task-juggling hectic-ness! The little bit of throwing on objects is great, especially the truck just throwing stuff into the room.

Great job! I might actually keep this around to play with people!

As someone who's done a little video production work in the past, this is a pretty good take on gamifying it. It's begging to be an FMV game where missing cut cues shows footages of people saying rude things on an open mic and picking noses and the like. Maybe an expanded tricaster-like UI where you're cuing the right cam and adjusting it prior to the actual cue to cut.

Also call up madcatz. T-Bar controller.

Super minimal in terms of gameplay, but accomplished on visual style, and I can appreciate that.

Also since the bullets keep coming after you win, you can still die and lose. Being able to achieve both end states at the same time is a sign of a complex game, right? right?

Loved it! Great work on the intro, enough story, gameplay feels great, there's a knife bat, plenty of customization options, good use of the Lang Zone.

Only bad thing I could say is there are some placed on the map where it's hard (impossible?) to tell you won't be able to walk through. Also, does it ever end?

It sent hiragana ships at me, and I don't have those letters on my keyboard... and then it started sending of those at me over and over way faster than any other ship, and got a forced game over in about 40 seconds.

Forced game over is not great, not sure how much of that is bug, but otherwise pretty strong!

I like the idea that it's trying to be like a tactical clicker? an idle RTS? But as soon as there were enemy ships it was all too overwhelming - couldn't remember what the new build options were and I couldn't get anything new to happen.

Plus the number was always going down.

There's a really novel game in here that I think would be great! It's just another 2 weeks of work away. (At the very least, mouse wheel zoom and (more) tooltips.)

The last thing that happened before the bombs dropped is I interacted with the cheese, and a Dan laugh followed by earth shaking explosions didn't seem incongruous at all.