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Please bear in mind, folks, that this was not uploaded to get rated or compete in any way. All I want to do is show off what little I've gotten done!

Unfortunately, the game just breaks for me. I tried literally every single button on the keyboard and mouse, but the game simply never advances past Jeff's first line after the intro. Which is a super bummer because, based on the content described in the comments below, this seems like it would've been super fun.

I wish the hitboxes and general gameplay could've been fine-tuned and made more satisfying, but I understand there's only so much you can do in 9 days. At least I love your concept, and applaud your effort!

I don't care if it's a glitch, reading "Jeff and Jeff get in a fight about who's the best at fighting games" made me laugh so hard.

I really feel the speed of the game could've been drastically faster, though. My mouse is wearing out from so much clicking! Still, terrifically funny and some surprisingly complex systems at play, even if there are a fair amount of glitches.

I could also have appreciated a speed boost, but it was a charming little game with some fun physics. Nice job!

Hmm, seems like the general consensus is that I could've communicated the phone controls more clearly. My apologies, I probably should've put something in the instructions text about comparing the documents to the phone specifically.

Still, thanks for all the kind words, folks, can't wait to play all your games in one big marathon.

@Aska I'm melting over here, from these kinds words! Thank you thank you thank you.

My apologies for the occasional typo, I'm double checking all the names I included, but I can't find where I mistyped them. At the very least, the way the game works under the hood is, there are two lists of names in the game. If the attendee should be ejected, the name they have on the pass/invite is pulled from a separate list from the phone, a list containing very deliberate and obvious typos. I would try not going off your memory and instead focus on comparing the phone text and the documents.

But again, thanks for playing, duder!

Update: I uploaded the 1.1 version, which fixes some of the interface bugs I had discovered. If you already downloaded the first version and care to have the latest and greatest, I would give this new one a click.

@joystickhero Thanks for the kind words! It's super satisfying to know that someone liked it.

And, just an FYI to players, I found two glitches in the final game, and I'm working on updated files to address them. You can find details about them on the game's page. If you want the updated game, please download the patched files after I upload them.

It's a bit odd that the player seemingly takes no damage from enemies, but this game certainly has it's looks and style going for it. Nice work!

My apologies to anyone who download the original file. Compressing a ZIP folder seems to work a lot better. Thanks a ton for your patience.

Please, if anyone else has any trouble getting the game to install or run, do not hesitate to let me know.

Try downloading it again, I just reuploaded it a different way.