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Updated build to include hologram and video. Improved controls. Added more time to sandwich scene. Added more to credits.

Sorry I didn't dig the game. I understand the core concept of trying to play a perfect E3 demo using cues from the narrator, but kind of got lost on what to do.

I liked that you stuck with both the Cyberpunk and E3 theme but I wished there was some more GiantBomb in this game.

Nice job Sykosis! I like the lighting it makes everything look pretty. I would have preferred a little less glowing screens, but hey it's E3 and it matches the theme.

The gameplay is basic but works well. Maybe you can make it slightly harder by adding a timer to when you have to complete it the game, otherwise you explode. Game definitely needs some audio, I suggest one for collecting an orb and another for getting hit by a zombie. Overall I still enjoyed your game.

Really enjoyed this beat'em up. I liked how there was a light, heavy and block move. I had to use some finesse and not just spam one move all the time. The animation is crisp which makes the whole experience even better!

Only complaint are the drones. Their hitboxes are too small and I didn't know I could even hurt them. I took me awhile until I realized I couldn't progress through the game without killing them.

I really enjoyed the game. Presentation is very clean and nicely polished. Having TAB to switch lanes is genius, I naturally pressed TAB without even thinking about it.

My only complaints are that the hiragana ships are unfair as there is no way to kill them. I get that it's a joke, but I would have preferred that they didn't take any lives off. Also I had some trouble seeing the letters when I typed on the red lane.

Great game. Love the simplicity of each mini-game. Similar to how @joystickhero described they were almost like warioware games (except for the clicker).

I admittedly was a little confused at first on the controls, kind expected WASD controls and left mouse click to be standard. I used a controller instead and it worked fine.

Another problem, you included a clicker game, -10 brownie points from me! Nah it wasn't bad, just tedious to finish.

The ending is great, short but worth it.

I like the game, it's a dual stick shooter themed around killing games. I laughed when I saw No Man's Sky on there.

That said, I would have preferred if there was a keyboard control option so that more people can play this game. Also I think you should have leaned more into it being Giant Bomb related and into the cyberpunk theme. Maybe instead of shooting bullets, it's hot garbage. And instead of driving a tank, it's an robo vinny.

Holy shit dude nice job! I can't believe you were able to do this all by yourself.

The design, the lighting, the set pieces all mesh really well and are incredibly polished. Your game definitely stands out.

From a gameplay perspective, it's kind of weird that your player is immortal so there really isn't any need to swing the sword. Also would have preferred the attack button on mouse click. I'm not accustomed to pressing F with WASD controls. But these complaints are completely minor especially knowing that you only had one week to do all this.

Hey duder, I'm on Windows 10 and Windows Defender says the .exe is malware.

It detected it as a Trojan:Win32/Mulrolu.C!cl

Can you upload a new build?

From a visual standpoint, this game is extremely polished. It looks so good that I wouldn't change a thing about it if I were to publish this game for real.

Unfortunately, I couldn't finish the game. The inside jokes were great and some of the combinations I made were funny but after Level 5, the game started chugging. I'm not sure if it's my computer or browser, but the text would take about 5 seconds to load in. The lag got worse the further I progressed into the game until it was barely playable for me.

I think the game needs more tutorial. It was a little confusing to get started and I was able to figure things out eventually by randomly clicking on stuff.

I thought the game was dumb fun in a good way. Only complaint is the blaster noise is too high pitched and is very annoying to hear.

BTW Nice work cutting the audio and images! I did something similar for my team and it was a pain getting clean samples.

This is one of those games where you have to get the inside jokes to really have fun with it. I'm interested to see how people who normally don't follow Giant Bomb would react to this game.

I like the base concept of the game, but I would've liked if I had more stuff to do in it.

Very fun and addicting game. I liked how you added the flames to indicate where you got killed. Also I enjoyed how you naturally teach the game mechanics instead of through a text explanation.

This game is maybe a little too difficult. I was only able to complete it after a perfect run in the first three levels and dying three times on the last level.

Aw, sucks duder, hopefully you can still work on a playable build soon. According the GB forums you can still update the game as long as you don't delete the project or submission itself.

Nice job man. I like how you combined both the E3 Presentation and Cyberpunk Dystopia themes into something pretty neat.

The controls were a little clunky and hitboxes were off but I made it to the end!

Best moment for me is the Brad DLC and the boss at the end.

aka. yyninja here

For those having trouble with the 2nd ladder, you have to jump (press space) to make it. We figured out how to fix the bug eventually but it was after the submission cutoff. Hopefully we can update the build with the fixed version.

Really cool screensaver. Looks great on my monitor!