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After the fixes, this game is a lot of fun. Kinda like a WarioWare-ish idea, with the different games. And I liked figuring each out. Also, that ending is something else. Nicely done!

Pretty fun, though I am ashamed to admit I didn't realize there was a phone of information to reference for my first play-attempt even though it said it in the intro.

Typos and errors were sufficiently hard to spot when trying to go fast, but once you knew what to look for it became easier. Which is kinda a good feeling. Like, building a skill.

That ending is rad as well. Great song choice, and the reward was definitely worth it.

The intro was pretty funny, enjoyed staring dumbfounded at customers as I pondered the sandwich index.

Run speed felt good, movement was solid. Ladder was a little weird, but I figured it out. Pictures of robotic Giant Bomb folks were pretty rad. I could totally see playing a game that was a series of this kind of short story.

There is an interesting game that could be built out of the phone interface thing. I can see it in there, hiding. The E3 stuff was a pretty funny joke, not really all that fun though. Still, I enjoyed it.

Game works now, and looks pretty neat. For the life of me, I cannot figure out what it is exactly I'm supposed to be doing in this game? I pushed the block around, rode the elevator, climbed blocks, ran at the giant dude, jumped off the end of the world... Nothing seemed to be what I was supposed to do? Unless it's supposed to just be a exploration thing?

Decent twin stick shooter, although in the later waves only wii spawners happen, and they are so easy to deal with that I had the entire screen clear regularly. Not sure how to balance that out.

As a side bar, having some indicator as to where the nearest off-screen spawner is would help quite a bit, if the difficulty level were increased.

There's a good idea here, but the flow of the game is pretty rough. Text boxes are missing letters on words, there is no real indication as to what you should be doing, and there is no ending. Though, the concept of having to perform a demo with cues is really cool, and this could be awesome if fleshed out more.

Cool idea, kinda wish there were more random events, and maybe something else to do while waiting for the next random event other than clicking "make X". Changing the speed / food consumption rate might be cool. Also, stats didn't seem to do anything? I couldn't tell.

Couldn't play. Error said the following:

Data Folder Not Found:

There should be 'DetroitOne 0.8a_Data'

folder next to the executable

Huh, I only got an error when I tried to run the game. Something about:

CreateProcess() returned 2.

I'm into the look, though I found out that either flying super low or perfectly between signs causes none of them to be hit, which lets the game get really, really fast if you just hang out in those areas. Pretty fun though, managed to get 45 points before the signs were too crazy to dodge.

Good looking, but short. The shooting angle was a bit awkward, but did contribute to a pseudo-3D look.

Fun idea, and a lot of good jokes. But man. That clicker. Pressing the A button always buys the cheapest item, no matter what is selected. So, in order to buy the last item, I would need to drive the cost of the cheapest thing up to 100,000. I spent 20 minutes attempting this. Got about half way there. Not worth the effort on that one.

It is good looking, for sure. Those lighting effects are niiiice. Missing audio, and really would benefit from some kind of on screen indicator about how many orbs you currently are carrying.

Interesting mechanics, though there isn't really much of a game there. Or at least, I never noticed any points or ranking associated with doing well or poorly. Kind of a fun toy though.

Holy moly that was hard to beat, but felt good the entire time. No death felt cheap, and it was easy to see what I was supposed to do when I did screw up. The strict timer did make it kinda hard to hand off the demo in time, but man, it was more satisfying when I finally did win because of it.

I'm bummed out! Can't play it alone. No fault of yours, but I can't give any kind of real feedback because of that. D:

Simple, but kind of fun. Run in circles, see how long you can last. Better execution than some mobile games I've played in the past, movement speed is good, enemies aren't too fast. Solid stuff, though I wish there was more to it.

Fantastic looking game! Loved the intro, and the art was rad as hell. Mostly minor complaints, like the VR zombies only having one phrase and a lack of a health bar. But hell, for something that came out in, like, a week? Good job!

Pleasant game, kinda has that crossy road look. Physics were neat, though without some kind of damage mechanic, seemed like the best way to have a good time was to just floor it all the time and shove things out of the way from the side.

Cool idea, though I feel like I missed out on half of the game because I lack a headset. It is a bit too easy to get insane points rolling in with the limited number of upgrades, and without a goal to work towards other than score, it ends up being a little shallow. If you were to flesh it out more, could be rad.

Cool idea, although I had a hard time trying to figure out which phrases would make people leave or pull them in. Might have just been me not understanding the system. Really fun putting together common E3 buzzphrases though. Like, incredibly fun.

I love the animation! Looks really neat and fluid. Hitting those flying things was kind of a pain though, I feel like I phased through them at times where I thought I should have hit.

It's a bit rough, though that's kind of expected with a game jam entry. Biggest complaint would be the lack of a restart button, I keep getting killed at the third screen and then have to launch the game all over again. Which gives me Ghosts n' Goblins flashbacks.

Considering how simple this is, it's insanely fun to try and master the timing on hitting the brakes. I only wish there were more parts that had different effects, though I don't know what those would be. Maybe bonus points for putting on things that are a hindrance?

Really like the look of this game, but the hitbox size is too large and the plane moves too slowly for how fast and tightly packed the bullets get. If the hitbox was reduced and enemy fire came more slowly, this would easily be something I could see putting quarters into in an arcade.

Other minor gripes include sliding down the screen when not accelerating and not being able to fire when respawning. Moving down all the time makes dodging much harder, and not being able to fire safely makes it very difficult to remove the enemies who killed you just moments ago, which leads to a screen that is too full of enemies.

Kind of neat, though easy to game when you realize the AI doesn't change direction after the enemy spawns. Also, enemies take one too many hits before dying, I found myself getting irritated by how many shots guys took. Could be remedied if there were more guns that did more damage though.

Rad game! Felt really good to play, movement was solid and shooting felt good. I liked the various guns, and hacking was a neat mechanic. Only bits I can complain about are the lack of a sound effect for the shotgun and it being hard to tell which ledges are okay to walk on at times. Oh, and I wish the after wave report said which wave it was, so that I could more easily tell how close I am to beating my old score.

Fun idea, but I kept getting words made up of non-English characters, which... Made it really hard, since those basically were unstoppable? I dunno. Maybe I missed something.