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@PolarisInParis The "Jeff and Jeff" thing was just a flaw with the way I came up with to do events, I was going to fix it but THEGRANDEMPEROR agreed that it would be funnier to leave it in (characters with 0 hp can also take part in events, same reason). Starting at West is about a 15 minute game, and East is about 90 minutes.

@jwang19: I don't know why that is happening and Microsoft doesn't give enough information about the detection to figure out why.

@MiniChimera: Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? If that doesn't work you might need to install DirectX 9.0c https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.a...(I don't have a Windows 10 computer to check this issue on sorry)

@LCom: I thought about adding a trip log at one point but thought no one would want it. If we make another build I might add a button to the end to generate a log.

@Aska: I don't think that was what was intended when we made the event but that is what the code says. (AKA woops we made a typo) if we end up making another build we will be sure to fix that

If you are having problems with missing MSVCP100D.dll try the DLL fix version, it is the same game but with diffrent compiller settings to hopfuly fix the issue.

What have you tried for input on the main menu? It should be the first xinput device's up and down for moving the menu selections (I know it's an odd setup, but the game is desigened for two players

Menu has to be done using the first xbox 360 controller